title: Phases
fandom: Cardcaptor Sakura
characters/pairings: implied psuedo-one-sided Yue/Touya, implied Touya/Yukito
rating: G
warnings: reflections
summary: Yue reflects.
notes: for aikonamiko, for her request on fic on demand.

He did not feel cold, at least, not in the way a human would. It touched his bones, but it did not chill him. It did not snow like this in England; not often, at least. He could remember one winter when it had snowed, but still, not like this. Fat flakes had fallen, building up outside in big piles. Kero had loved it, but it had been messy to deal with, although... It had made Master Clow happy.

It was right before Christmas. Master Clow had told Yue that there was magic in snow falling before Christmas, but no matter how much of the snow Yue examined, he could find no traces of magic. Kero told him that it was a joke, that there was no magic, and that Clow was just making fun of him, but Yue continued to search. He had stood in the moonlight, catching snow in his open hands, searching for the magic. The Master had come out and smiled at him; he had called Yue beautiful.

Perhaps there was magic in the snow. Yue could not be sure. He had never found it, but... the memory of being called beautiful was a treasure, even still.

The moon was full tonight. He'd like to go outside to bask in the moonlight, but it was fine here at the window, too. Downstairs, he was aware of the Mistress' father, working late at his computer, again. The ghost of his wife was keeping him company. Kero was watching over the Mistress in the next room, along with the cards. And on the bed, his other self's... lover? Boyfriend? The Mistress' brother was sleeping peacefully, in his boxer shorts. His other self would blush each time they slipped into bed together, and then he would curl up as tightly as he could, as close to his edge of the bed as he could.

At this rate, he and the Mistress' brother would both explode from frustration.

He could get off the window, and get into bed with the Mistress' brother, but he didn't know if the Mistress' brother would welcome him into his bed; it was his other self that the Mistress' brother loved.

He faced the moonlight, filtered by the falling snow, and absorbed all the energy he could. He had to be strong; he had to gain all the strength here that he could, so that when the moon was waning, he would still have the power to fulfill his promise to the Mistress' brother.