title: Physical Therapy
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: OFC, slight Tezuka/Fuji
rating: G
warnings: kissing
summary: Tezuka is assigned a therapist
notes: for indeliblefancy, for this request on fic on demand. inspired by rewatching of the anime eps where they go visit tezzie in germany.

"Absolutely not!" she spat out, waving her arm around wildly. "You know how I feel about this! I don't train people to get back on the court. Only back in their life!" She glared powerfully at the too-cool doctor who was smiling pleasantly. Perhaps she would be more impressive if she were sober. It didn't matter.

"He's over there," the doctor smiled. "Are you sure you won't reconsider?"

She was about to spew more venomous bile at the infuriatingly unflappable doctor, but she inadvertently looked at the patient. She grabbed the file, and strolled clumsily to him. "Hi! My name is Hannah, and I'm going to be working over your body." She licked her lips, and looked the boy over from head to toe and then back to the middle. "Oh, yes, every inch of your body will be mine..."

"Sensei?" He turned to the doctor, a tiny bit of agitation adding immediacy to his plea.

The doctor chuckled, and patted him on the shoulder. "Don't worry, don't worry. It may not seem like it, but this woman is a pro." She cleared her throat as Hannah picked up Tezuka's arm, and started to massage it. "Ah, I wouldn't be alone with her while she's drunk if I were you, though..."

His eye twitched.

Hannah grinned. "Such a serious face! We'll make rehab fuuuuuun, I promise! Now, let me see... Oh, there's an error on your admission form. Silly, silly, you wrote your age as 14! That can't be right. I'll fix it. You must have meant 19, right?" She pulled out her pen and closed off the top of Tezuka's very neat four.

"Ah, actually..." He tried to stop her, but it was too late.

"Don't worry!" She pinched his cheek, and grinned. If she'd been paying attention, she'd have seen the darkest look that was ever leveled in her direction. "This is going to be great! Now, let's get you out of those bulky clothes! I'm going to make you sweat!"

"Sensei!" Tezuka pulled away from Hannah, but unfortunately, his doctor was too busy giggling to help him.

She pulled on his arm as he started to walk away to join his friends. "Mm, Kunimitsu, which one is he?"

He blinked. "He?"

She looked over the group. "Well, it can't be the Echizen kid. He's too young."

"Clearly," Tezuka replied dryly.

"Not the tall one with glasses. He's got a good body, but that would be like rubbing two pieces of dry toast together."

That was a mental image Tezuka definitely didn't need.

"Not the other tall one. He's too... hysterical. Mm... is it the short one with the green shirt?"

Tezuka did not blush. He was sure of it.

"It is! That's your boyfriend!" She grabbed his arm and hugged it. "Look how he's looking at you. Socute! Aw, I want to cuddle you both."

"Please don't," Tezuka sighed, weary.

Hannah giggled. "Just remember, most parts of the clinic are monitored. Let him in the back after ten, and don't let him out of your room until after seven."

Tezuka glanced up at the sky. He did not roll his eyes. Hannah hated it when he rolled his eyes. "I think you are forgetting, once again, that we are only fourteen."

"That's ridiculous," Hannah complained. "Stop saying such foolish things. Now, Kunimitsu, have fun with your friends, and..." She pulled on his arm and turned him around, kissing him too quickly for him to stop her. She winked, and waved goodbye. "I'll be waited for you in the pros. We can make some gorgeous rumors to keep your honey hidden." Laughing, she turned and left Tezuka behind.

He wiped his mouth and sighed.

Fuji was behind him. Fuji had to be right behind him. There was no place else Fuji could be. "Mm, she seems friendly."

"Hmph," Tezuka turned and faced Fuji. "Though, she did have some good advice for us..."