title: renting perfection
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: Ritsuka/Soubi, Yuiko, Yayoi
rating: Teen/Mature
warnings: losing ears, sex, teen angst
summary: Soubi and Ritsuka take the next step together.
notes: for moffit, for this request on fic on demand. the first part actually comes from an alphabet meme i did in my lj, but this is pretty much how i've seen their first time going for a while. anime continuity, obviously, and moff, know you'd prefer it to take place in series, but that kinda caused my brain to break. sorry!! also, this got kinda long...

He swished his tail back and forth. "I don't like this place."

"Of course not," Soubi sighed, leaning against the wall. His clothes draped beautifully over his body. Ritsuka looked away. He was doing that a lot. His tail swished a bit more rapidly. Soubi's shirt never met his pants. "Let me guess. The ceilings are too high. Or too low. The bedroom is too big, or too small. The kitchen has a 'smell,' like food, but bad. The bathroom is too wet."

Soubi sounded bored. They had been looking for an apartment for a long time, but...

"It has to be perfect," Ritsuka muttered.

Soubi yawned. "As you wish. But at this rate, we're going to be living under the overpass. Can't we just pick someplace?"

"But the place we get will be where I give you my ears!" Ritsuka protested. "It can't be just anyplace."

Soubi perked up. "Your ears? Really? Let's get this place."

Ritsuka's ears flattened. "Shut up. I already said I didn't like this place."

"No, no, give it another chance. It's growing on me." He was at Ritsuka's side, putting his arms around Ritsuka.

Confusing him.

"I really like this place, Ritsuka," Soubi whispered huskily into Ritsuka's ear. "Let's see if we can move in tonight."

"We're not taking this place," Ritsuka declared, and he untangled himself from Soubi's grip.

"Well, if you're so concerned about it, maybe we should go to a hotel, and you can give me your ears. Then there won't be so much pressure," Soubi helpfully suggested.

"Shut up!" Ritsuka started to walk faster. He never should have said anything.

It was just. It all had to be perfect, because...

They'd convinced Yayoi to cut class with them, but he'd brought along his books, anyway. Ritsuka could understand, somewhat. He was taking exams for colleges, soon. Ritsuka had already declared himself ronin, to his teacher's annoyance. Soubi wanted him to go to college, but he didn't care so much. Maybe he'd go in a few years, when he knew for sure what he wanted to do with his life.

His plan so far was just to survive until he graduated from high school.

"Ritsuka-kun. You're phone is ringing again." Yuiko was always trying to be helpful, but...

"I told you, call me Ritsuka."



"Ritsuka. Your phone is ringing."

"It's just Soubi," Ritsuka sighed, and rolled over to his side. What was the point of skipping class if they were just going to go to a park so Yayoi could study? What was next? Going to the city library? It would be more fun to be with Soubi, but.


"Shouldn't you answer it? Soubi-san will think you don't want to talk to him..." Yuiko swung back and forth lazily on the swing.

How lame this all was. "That's fine."

"Eh?" Yayoi actually pulled his head out of the book. "Are you fighting with Agatsuma-san? Isn't he... like..." Yayoi turned bright red. "Your boyfriend or something?" he finished quickly.

Ritsuka snorted, and didn't comment.

It wasn't like he could easily explain his relationship with Soubi to anyone, even people he'd known for years.

"Soubi-san is Ritsuka's fighter! That means they're best friends and they're always going to be together!" Yuiko declared helpfully, swinging more forcefully.

Ritsuka frowned. He hated it when she did that insight thing.

"Hmm. Well. You shouldn't ignore his calls, Ritsuka," Yayoi chided, going back to his book. "Or he'll stop calling."

"He'd never do that," Ritsuka scoffed. "Yayoi. What are you studying for, anyway? The exams are a way off. What kind of school are you going to go to, after all?"

Yayoi stuffed his face into his book. His ears flattened, embarrassed. That was one good thing about losing one's ears. They telegraphed way too much information. "Well. I'm trying to get a scholarship program... so I can become a doctor. It's really competitive, so. I have to have the best scores possible."

