title: Quiet
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Atobe/Shishido
rating: G/Teen
warnings: kissing, cuddling
summary: Atobe helps Shishido get ready for school.
notes: for my Bryan. *mwah* takes place before their second year, making the logical assumption that they are in high school, and not junior high, cuz, man...

Somewhere in the house, someone was cooking dinner. Someone was vacuuming, or maybe polishing silver. Someone was doing the laundry. Someone was probably talking on the phone, but in here, it was perfectly silent. It was such a strange feeling for Shishido, and he knew that was why Atobe left the stereo off.

Atobe knew far too much about him, Shishido decided. He wasn't even sure if he knew Atobe all that well. So much of what Atobe did was just smoke and mirrors... Every time Shishido thought he knew what was going on in his friend's head, Atobe did or said something that threw everything out the window.

Still. He liked the quiet.

"Do you have everything for school tomorrow?"

Atobe's voice was pleasantly sleepy. It was nice, when he wasn't being boastful. Like we they were fooling around, and Atobe stopped thinking about making Shishido feel whatever. He liked that not many people heard this tone from Atobe.

"Of course I do."

He didn't think about the question, or what the proper answer to it would be. He just said whatever he needed to get the quiet back.

"Do you?" Atobe rolled over, and propped his chin up on Shishido's arm. "I got a few extra shirts and ties."

Shishido closed his eyes, and ignored the slightly floral scent of Atobe. "I don't need any ties. I have mine from last year, still."

Atobe smiled, and threw his arm over Shishido, running his fingers over Shishido's collarbone. "They changed the style. You'll need new ones."

"They said we could still wear our old ties," Shishido grumbled, hunching over to block Atobe a bit.

Atobe just laughed. "Yes, but who do you think will be wearing the old ones? Honestly, Ryou, sometimes you are so cute."

"I'm not a damned charity case," Shishido grumbled, squirming away from Atobe. The bed was so big, there was plenty of room, but Atobe insisted on following him.

"It's not charity," Atobe teased lightly, licking just behind Shishido's ear as he combed the length of Shishido's hair with his fingers. "After all, there's a slight chance you might be a regular this year. You have to look the part, Ryou-chan."

Shishido rolled over onto his back and blinked up at Atobe. "Is there ever a time when you aren't being a complete jackass?"

Atobe's fingers brushed over Shishido's face, tracing the lines of his features. "You tell me, Shishido. Is there?"

His hands went up involuntarily to tangle in Atobe's perfectly conditioned tresses. He pulled Atobe down, and kissed him roughly, biting at his lips as he tasted him. "I don't know. You don't give me a chance to find out."

Atobe pushed his way between Shishido's legs, again, and laughed. "Give me time, Shishido, and you never know."