title: reinforcement
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji, Tachibana
rating: Teen
warnings: locker room sex
summary: Tezuka asserts his position.
notes: for reddwarfer, for this request on fic on demand. *snugs!*

Tezuka slowed down, and came to a stop near the water fountains. He took off his glasses and wiped the sweat off his brow, but even his hair was dripping, so that just made his eyes burn more. He set his glasses down, and splashed some water in his face. He slipped his glasses back on, and looked across the courts.

And scowled.

There were only two people left near the courts, and only one who belonged. Tezuka had done his private training after normal practice, so he expected to be the last one to leave, but he wasn't displeased to see that Fuji was still there. The person who Fuji was talking to, however, did not belong. At all.

Tezuka strode purposefully over to them, coming up behind Fudomine's Tachibana just as he was putting his hand on the fence over Fuji's shoulder.

Fuji turned to look at him, his eyes widening, but Tezuka spoke up before either of them could talk. "Since when is Fudomine's practice held on Seigaku's court."

"Tezuka!" Tachibana said, with what appeared to be equal parts excitement and disappointment. And the bastard didn't even move away from Fuji. "Don't be so cold. It's not bad to get a casual... taste... of the competition now and again, right?"

"Competition?" Tezuka scoffed, picking up the sweaty hem of his shirt to wipe his mouth. He watched from the corner of his eye as Fuji perked up. "I don't see any. School grounds are off-limits to visitors without permission. Fuji. Don't loiter."

He went straight for the clubhouse, ignoring what they might have been saying to each other in order to resist the desire to just... punch the interloping bastard's light's out. Since when had Tachibana and Fuji been friends? Tezuka could only think one thing.

Tachibana wanted Fuji.

Tezuka pulled his jersey off, tossing it aside roughly. He heard the door open, but he didn't bother turning around to greet Fuji.

"That was rude," Fuji said, but his tone was more amused than chastising. "You know, I trained with Tachibana while you were away. Did I mention that?"

Tezuka grit his teeth. Fuji was trying to get a rise out of him. He didn't have to comply. He pulled his shorts off, acting as if Fuji wasn't there at all.

That, of course, did not deter Fuji, nor did he expect it to; Fuji came and sat down on the bench right behind him. "It took me a little while to get used to his new hair. I still think he looked better with black, but it's not a bad look, is it?"

Narrowing his eyes, Tezuka pulled out his deodorant. Like he'd have an opinion on Tachibana's hair...

"He's been coming by to see me quite often since then. Maybe that's a bit odd, mm? I thought he was just being friendly, but you don't think I gave him the wrong impression, do you?" Fuji kicked his legs back and forth, though he needed to lean way back to be able to do that.

Tezuka glared at him.

"You seem out of sorts, Tezuka. Is something wrong? It's unusual to see you showing signs of temper. Perhaps something has happened that's gotten under you skin, mm?" Fuji looked far too pleased with himself, and it occurred to Tezuka that Fuji might have requested that Tachibana come see him at school, just to get a reaction from Tezuka.

If that was what he wanted...

Tezuka pushed Fuji down, and they both fell over the bench and onto the floor. Tezuka's hands were busy inside of Fuji's shorts, and Fuji was laughing, of course, but Tezuka quickly stopped that noise with his mouth. Fuji's hands got busy, too, and his mouth wasn't easily deterred.

"Tezuka. You're all sweaty."

"That's a problem?" he asked gruffly. It wasn't like Fuji hadn't been working out, too. Tezuka brushed his nose under Fuji's ear. His hair had grown out a bit, and it was wet at the tips.

Fuji shuddered. "Did I say that it was?"

He had Fuji naked in the next minute. Fuji flung his underwear off in the next. He pulled Fuji up into his arms, sitting on his lap, and kissed him, biting at his lip a little.

"Tezuka. You get jealous, don't you?" Fuji teased, running his fingers through Tezuka's hair.

"You like to play... too much, on purpose, don't you?" Tezuka challenged.

Fuji just laughed. Tezuka knew how to respond, though.

He pinned Fuji down to the floor, prepared to punish him for entertaining Tachibana like that.

Though, it might not really be considered negative reinforcement...