"Really? A doctor? That's so cool! Yayoi is so smart!" Yuiko laughed, swinging harder. "I was lucky to get into cooking school. But it's going to be so fun! You both will have to come over and let me try out my baking on you!"

Ritsuka wasn't completely certain he liked the way she used the phrase 'try out' in that sentence.

"Ritsuka is still just going ronin, right?" Yayoi frowned. "Your phone is ringing again! Answer it, or I will!"

"It's in my pants pocket," Ritsuka grinned, turning to look at Yayoi.

Yayoi turned pink, and hid back inside of his book.

"Ritsuka." Yuiko stopped swinging, looking sadly at Ritsuka. "Wouldn't you hate it if Soubi-san was ignoring your calls?"

He really hated that. Guilt. He didn't need it. He squirmed around, and pulled his cell phone out. "See? He's just leaving me email about apartments."

"Apartments?" Yayoi and Yuiko asked in unison.

"Yeah. As soon as we can find one, we're moving in together."

"Really?" Yayoi dropped his book, but he didn't notice. Ritsuka turned, curious. They were both staring at him like he'd just suggested he'd saw off his leg and serve it for dinner. "You're going to move in with Agatsuma-san?"

"Yeah," Ritsuka shrugged, and sat up. "Well. Why not? It's not like... living at home..." He trailed off. Neither of them knew anything specific, but they both knew enough.

He was beginning to think that the best thing he could do for his mother would be to leave her.

"Ritsuka is moving in with Soubi-san? Like... a married couple?" Yuiko's ears drooped. "Are you going to give Soubi-san your ears?"

"Eh??" Yayoi's tail stood straight up, all fluffed out. "Ritsuka is losing his ears?"

"So what?" Ritsuka scowled. "It's perfectly natural, isn't it? In some high schools, just about no one our age has their ears. Even in our class, there're plenty of kids who don't have them. And. This is different. This is."

"If that's how you feel," Yuiko said sadly. "You definitely should answer his calls."

Right on cue, his phone started to ring again. He got up, turning red, and stomped off.

As if they understood.

He turned the corner, checking his directions again. This place was a bit out of the way. He already didn't like it. The neighborhood was too quiet.

Soubi was waiting for him on a bench near the bus stop, smoking, of course. Ritsuka stomped over to him, scowling. "I bet the neighbors don't want you smoking out on their sidewalk." It just looked like that kind of neighborhood. Nice.

Soubi beamed. "Ritsuka is so cute today! Are you ready to see the place?"

"Let's just get this over with." He turned toward the building. It was so... sterile.

He started toward the lobby door, but Soubi grabbed his hand. "Wait. One second. Let me finish my cigarette. And."

Ritsuka pulled his hand out of Soubi's grip, and crossed his arms over his chest. "Whatever. Hurry up."

"Did you mean it when you said you'd give me your ears in our new apartment?" Soubi asked quietly.

Ritsuka turned his back to Soubi. "What do you think we're getting a place together for? Stop bothering me about stupid things. I have school tomorrow. And homework. Come on. Hurry up."

"The thing is... it's not a stupid thing to me." Ritsuka looked over his shoulder, and saw Soubi take a long drag of his cigarette, staring absently at the street. "When I was younger, I was always told that I was living for my Sacrifice, and it made me happy, thinking there was a reason. I always assumed that I would be giving my ears to my Sacrifice... but that's not how things worked out. I didn't have a choice. After I met Seimei... he would always tease me. About how he couldn't give me his ears, because I was filthy."

Ritsuka started. Seimei... Seimei said that... about Soubi?

His heart started to pound.

"He was right, I know. I am filthy, so. When you tell me you're going to give me your ears... you can't imagine how happy you make me, Ritsuka. But. I can understand why you might... not be ready. If you don't really want to, that's all right. We don't need to move in together just yet, if you don't want to. But if you really don't want to, there's not much point in going up there to look at the place, is there?" He looked up, smiling sadly.

