title: Red and Blue
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Heero/Duo
rating: G/Teen
warnings: mission, mentions of sex, some language
summary: Heero and Duo find the spaces in the mission for each other.
notes: sunnie said we should write. so i did. *shrugs* resist the power of sunnie if you will, but i know better. based on this pic by kitana bradford.

The metal of the aircraft was whining with sonic fury, but their ears were plugged, so it didn't even matter. Not much. Even with all his training, he was getting a bit airsick, but somehow, Duo looked fine. Of course, it was hard to put Duo off his feet. Heero would be happier in a newer plane, but they wouldn't be on this thing much longer.

He had tied a white handkerchief around his thigh in protest. They weren't supposed to be running missions this week. He knew that when he signed them up. But it was an essential mission. Duo had tried to say that the knife wound from last week was incapacitating, but Heero had used a marathon session of tantric sex as a means to prove otherwise.

Duo was satisfied, but grumpy.

They had their comms on, but Duo wasn't talking, so Heero said nothing. But he triple checked all of Duo's seals and gear, and he stood patiently while Duo did the same for him.

They would always have each other's backs, even when he was being a jackass.

Before they jumped, Duo turned his back to the screaming wind of the open door, and looked Heero in the eye for a minute. He was still looking directly at Heero when he let go and fell backward. Heero jumped after him, watching Duo the whole way down.

It was a two-mile trek through the woods to the modified base and jail. They had ditched their jump gear, so the only comms they had were the radios, and those were too dangerous to use. Pathetically, Heero found himself missing the sound of Duo's voice. Duo could be so expressive with just his tone; even over the phone, Heero was always able to read his lover perfectly by the tone of his voice.

He imagined what Duo would say, hearing it perfectly in his head, but it wasn't the same. When the helicopter flew over them, Heero slid up to Duo's side, and placed his hand on the small of Duo's back.

Duo turned to look at him, but it was too dark to see Duo's eyes.

His heart was pounding, a light year a minute, at least. They had nearly been caught, and it had been his damned fault, because he spent too damned much time on the fucking code. He could have let Duo do it, but he was so sure he knew this key.

He was fairly sure no one had seen them. Mostly sure. Almost sure. Fuck. He wasn't sure at all, really. Duo wasn't sure, either. Heero could tell by the eagle-sharp focus he had. Duo's face was stone. "Shinigami," or some such crap. Not that it mattered if it had a name or not. He had to stop kicking himself in the ass. Mission. Focus.

He put his back against the wall, and checked east, while Duo crouched down and checked around the corner. The moon was too fucking bright and sky was too fucking clear, and there were too damned many searchlights. Duo didn't look at Heero as he gave him the hand signal for the number of guards. Heero put his hand flat on the brick.

Duo's finger slipped in between his, not really touching, but there, present, next to him. This deeply intimate touch between soldiers, this phantom touch between lovers...

He would go up and disable the guard tower. Duo would go down, and get the data, setting a few bombs. They would release the prisoners together, but it wasn't up to them to get them to safety. Five miles off, there were UN forces, working with Preventers forces. It was up to them to deal with the civilians, once the signal went off.

They had to separate here.

They said nothing, and didn't look at each other, but their fingers brushed over each other before they left.

Heero followed the shaking of the ground. There was too much smoke to see, and too much noise and damn it, this was bad, really bad... Duo wasn't moving, but he couldn't pick him up, not with his arm like this. Fuck.

He crawled over to Duo's side, and ran his hand over Duo's face. Duo's skin was always soft and smooth, even after a few days. He tried to grow a beard once, but it just didn't work. He grew fuzz instead. It was cute, but he'd be castrated if he said so.

He couldn't do triage here. There was too much smoke. And they had to get moving. This was bad. Fuck.

Maybe he could peel off this damned red wet suit thing... damn, what was it called? Fuck, he wasn't thinking clearly. This was bad. Really bad.

He leaned down, and brushed his lips over Duo's. All he could taste was sulphur and ash.

He put his head down on Duo's chest. He hurt, damn it.

"Hey," Duo poked him. "I'm not a fucking pillow."

Heero would have laughed, but it would have hurt too much.

Duo sat up, forcing Heero to sit up. "I'm going to have to carry you, aren't I? Damn it, Yuy..." He stood up shakily, and helped Heero to his feet. Once they were in the woods proper, Duo pulled out his radio and opened a channel. Heero wanted to sink into the mud. Of course, the fucking radio... He definitely wasn't thinking too clearly. And he was leaning on Duo too much. This was not how he expected things to go.

Nothing ever went like you expected. First law of life. He knew that. He should by now, god, if there was one, knows. Damn. He was thinking about god now. What was next?

"You owe me, Yuy," Duo muttered as he shouldered more of Heero's weight.

Heero grunted. He wanted to ask Duo to keep talking, but he found he couldn't make words come out of his throat.

The last the charges went off, and they half dropped, half were thrown to the ground. Duo was laughing. He grinned loosely.

Duo looked damned beautiful in the firelight. Crazy as all hell, but then, who wasn't?

The dog was barking. Still. The water was running in the shower. Duo was going to wash his hair "three times, at least." The dog wanted out. Heero wanted the dog out. Problem was, the door was across the room, and that just wasn't happening.

Last time Duo had caught him on his feet, he'd given him one hell of a spanking, and not the good kind. He wasn't getting up, not for the fucking dog, and fine, the damn dog was his idea, but Duo liked him, too, and he could fucking well hear him in the shower.

Being crippled was bad for his mood.

Duo finally sauntered out, towel drying his hair, bare assed naked. Tease. He let the dog out, and waved at their neighbor, who was finally getting used to them. He got two bottles of ginger ale out of the fridge, and he hated ginger ale, and so did Heero, so fuck knew how they got in there, but it was cold and wet, so that was good. Duo carefully placed himself in the good parts of Heero's lap, and spread his wet hair over them.

"Hey, Heero, know what?"

Heero took a long drink, and watched Duo.

"Roses are red, bruises are blue, you are a thick-headed jackass, but I guess I am, too." He beamed. "I just made that up. Isn't that good?"

Heero grinned. "Love you, too, you moron."