title: Possession
fandom: Demon Diary
characters/pairings: Eclipse/Raenef
rating: G/Teen
warnings: bath sex, tafeta
summary: Eclipse is troubled over his Master's mood.
notes: this is for Caroline *hugs* for her birthday. ^_^ hope you like it, pimp-daddy Caro-chan! ^_~
takes place after the end of the series, with some series spoilers. because i think they missed one little, tiny, finalizing bit at the end... ^_~

The soft patter of bare feet on marble echoed dimly through the hall. It had been a long time since the Master of the house had done anything foolish or reckless, but nothing could convince Eclipse that he no longer needed to tend to his Master as he had at first. Raenef the Fifth had disappeared on him at least one time too many for him to ever be happy when he didn't know where his lithe Master was.

It was both relief and torture to find Raenef sitting in the window. The pale moonlight highlighted the young demon lord's fine beauty perfectly, as if the moon was worshipping the demon lord.

Of course, Eclipse would believe that the moon was worshipping his Master. After all, Eclipse worshipped him.

Raenef lounged in the frame of the window, eyes lifted upward. Eclipse felt guilty immediately. Raenef appeared so sorrowful. Part of Eclipse... actually, all of Eclipse wanted nothing more than to take Raenef's frail body into his arms, and hold him against his chest. This was only the beginning of what Eclipse wanted to do with Raenef, but these thoughts were improper. He was a servant to the Demon Lord Raenef, and he needed to remember his place.

The best way for him to do that was to be as far away from Raenef as possible when he was in this mood. He tried to turn away, but the corners of Raenef's lips curled upward.

"Eclipse. Were you worried about me?"

He bowed, letting his hair fall around him, veiling him. "Forgive me, my Lord. I meant no offense."

"There is no offense, Eclipse. If it pleases you, come sit with me."

It pleased him greatly, naturally, but he still hesitated. Raenef turned to look at him, and his expression fell as he saw Eclipse backing away. Eclipse steeled himself, and went to sit across from Raenef.

Raenef smiled beatifically. He reached out and took Eclipse's hand. "Thank you. It's a lovely night, isn't' it?"

Eclipse nodded shortly. "It is. It looked like rain this afternoon, but the skies have cleared."

"I know," Raenef yawned. "I sent them away. It's a full moon tonight."

Eclipse regarded Raenef. It was so... surprising, to hear him speak of such a complex spell with such casual boredom. He... was happy, of course, that his Lord had fully come into his power. He didn't need the protection of his servant anymore.

Raenef closed his fingers tight around Eclipse's fleeing hand. "What's the matter?"

Eclipse cleared his throat. He looked up at the stars as he spoke. "I was just thinking... of how much you've changed since we first met."

Raenef tilted his head to the side, evaluating Eclipse. He looked very innocent and very fair when he did that. "I've always been the same me. Everything that I am, it was always inside of me. I've never felt anything that wasn't mine to feel, or done anything that I wouldn't do."

Nodding, Eclipse tightened his hold on Raenef's hand. "I know that, my Lord."

"Do you?" Raenef sighed, smiling a bittersweet smile. "I don't know what that means, though."

"My Lord?"

Raenef shrugged. "It doesn't matter."

There was a note of discord in his Master's speech. It troubled Eclipse. "My Lord? Is something the matter?"

"Yes," Raenef smiled, "I suppose that there is. But there's nothing you can do about it, I'm afraid. Rather, I should say, there's nothing I can ask you to do about it."

Eclipse put his other hand around Raenef's hand, and looked intently into Raenef's beautiful, clear eyes. "If I cannot do anything, my Lord, please at least share your troubles with me. It would be my honor to offer my counsel to you, if nothing else."

"Honor," Raenef echoed. "Yes, honor... My troubles are simple, Eclipse. I am lonely. I crave... companionship. Love."

Eclipse felt his chest go hollow, a gaping vacuum sucking away everything inside his skin. "My... my Lord. You... you require a mate? That... That is not unreasonable, nor difficult. For... for instance, there was that girl... she vowed to come back for you, I recall."

Raenef pulled his hand away in a fit of pique. "Don't be absurd. She is beneath me. I know who I want." He sighed. "But what I want... I cannot have."