Ritsuka thought his heart might burst. He reached out, and grabbed Soubi's hand. "C'mon," he said roughly.

He let Soubi do all the talking with the landlady. He didn't really like the way he was flirting with the woman, but since she was offering them a break on the rent, he didn't want to complain. It was...

It was a nice place. A big kitchen. A nice bathroom. A really... really big bedroom. He stood in the doorway, thinking... that corner would have their bed. Soubi's studio could be across the way in the smaller room. He could put his shelves up in the bedroom. All their stuff...

He stared at where the bed would go.

"Well?" Soubi stood deferentially back, waiting for Ritsuka's answer. "Do you... do you have any questions?"

The landlady was looking at him, a bit disapprovingly. Soubi was looking so hopeful. He looked back to where the bed would go.

Soubi was still making a lot of noise in his studio. Ritsuka was stretched out on the bed, kicking his feet as he completely failed to pretend to be studying. The apartment was still a mess. They'd been straightening things out all weekend... He was going to skip school tomorrow. He was just too tired to be bothered.

Frowning, he leaned off the edge of the futon, looking for Soubi. "Hey. How much longer are you going to be?"

"Are you lonely for me?" Soubi appeared in the doorway, as if by magic. He was shirtless, his jeans were unbuttoned, and he was wiping his hands on some towel.

Ritsuka swallowed hard, and turned his back to Soubi. "I didn't mean it like that."

Soubi's soft footfalls came closer, until Ritsuka could practically feel his body heat. He was kneeling next to the futon, patiently waiting for Ritsuka to turn around. "I don't understand."

Ritsuka looked over his shoulder. "What... what don't you understand?"

"You said you'd give me your ears when we moved in. And I know moving is tiring. But." Soubi bit his lip and looked away.


He blushed.

Ritsuka put his elbow down on the mattress and turned to face Soubi more. He'd never seen Soubi blushing before. He'd never even believed it possible.

"What?" Ritsuka asked, a little afraid.

"Well," Soubi lifted his hand to his mouth. "I suppose I am... unclear on the..." He struggled to find a word other than orders. "Rules. I am content to wait for you to make a decision. But, I wasn't sure if perhaps you were waiting for me..."

"Soubi!" Ritsuka put his face down on his hands. "Stop saying such embarrassing things! There are no rules. It's just the two of us now. Us, Soubi. Just... just be natural."

"Natural," Soubi echoed. He nodded, and reached out gently, touching the rim of Ritsuka's cat ear. "Natural... means doing as I'm told. I've never initiated anything before."

"But you're always kissing me without warning," Ritsuka grumbled. "It's the same thing."

"Of course it's not," Soubi disagreed. "A kiss is just a kiss. A kiss doesn't hurt anyone."

Ritsuka blinked, about to say something else, but then he looked into Soubi's eyes.

Sometimes... he forgot...

He grabbed Soubi's arm, and pulled him onto the futon. He put his hands in Soubi's hair, and pulled him closer, kissing him. His heart was pounding, and his skin felt hot... This was their place. All theirs.

Soubi was his. All his.

He pushed Soubi down onto the bed, and kissed down his neck, down his chest. He put his hand over Soubi's heart. "Do you want to touch me?"

"Very much so," Soubi whispered, and fuck, his voice was so sexy...

"This is the rule, then. You should do whatever you want. If I want you to stop, I will tell you. But I won't want you to stop. Do you understand, Soubi?"

"I understand, Ritsuka," Soubi whispered softly, sounding breathless.

Soubi's hands were taking off his shirt. He put his mouth on Soubi's stomach, just under his belly button. Soubi's stomach was moving up and down. Soubi's hands were moving down his back.

They weren't going to stop this time. Soubi wasn't going to pull back, or run away. He wasn't going to tell Soubi he couldn't.

He pulled down the zipper on Soubi's jeans. Soubi never wore underwear. He'd seen Soubi naked a few times... he'd always averted his eyes, and blushed. Sometimes, he dreamed about Soubi's body. About touching him, and tasting him... moving inside of him.

