title: Reflection
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Kajimoto/Wakato
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Kajimoto regrets.
notes: for my darling Bryan.

Kajimoto never left tennis practice until everyone else was gone. He was the captain, after all, and it was his duty to look after all his members. Shinjou was still hitting balls from the machine, and Wakato was still showboating before his fan club. He should stay, make sure everything got cleaned up and put away properly, make sure his teammates were getting home all right, and that they didn't forget their books in the club room...

That's what he would normally do. Sometimes, he felt more like a team mother hen than captain, but their coach took care of so much, so this is what he could do as captain. He should wait, practice his serve, perhaps, but...

That girl, Sakura, she was hanging off of Wakato's arm. Again. She pushed her breasts up against his arm, and whispered something into his ear. She had a 'reputation'; she liked sports stars, and right now, there was none bigger at Jyousei Shounan than Wakato. Kajimoto was happy for him, for his success, for his fame... But that girl...

Kajimoto hefted his tennis bag up on his shoulder, and walked out of the school, keeping his head down. Perhaps he had his fan club, too, but he kept them at a distance, as he felt proper. Wakato wasn't the type to do that. Wakato needed to be at the center of attention, all the time, no matter what. 'Change over'... Wakato was better than that, Kajimoto knew. He didn't approve of the way their coach allowed Wakato to continue like that, but he kept his tongue, because she knew better, perhaps.

Or perhaps, he was hoping he exerted more influence over Wakato than she did.

He sighed, and detoured, to go into the park, so he could walk over the footbridge and watch the small stream. He kicked small stones as he walked, his hands in his pockets, his eyes on the ground. Hiroshi had once seemed so close to him. They had walked through this park together, and talked about tennis. And Wakato had come home with him, because his parents would be gone all weekend, they laid on Kajimoto's bed, facing each other, and Wakato had been very quiet, in awe, really, of his senpai. Their fingers had brushed over each other, and they had kissed each other softly.

In the morning, Kajimoto had made pancakes, and they hadn't turned out well at all... Wakato had laughed, and they had gone out for breakfast together. Wakato had called him Yoshihisa, and had kissed him quickly under a tree before running off home.

That was in the beginning of the year.

Then Wakato played as a regular for the first time, and he gained his fan club. There were rumors about Wakato and Yuko and Wakato and Kisa. Sakura had boasted that she was going to sleep with him.

Kajimoto leaned over the railing of the footbridge, aware that it was raining only because the drops were splashing into the stream, making the surface dance. Kajimoto sighed, and put his chin down on his hands.

He missed Wakato. It used to be fun, playing with him, but now, Wakato was just a mirror, reflecting whoever he wanted to be at the time.

Kajimoto wanted Hiroshi back.