"My Lord..." Eclipse stuttered, baffled, and hurt. "There is nothing a Demon Lord cannot have."

Raenef smiled, a strange expression that harkened of bitterness. "I can have it, to be sure. I can demand it. But, if I take what I want, will it really be mine? Erutis wrote to me today, telling me of her Demon love. He follows her everywhere, and has marked her as his own. She is helpless in his pursuit of her, but she has no feelings for him. Her plight is not so dire, but... Would it be like that for me? Were I to ask for what I want, will it be given in deed but not in truth? I think... I think I would rather die, cold and alone, than take what I want without it being given to me."

"My Lord!" Eclipse gasped, his voice deepening with his shock. It escaped his wildest imagination, that Raenef would love someone who did not love him back. Bitterly, he turned his ire and jealousy on this mystery person who brought his beloved Master to such ponderings. Still, though, he was befuddled. Surely, Raenef must be wrong? "Don't say such foreboding things. Surely it is not as you say. There must be some way for you to acquire what you desire."

"There is," Raenef sighed. "I could accept whatever he would offer to me, but he would never offer me anything." Raenef looked Eclipse straight in the eye. "He is too proud, and too proper. I don't... I thought I knew his heart, I was sure of it, but... If I am right, and he does care for me, then he must intend to stay in his place, and never approach me. Because it's been... a long time, and we're still so far apart. Even when we are right next to each other."

Eclipse felt something that he had not felt in so long, it took a moment for him to name the feeling. As soon as he remembered it, he remembered how much he disliked being nervous.

"And so you see my dilemma, don't you? If all I wanted was his body, I could have it. But I want... I want to know his heart as well. I want him to love me." Raenef blushed, but did not look away. "And I want to be able to love him. I suspect my predecessor would laugh at me, and suggest I follow in his footsteps, but I... I don't want what he had. With him. I... I don't want him to feel beholden to me."

"Master..." Eclipse murmured.

"I want him to call me by my name," Raenef sighed, resignedly, "even if he could only do it when we were alone."

Eclipse had no words now. It seemed like the universe had altered fundamentally with the utterance of that small sentence. Surely, it was powerful magic that Raenef was casting, and Eclipse found himself uncertain of what the outcome would be.

There was a loud crash, and the sound of a squirrel screaming. Raenef sighed. "Another damned knight. Why don't they just give up already? Don't bother yourself, Eclipse. I've spent too long here woolgathering anyway. Let me take care of this, and I'll call you when I'm done."

With a thought, Raenef disappeared. Eclipse felt the tangible loss of him right away, like all the color had bled out of the world in a poof of nothing.

What his Master had been saying... Eclipse was fairly certain that meant... But why would he be so hesitant?

Eclipse immediately thought of Raenef the Fourth. In many ways, the previous Raenef had been a much more straightforward demon. Eclipse had never had a moment when he was unsure of where he stood with Raenef the Fourth. He would never gaze longingly at the moon, pining for his servant's love. But then, he didn't have to; when he wanted his servant's 'love,' he took it. It was part of being a servant. Eclipse had never felt used, of course. He had enormous respect for Raenef the Fourth, and he had learned most of what he knew from his former master.

But. What his Master said, about taking something and not really having it... When he had to choose between his Lords, Eclipse had not had to think about it at all.

He had to act.

Raenef popped back with the same alacrity that he had popped away. He looked around a moment, a little startled by his surroundings. He had thought of going to the room where Eclipse was, but he had not expected it to be the bathroom, obviously.

Eclipse straightened up from adding the oils to the water, and he bowed shortly to his Master. "I have taken the liberty of drawing you a bath, my Lord. Is it satisfactory?"

Raenef took a deep breath, inhaling the fragrant whiff of jasmine and hibiscus that filled the air. "Quite, Eclipse. Thank you." He smiled brightly at Eclipse, bouncing lightly on the balls of his feet.

Eclipse smiled back tightly. It would take some getting used to, clearly. "May I... assist you in getting ready?"

Raenef blinked, clearly confused. It was the expression that Eclipse knew best. "A-assist? I... suppose."

Eclipse nodded, and slowly walked over to Raenef. First, he undid the bindings on Raenef's hair, letting it fall in soft tendrils around his face and onto his shoulders. He afforded himself one tiny caress to Raenef's baby-soft cheek, eliciting a surprised purr from his Master.

