title: reason
fandom: Ergo Proxy
characters/pairings: Raul, Kristeva, Pino
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Kristeva and Raul.
notes: for w175n57, for this request on fic on demand. also, i love raul way too much. *_*

He tapped his forefinger on his desk, in time with the music. He knew this song well. He taught it to... She only had to hear it once, of course. Raul loved beauty, and nothing was more beautiful than perfection.

There was another explosion in the S-district.

The lights flickered above him, and he sighed. The power grids were failing again. He wondered if he should see Daedalus, torment him a little bit. The lights went out in the shopping district.

She played this better. Raul loved the piano. Loved perfection. A music box... couldn't compare.

"Raul Creed? The Citizen Intelligence Bureau has sent notification." There was a blip at his elbow, a document appearing on his personal screen. A fire was starting on the J-bridge...

"Kristeva." He liked the sound of her name. Just like he enjoyed hearing her say her name. "What was my wife's name?"

"Raul Creed. The notification regards the Bureau's decision to expand their attacks on autoreivs, to sever human dependence upon machines." Kristeva stepped closer to him, and the document blinked urgently.

"The baby... ah, there was a baby, too, wasn't there? Was the baby a girl or a boy? I never met the child, though... I was going..." He closed his eyes. He didn't want to replay that scene.

"Raul Creed. The power in the building is no longer secure. It will soon be necessary..." she tried to tell him.

He cut her off. "That man is coming back, right? Can he be dead? But he'll be back... to finish us off. Mm. Will he bring Pino with him?"

"Raul Creed!" Kristeva raised her voice, grabbed his shoulders. He blinked... the music box got knocked over somehow. The music stopped.

"Are you afraid now? Because of the Cogito? It's true, they'll kill you... It scares me, too. I can't remember my wife. All I can remember now... is you, and Pino." He caressed her cheek... her perfect, cool, metallic cheek. He leaned up and kissed her nonexistent lips. So cool...

"Raul... Creed..." she hesitated.

He bit his lip to keep from laughing. He looked over at the music box, and touched it, gently. "There are still so many things I can't understand, even after coming this far. But it's nothing we can do anything about. Cogito... isn't it true that it's not really dangerous? You still have your raison d'être, isn't that true?"

"It is true, nothing has changed," she affirmed, sounding a bit belligerent about it. Maybe annoyed.

Raul smiled. "Don't worry, Kristeva. I love you. I'll keep you safe. Ah, but I'm not a very effectual man, am I? Well." He turned his eyes to the cityscape. Another fire broke out while they talked... "Pino is coming home soon. And then we'll be a family again. The three of us... like always. It will be like I always promised it would be... Kristeva..." That name didn't sound right in that context, though.

Something was wrong.

Real Mayer and Vincent Law, the Ergo Proxy, were above, talking about plans. Kristeva was interested in what they wanted to do, but she also had orders.

Vague orders from a man who had gone insane, and yet he had been her life, so now... this child who was not a child was her life.

She crouched down next to Pino, who was drawing a picture. "Pino. This is from your father." She set the music box down next to the girl's paper.

"Papa?" Pino looked up, excited. "Where is papa? Is he coming with us?"

"Your... papa is dead," Kristeva said, not knowing how to say something kindly.

"Oh..." Pino's shoulders slumped. She looked down at the gift, and then opened the music box. "Papa taught me to play this!" she giggled. She held her arms out, and straightened her back, and mimicked playing.

"Your father was thinking of you, constantly, right until the end," Kristeva informed her.

"Pino knows! Papa loves her. Papa used to tell Pino, when Pino was recharging." She beamed up at Kristeva.

Kristeva... felt. If Pino wasn't a child, she would want to ask her things, things about Raul Creed that only the perfect child that he secretly adored would possibly know, but Pino was a child, and Raul was dead, and that had to be the end of the story. "You're a good girl, Pino," Kristeva told her.

"Pino knows," the girl replied casually, though. "Pino... was thinking of Papa, too," she added quietly, but she was speaking to herself.

Kristeva wanted to say that her father would be proud of her, but she could only assert that to 86.78% certainty.