title: Possession/Control
fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
characters/pairings: Ashura/Fai, Chi, Yasha
rating: Teen
warnings: bathtub sex
summary: Ashura summons Fai.
notes: purely speculative, to the point of most likely being AU, but couldn't shake the images, so...

The large, ornate doors swung open, and silence chilled the throne room. However, only a slight, sprightly form stepped inside, seemingly gliding over the long red carpet. She daintily curtsied for the king, and spoke while still bowing.

"Chi gave Master Fai your summons, my lord. Master Fai wishes my lord to know that he is in his bath, and if my lord wishes to have his counsel, my lord knows where to find him."

Chatter erupted at the end of her words. The king's favorite general stepped up to the top dais, and went to his knee. "My Lord Ashura, this is preposterous! That wizard takes far too many liberties! He must be punished this time for his impudence!" Yasha licked his lips, his hand tightening around the hilt of his sword.

Ashura, however, only smiled, and rose from his throne. "Yasha, calm down. Do not forget what Fai has done for this kingdom. And who has control over him."

"Do you control him, my lord?" Yasha asked quietly, averting his eyes to blunt the near treason of his question.

Ashura merely smiled, and strolled down the red carpet leading out of his throne room.

Fai heard the door open, so he lifted his leg out of the water, letting the water and the soap drip down the long length. "Mm, A~shu~ra, my lord, is that you? Did you want to see me?"

Ashura kept his hands behind his back as he circled around the bath, looking down at the spots in the water where the bubbles parted, giving him a murky view of the submerged body. "I certainly have no objection, ever, of seeing you in this condition." He lowered himself to one knee, and put his hand in the water, next to Fai's leg. "Are you enjoying your bath, my Fai?"

Fai slouched in the water, grinning. He lifted his arms about his head, and shifted so his leg grazed against Ashura's hand. "It's a very nice bath. It seemed impossible to leave it."

"Did it?" Ashura murmured, letting his hand slip over Fai's thigh, over his hip, and then across, over his groin. "Maybe I should join you."

Fai laughed, the musical sound echoing off the marble walls of the bath. "Ashura, you're going to get your king-clothes all soapy!"

"Then I should take off my... king-clothes," Ashura grinned, but he didn't bother. He put both arms in the water, putting his hands on Fai's body. He slid a hand up Fai's naked back, and held Fai's head in place to kiss him, pushing his tongue into Fai's mouth. "You are irresistible, my Fai..." he murmured, slipping his hand between Fai's legs.

"Am I?" Fai grinned, nibbling on Ashura's ear in just the right way. Fai had a magic touch, as far as Ashura was concerned.

Ashura growled, and pushed Fai down, climbing, fully clothed, into Fai's bath. He wrapped his arms around Fai's slim body, and tried to consume Fai whole with his sudden, fiery passion. Fai groaned into Ashura's mouth, still grinning through the kiss as Ashura was swept away with lust.

Ashura grabbed Fai by the arm roughly. "Turn around," he gruffly ordered.

Fai winced a little as Ashura wrenched him around. His playful smile dissipated as Ashura shoved him down against the porcelain of the tub. Ashura's tapered fingers traced the pattern of the tattoo weaved over Fai's back. "Mine," he exhaled, and Fai could hear the possessiveness bleeding from Ashura's lips.

As Ashura's fingers slipped lower to probe Fai's body, Fai clung to the side of the tub, and he bit his lip. "My Lord. I thought... I thought you wanted my counsel."

Ashura chuckled, pushing his fingers inside of Fai. "Ah, yes. The Ise tribe is mounting a rebellion. I'll send you down there tomorrow to deal with it." He reared back to undo his pants, and fondle his cock, licking his lips as he looked down at Fai.

Fai looked at Ashura over his shoulder, looked at Ashura who was looking at Fai's body... "Deal with it?"

"Yes," Ashura hissed, and he grabbed Fai's hips. "Now, Fai, my Fai... need you... with you as mine, no one can stand opposed to me." He pounded into Fai's body, lifting Fai's long legs to get a better angle.

Fai bit his arm, hiding his passion as his dull eyes stared lifelessly at the crack in the marble.

Ashura was going to force him to do something he didn't want to do. And then, Fai would have to leave this home of theirs. Would Ashura understand that Fai would do what he did out of love?

Fai opened his mouth when he tasted his blood. Ashura liked to hear him scream, anyway. How much time they had left, Fai couldn't be sure, even though it was entirely his choice.

If this was the last time that he would be allowing Ashura to join him in the bath, then they should be enjoying every second of this.