The room was hot. So hot.

Soubi's hand was inside of his pants. Touching the base of his tail. Oh, he was going to need new pants tomorrow... They could go shopping. He latched onto Soubi's right nipple. Soubi made the most beautiful sound, and then Soubi's hand was on his cock. He had to get Soubi's pants out of the way. He had to get his own clothes out of the way. They needed lube. He needed to kiss Soubi again. He needed to be touching Soubi. He wasn't sure what he was doing. He needed...

He had his slicked fingers inside of Soubi. Soubi was gasping a bit, and his face looked odd. Ritsuka wanted to look him in the eye. He wanted to kiss Soubi. He wanted Soubi to stroke him harder. He wanted to take Soubi in his mouth. He wanted to be inside of Soubi.

His hands shook as he positioned himself. Soubi's hands came down to help him. Soubi's legs were so far apart. He touched the inside of Soubi's thigh, and pushed in. Heat and pressure and friction and so much pleasure... Ritsuka didn't know. He didn't know.

Soubi swore his love. He begged for more. He begged. Ritsuka pushed in, pushed harder. Soubi cried out. He touched Soubi's face, touched his tears. Touched his lips. He pushed, and pushed.

He felt like he was coming undone. He was and Soubi was and they were being woven together. He just needed to move.

He was over Soubi. He was under Soubi. They were on their sides. He was in, and he was out. It was hot. So hot. Even Soubi was sweating as he begged and he grabbed for Ritsuka and screamed out his love. Soubi was beautiful, and pornographic, and Ritsuka was going to explode.

Soubi was over him, kissing his cheeks, licking away his tears, kissing his lips. He said something. Something about. Ears. Tail. Preserving. He left the bed, and it felt cold. Ritsuka whimpered, and curled away from the wetness in the bed. He felt messy. He wanted Soubi to bathe him. He'd order Soubi to when he got back. He should be back now.

Soubi came back, and Ritsuka was too tired for a shower. He felt filthy, but filthy with Soubi.

He felt good. He fell asleep pressed against Soubi's side.

"I think I should lose my ears, too," Yayoi said idly.

"What are you talking about?" Yuiko asked, almost laughing, but sounding horrified, too. "You don't have a girlfriend."

Yayoi blushed. "Well, I know, but I've been hanging out with Kei a lot..."

"Kei's a boy," Yuiko pointed out flatly.

Ritsuka chuckled.

They'd taken to eating lunch on the roof. It was against the rules, but the cafeteria was too noisy, and everyone was studying in the library. They could eat in the classrooms, but people were always trying to listen in, ever since Ritsuka lost his ears.

Plus, he liked to use his lunch hour to swap emails with Soubi, and cell phones weren't allowed in the school.

"You can lose your ears without a girl," Ritsuka teased her, typing as fast as he could.

"Rits~u~ka," Yuiko whined. "Put down your cell phone and eat! Soubi-san would want you to eat, too."

Ritsuka grinned. Soubi was nagging him to eat, too.

"I don't want to go to college with my ears. That seems sort of lame. Like I'd be an outcast. But maybe it's stupid to lose your ears just to lose them." Yayoi was used to talking to himself when he was with Yuiko and Ritsuka. It always made Ritsuka a little sad, but... new email popped up. Really, if Soubi wanted him to eat, he'd slow down...

"Your ears and tail are so cute," Yuiko said sadly. "I don't see why everyone is so anxious to get rid of them. I want to be like Sensei. Remember? If I still have my ears and tail at 23, it'll be ok. What's wrong with that?" She looked at both of them, but Ritsuka was typing furiously, so he didn't look up.

"I don't want to be 23 and still have my ears," Yayoi sighed.

"Is it worth it?" Yuiko asked, squirming closer to Ritsuka. "Losing them, I mean. Was it... was it really worth it?"

Soubi's next email popped in just as soon as he sent the one he was writing. He smiled.