title: Punishment
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Hiyoshi/Taki
rating: G/Teen
warnings: kissing
summary: Hiyoshi moves ahead.
notes: for tokkitsu, for this request on fic on demand.

Hiyoshi hit the heavy bag with his open hand, as hard as he could. His hands were getting red, but he wouldn't stop to tape them up, or put on gloves. This is what he wanted, he told himself. He pounded into the bag twice more, three times, four times.

He would keep rising, too. He would push everyone out of his way. He is the destined leader of Hyotei. He would make Atobe Keigo seem like a joke.

This was what he wanted.

He kept hitting the bag, even after his father came down to yell at him. Finally, his brother grabbed him by the collar, and pulled him up to spar. Half the time, he could beat his brother, but tonight, he had no focus. Blinded by emotion. No one had to tell him. Every time he hit the mat, he exhaled, and closed his eyes, and felt the ground take its punishment.

This was what he wanted, so he was willing to take the consequences.

Taki grabbed him at lunch and pulled him into the chess clubroom. It was unlocked, and empty, and there were couches. Hiyoshi tried to get away, but Taki had a good hold on his arm, and he wasn't letting go.

He tossed Hiyoshi on the couch, and jumped him, attacking Hiyoshi's mouth with all the passion he could muster up in his teen body.

"Honestly, Wakashi, I don't mind. This is Hyotei. You're a better player than me. It's all right."

Hiyoshi turned his head away, but Taki just kissed his cheek, his temple, nibbled on his ear...

Hiyoshi growled, and submitted. But not without a fight. "Oshitari was bragging about bagging Mukahi here last week."

Taki stopped with his hand half into Hiyoshi's pants, and then shrugged. "Oshitari has had Mukahi everywhere in this school."

Maybe this was another punishment. Maybe this was absolution for dominance. Hiyoshi stopped thinking about it, and let Taki take control.