title: Proper Respect
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Yukimura/Sanada
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: It's Yukimura's birthday, so of course, Sanada must have something for him.
notes: for my beloved Bryan, for his birthday. *snugs* *sighs* this was supposed to be something else. i'm sorry. set in their second year.

Sanada waited by Yukimura's locker after class, because he knew he would be necessary. It took longer for the young man to work his way to his locker this day. Every few feet, another admirer got in his way, blushing, and offering him a small package or gift bag. Yukimura's birthday was virtually a holiday at Rikkai Dai. They had even sung for him at lunch. In six different classrooms, and in the lunchroom.

Sanada was patient, and he was thusly rewarded. When Yukimura got to his locker, he smiled at Sanada. "Are you sure you don't mind carrying this home for me?" Yukimura's locker was overflowing, and his arms were full of gifts, too. Fortunately, they did not have tennis club today. Otherwise, they'd have to carry all of these to the clubhouse, first.

Sanada just pulled his cap down a bit further. "Don't be silly. Are you ready?" He piled all of Yukimura's prizes into his and Yukimura's tennis bags, and then he hefted them both up on his shoulder.

Yukimura grinned. "Sanada, you've been working out. Next year, I can get lots more."

"Hmph," Sanada grunted, and waited for Yukimura to be ready.

They walked home, side by side. No one else dared to present Yukimura with an offering as long as Sanada was glaring at his side. Their walk was, therefore, blessedly quiet, and peaceful. Yukimura led Sanada down the winding path that followed the river, and even though his shoulder was hurting, Sanada said nothing in dissent.

Yukimura's home was a splendid decorator's special. His mother was a stylish woman who had been a model before she had married. Everything in their house was gleaming white and sparkling chrome. Sanada felt too large in Yukimura's house, and he felt oafish, like he was sure to make some mistake that would stain the shaggy carpets or break one of the glass decorations. Yukimura was at ease in this environment, however, so Sanada just toed off his shoes, and followed Yukimura.

Yukimura closed his bedroom door after Sanada, being sure to shut it tightly. Then he flopped onto his bed, and grinned. Sanada neatly unpacked the bags on the edge of the bed, but Yukimura pushed them off. "I don't feel like opening presents right now. Not having practice makes me feel lazy." He grinned. "Mm, Sanada, where is the present from you?"

Last year, he had missed Yukimura's birthday, and he had spent a month making up for it. Not that Yukimura had demanded it, but just because he wanted to do so. It had pleased Yukimura, but he had said to end it, 'I don't want a present from you, Sanada-san. I just like to spend the day with you.' However, it might have been something that Yukimura had said in the moment. He had so many admirers, and rightfully so. Sanada was one of many. "I have nothing. But if you like, I'd... I'd like you to come to the dojo on Sunday. I can show you around..." He cleared his throat again. The way Yukimura was watching him... He felt like he was being foolish, as he had the first time he stood across the net from Yukimura, and he'd discovered that strength wasn't something you could see, necessarily.

Yukimura sat up. "And will you wear the hakama pants?"

"Of course," Sanada nodded.

"And show me your sword?" Yukimura's eyes were gleaming.

Sanada blushed slightly from the tone with which Yukimura had asked the question. "Ah, yes, I would like to."

Yukimura leaned back, satisfied. "That's all I need, then. Could you push these out of the way? They bother me." He closed his eyes, and put his hands behind his head. "You're staying for dinner, right?"

He nodded, smiling slightly. He started to gather the gifts. "Yes, if you like."

"I like," Yukimura declared, breezily.

Sanada blushed, and nodded. "Happy birthday... Seiichi," he whispered, feeling very bold for taking such advantage. But Yukimura smiled, so it was all right.

It felt more like it was his birthday, actually.