title: Refresher Course
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Yanagi/Inui
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: After the match, the professor and the doctor compare notes.
notes: for my darling blue, for her birthday, yay! ^_^ which may or may not have been in the recent past. >_> also, basing this more off of the manga continuity, not that it will make a huge difference, but just because it is a bit more manageable.

His legs were too long for this swing now. His knees stuck up as he idly pushed back and forth, and it made it hard to make his notes, but it was traditional, so he persevered. The sun was low and casting a deep orange light over everything. He flipped through his book, making more notes in the margins. He would take his time looking over Fuji's data. He had certainly gathered some interesting figures, but it was unclear as to how useful any of it would be. Discovering that your teammate had unlimited potential was... less than encouraging.

He had assessed the probability of a visit as being less than 15%. It was difficult to be more accurate than that because he had had limited experience with his friend's current social life. With no data on what after match rituals Rikkai Dai had, or what they might do given that they had lost, something they had no experience with; still, the probability was not 0%, so he wasn't surprised when the swing next to him started to creak. In fact, he was pleased.

"Is that my data, Sadaharu?" Even now, he could only think of him as Renji. He had hoped that this match could provide closure, and prove that he was worthy...

"I have all of your data that is useful to me at the moment, Renji." Inui watched Renji sway back and forth from the corner of his eye. "It's not as if you were willing to show me much that was interesting."

"I underestimated you," Renji openly admitted. Inui knew that from the match, regardless. "We underestimated Seigaku. It was impossible for us to fathom that you could win, especially without Tezuka."

"A mistake, I'm sure, that you won't repeat," Inui smiled softly. He would have liked to have been able to go to Rikkai Dai himself. Their system was so orderly, if harsh, and there was a security to knowing the future was already decided.

"We are Rikkai Dai," Renji shrugged. "We do not lose."

Inui raised an eyebrow, but said nothing.

Renji smiled somewhat bitterly. "I don't envy Genichirou. He insisted he go to the hospital alone to tell Seiichi the results."

"Will he hit him?" Inui asked innocently.

"Seiichi has much more... effective methods of keeping Genichirou in line," Renji confided meaningfully.

Inui shut his notebook at watched Renji openly. "Why are you here, Renji?"

"This is where we come after a match," Renji casually shrugged. "Though, usually, we were on the same side of the net."

"That was a long time ago," Inui remarked.

"It was," Renji agreed. "But some things never change."

"And some things do," Inui challenged, mildly.

Smiling, Renji looked away. "We won't lose at Nationals, Sadaharu. Genichirou, Seiichi, and I will all win together, for the third year in a row. That is our pledge."

"Is it?" Inui questioned, nonplussed. "Tezuka has sworn that we will win. I'm not familiar with your 'Genichirou' or 'Seiichi,' but I believe in Tezuka."

"Is he as strong as they say?" Renji frowned. "Genichirou is the number one player in Japan, but no one speaks of him as they do for Tezuka."

"You will see," Inui promised.

"But," Renji frowned, "he lost to Hyotei's Atobe."

"Due to his injury," Inui corrected. "He will be 100% when he returns."

"You are certain of this?" Renji questioned, and a question like that between them meant more than if someone else asked.

Inui just smirked. "You do not know Tezuka."

Renji considered. "He did beat our senpai last year. That was quite a surprise."

Inui continued to smirk.

"Your Fuji is quite impressive, as well," Renji frowned. "Akaya was... definitely altered today."

Inui regarded Renji for a moment before responding. "Rikkai Dai must be quite a strong atmosphere. You are rather close to your teammates, mm? Especially to your kohai?"

"No closer than you are to yours," Renji replied tensely.

Inui smiled to himself. His fingers were itching to take some notes, but Renji was the only person he knew who would look over his shoulder successfully. "Team dynamics are quite interesting. I was... surprised to see your team's discipline in action. And I take it, from what you said, that your captain and vice captain... have their own way of dealing with each other?"

Renji chuckled briefly, and Inui made mental note of the exact pitch of the laugh. "You could say that. You seemed particularly interested when Fuji was playing. Is he of... special interest to you?"

"He is the second strongest player at Seigaku," Inui dismissed, although he wondered why he was concerned with preserving Renji's feelings. "Perhaps even the strongest. It seems as if his strength is unmeasured. Beyond that, though... Whatever data I have, I believe it will be of little use to me."

"Oh? Anyone who could make use of that data, then?" There was an odd comfort to this sort of gossip between them.

"I'm sure, but I would probably have to run laps if I offered Tezuka the data," Inui smirked.

Renji matched his grin. "Ah, it can be difficult to watch friends fumble through things, but interference isn't appreciated, either. I think that's something I have learned since entering Rikkai Dai."

Inui snorted softly. "Indeed. Although, it is irritating to watch people fail to carry through simply because they lack information that you have."

"Obviously," Renji agreed. "But you are being 'intrusive' to inform them. People are contrary." He opened his eyes fully, and looked at Inui. "But then, we find the flaws in others with much greater ease than we find them in ourselves." He reached out, and put his hand on Inui's, curling his fingers around the fingers Inui had wrapped around the chain of the swing. Renji slowly ran his fingers over Inui's fingers. "I'm sorry, Sadaharu. I didn't know how to say goodbye."

Inui watched Renji's fingers moving on his skin, his whole arm tingling from the contact. A thousand points of data were whirling through his brain, but they would blur together before he could record them. "I understand," he said, realized that he finally did.

Renji nodded once. "May I have a chance to make it up to you?"

It was not at all clear how Renji intended to do that, and the thought tantalized him. "You may try."

"Always a challenge with you, mm, Sadaharu?" Renji grinned, standing up, his hand still on Inui's. He moved to stand in front of Inui. "What does your data suggest I will do now, Sadaharu?"

Inui looked up at Renji, feeling his heartbeat quicken by 17-26%. He couldn't gage it any more accurately than that. "I would need more information."

Renji's hand tightened over his, and with his other hand, he swiped Inui's glasses, and then he bent down to kiss Inui softly, slowly, seductively. He broke off the kiss, and stepped back, smiling triumphantly. "I've always wanted to do that."

"Kiss me?" Inui asked, a bit breathless.

Renji raised his hand, and swung Inui's glasses around by the arm. "Steal your glasses." He winked at Inui - at least that's what it looked like he did - and he turned to walk away.

"Renji." Inui stood up, and picked up his bag. "Renji, where are you going?" He smiled tightly, and sedately went to chase after Renji. "Renji, come back here. Renji. This isn't funny."

Renji looked over his shoulder. "Don't you want to chase me, Doctor?"

Inui leveled his best glare at Renji, smiling. "I will catch you, Professor."

"100%?" Renji laughed quietly. "Show me."

Fittingly, Renji walked with a fast clip into the sunset, and Inui, having no other choice, of course, chased him.