Encouraged, Eclipse walked around Raenef, undoing the buttons on his long robe. Raenef made a noise that would have sounded like a squeak from anyone who was not a demon lord. Eclipse felt his mouth go dry, and his nerves felt electrified as he chartered new territory. "Mm, my, yes, did the... knight give you any trouble?"

Raenef swallowed hard. "N-no. I froze him and put him in a taffeta gown until the morning. I think that will teach him. It was... pink..."

"That's good," Eclipse whispered into Raenef's ear, causing Raenef to shiver. "Mm, may I take the liberty... of disrobing you?"

Raenef gulped audibly. "C-certainly."

Eclipse pushed the filmy fabric off of Raenef's slim shoulders, and watched it pool at Raenef's feet. Raenef stood naked before him.

Eclipse had never had sweaty palms before. He did not like them. He would have to find a spell for it in the morning. "Mm, might I ask a favor, my Lord?"

Raenef nodded silently.

"May I join you in the bath?"

Raenef turned to look at Eclipse shamelessly. Eclipse closed his eyes and felt his cheeks blush. He was not used to these... reactions. He would definitely need to do something about it.

Raenef nodded mutely, a ghost of a smile creeping across his face.

Eclipse nodded, and dropped his clothes to the ground. The sooner he did it, the better, he thought. He avoided Raenef's wide-eyed gaze, and led them to the bath. He helped Raenef to step into the water first, and then he followed, settling in next to Raenef. Raenef stared at him, gaping. Eclipse swallowed hard, and tried to speak.

"Wait," Raenef murmured, leaned up to take the tie out of Eclipse's hair. His face was so close, and his eyes seemed huge, and their bodies were separated by water that moved back and forth between them. "Better, right?"

Eclipse nodded shortly, and picked up the sponge, pouring the scented oil onto it. "Mm, may I... take the liberty of... washing you, my Lord?"

Raenef blushed furiously, nodding his assent. He turned his back to Eclipse, looking over his shoulder at him. Eclipse tried to smile, and then he began rubbing the sponge over Raenef's flesh. He had to move closer to wash Raenef thoroughly, lifting up handfuls of water to wet and rinse the skin. He moved the sponge to Raenef's front, cradling Raenef in his arms as he began to wash Raenef's chest and stomach.

Raenef gasped, and made a small "Ooh!" sound. Then Eclipse paused before dipping the sponge lower.

"Mm, may I... take the liberty...?"

"Eclipse!" Raenef gasped, falling back against Eclipse's chest. "You can take all the liberties that you like! Please! But! But, but!"

Eclipse held the sponge still just above Raenef's crotch, the back of his hand casually touching Raenef's rapidly rising cock. "Yes?"

"This... this isn't because... I didn't mean to say all those things, at the window..." Raenef blushed, and pressed his face against Eclipse's shoulder.

"My Lord. My Master. My Raenef." Eclipse kissed Raenef's neck. "I am yours. Your servant. Your teacher. Your guide. Your friend. Your lover, if you would allow. Everything that I am is yours. My heart. My soul. My body."

"Eclipse!" Raenef gasped, turning in Eclipse's arms to face him.

Eclipse answered with his kiss. Raenef was crawling over Eclipse, grasping at him to try to get in deeper. They did not break for air. A demon could hold his breath for a long time, and some things were more vital than respiration. Eclipse slipped against the side of the bath, and they slid under the water. Eclipse's dark hair floated out to dance with Raenef's fair hair.

Raenef pulled up, gasping. He looked down at Eclipse, just surfacing. "Are you sure?"

Eclipse raised his hand to entangle it in Raenef's wet hair. "Very."

Raenef grinned from ear to ear. He placed his hand over Eclipse's heart. "It's the same for me, you know. I won't say it, because I know you don't want me to, but it's the same for me."

Eclipse answered by pulled Raenef back into his arms and kissing him again.

In the morning, a very confused knight in pink taffeta watched as Raenef literally bounced from wall to wall, leaving bright batches of flower in his wake. Eclipse stood to the side, as he always did, his arms folded over his chest, as always, smiling at his Master.