title: relief
fandom: Akuma de Sourou
characters/pairings: Takeru/Kayano
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Takeru comes home from work with a gift.
notes: for lil_ali, for this request on fic on demand. takes place during chapter 3, vol 9.

He came home late after work, being extra quiet. He surprised himself whenever he was courteous anymore, though he had always thought of himself as a nice person. It was a relief, perhaps, to think of someone other than himself.

Because of her, he quietly bound up the stairs, and tiptoed down the hall. Instead of going to his room, he went to her door. There was a light still on, but when he pressed his ear to the door, it was completely quiet. Slowly, he opened the door, and slipped inside.

Kayano was at her desk, her head down on her notebook, sleeping peacefully. He closed the door behind him, and shook his head slowly. Idiot girl...

But he couldn't stop grinning.

He went over to her, and switched off her lamp. The window was still open, and the moon was high and bright in the sky. He leaned in, putting his nose in her hair. He put his hands on her sides, running them down... he tickled her, just a bit. She jerked, and then her eyes lazily opened...

"Ta-Takeru!" she yelped.

"What are you doing?" he shook his head. "Id~iot."

"Hey," she complained, rubbing her face. "Be quiet! Are you only just getting home? It's so late... you're working too hard!"

"I should say that to you," he sighed. He squeezed her waist a bit. He looked down over her... there were places he wanted to touch her, he could, right now... he slipped his arm under her knees, and lifted her gently. At least she was all ready for bed. She must have bathed much earlier. She still smelled fresh and clean. He cradled her close, pressing his nose to her skin under her ear, and he carried her to bed.

"HEY! Hey, who said you could do this!?" she cried, struggling.

He shook his head and dropped her on the bed. "Be quiet. Do you want your mother coming in here to check on you?" He got on the bed, curling up next to her, wrapping his arms around her as best he could.

She was pouting, and resisting, but even with her half-hearted attempts to dislodge him, he felt happy. Of course, that just made him want to hold onto her more. He kissed her cheek, and her forehead... "I got something for you," he whispered. He pulled it out of his pocket. It had gotten a bit crushed on the way home, but he slipped it into her hair, none the less. She reached up to touch it, but he batted her fingers away. "I was right. It looks good, really good."

"Where would you get a flower at this time of night?" she wondered.

"It was growing in someone's yard," he answered honestly.

"What?" she frowned. "You're not supposed to..."

He cut her off by kissing her quickly. He tapped her on the nose. "It looks prettier in your hair, anyway."

"Sh-shut up," she stuttered, blushing beautifully. He laughed a bit, and curled up to her, putting his head on her shoulder. "H-hey, Takeru, what are you doing? You can't stay here!"

"Just a little bit. A little bit more," he sighed, closing his eyes.

"You haven't bathed... and you're still in your clothes," she fussed. But she put her arms around him.

He kissed her neck. "Just a little bit more, I promise."

She sighed, so he pulled her closer. "You'll fall asleep, and our parents will see us like this... it isn't right," she pouted. But still. Still, she held him a bit tighter.

It was a relief, because when he was with her, he didn't need to think about his mother. And when he did, because he was with her, he didn't need to be worried.

"Just a little bit longer," he sleepily begged, but it wasn't like he needed to, since she wasn't really turning him away.