title: quitters
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Shiraishi/Chitose
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Chitose gives his captain something.
notes: for crunchy_salad, for this request on fic on demand. spoilers for up to Genius 313.

Shiraishi Kuranosuke turned it over in his hand. It might have made more sense that way, after all. Sure didn't make any sense reading it the normal way.

And the idiot had written it on a napkin.

"You can't expect me to accept a withdrawal form here. Also, this isn't a withdrawal form. Also, what are you, insane?" He looked up at Chitose, laughing. "You're quitting after playing Fudomine? What about kicking Rikkai's uppity ass?"

"I'll enjoy watching you and the team do it for me. I'll even cheer for you." He winked with his bad eye, grinning.

"Jeez, are you that far up Tachibana's ass?" Shiraishi mused, but Chitose just laughed it off.

Always with the jokes... and this one had to be the best of all.

"Whatever, man. Do your thing, I guess. If you leave all the fun with Yukimura-chan to me, though, you can't complain later." He winked at Chitose, and handed the napkin back to him. "Better give that to the coach."

Chitose took it, but his expression sobered a bit. "Don't underestimate Tezuka, Cap'n. He's got a dragon inside of him."

Shiraishi just rolled his eyes. "Don't worry about us unless you plan to help us."

"Maybe I'll go over there and help Seigaku, give Tezuka a good warning about our strength. After all, I'm done, right?" Chitose taunted, but it was Shiraishi's turn to laugh it off.

"If you wanna go from the bleached wonder to working your way into the Prince of Granite's tight little shorts, that's all your deal, Chitose. Me? I just came to play a little tennis. You should try it sometime. It's fun." He stood up and started to swing his racquet around his finger, but his eyes went to Chitose's bad eye.

Chitose had to stick his tongue out at that. "Yeah, whatever, grandpa. Try not to embarrass yourself out there while having so much fun, ok? Seigaku didn't make it this far on the power of their mighty blowjob techniques, yanno?"

"Eh, probably didn't hurt, though, right? What d'ya think? Think I can get the oh so famous genius Fuji Syuusuke to show me his... skills?" He leered, and licked his lips.

"Just try to give me a reason to cheer for you, Cap, that's all I ask," Chitose said, turning to head for their coach.

Shiraishi shook his head. He just didn't get that guy sometimes...