title: Persistence
fandom: Kizuna
characters/pairings: Kai/Masa
rating: Teen
warnings: sex
summary: Kai wears Masa down.
notes: for yamilisa20, for this request on fic on demand.

He had told Masa numerous times. He had even provided photographs for him, to prove it. Kai was no virgin. He had plenty of experiences, both good and bad, and he knew what he wanted. Masa would pat him on the head and smile nervously, and decidedly not look at the pictures.

He took to wearing cut-off shorts, with holes in the ass. He made sure every room of the house was well stocked with condoms and lube. Anytime Masa was in earshot, he would start to list his favorite sexual positions.

Under the moonlight, one moist night, his yukata falling off his shoulders, he cried, and told Masa he wanted to know what it felt like to be touched by someone who loved him, touched completely. He spent the night in Masa's arms, but Masa didn't touch him, not really.

He misbehaved, and threw tantrums. He became the model son and student. He applied himself to his kendo. He started doing charity work. He considered joining a monastery. He threatened selling himself on the streets.

He went out on a date with a boy from school.

They were in the backseat of Masa's Infinity. The leather was kissing his back, from the top of his ass, to the back of his head. There wasn't enough room. He was folded in half, and Masa was crouched, just barely able to fit. They shook the car, and the windows teared up with their sweat.

Masa's hands were huge, and gentle. They moved over his chest as Masa moved inside of his body. He grasped for Masa's face and grabbed wet, fleeting kisses in between thrusts.

He was no virgin, but this was still his first time. It was Masa's first time, too.

They held each other afterward, Kai's naked body held tight to Masa's mostly clothed frame. Masa's arms were as huge and as comforting as always. This was Kai's home. This was where he belonged. He whispered that as he kissed Masa's chin, and Masa eyes watered.

They drove home, and Kai held onto Masa's arm as they did. Masa brought Kai to the main house, but Kai just shook his head. Masa debated being firm, but there was no point.

Whatever the consequences would be, it was worth it.

Kai felt small and insecure in Masa's apartment. This was where Masa had lived with that girl. And Masa was supposed to be a player... who knew how many he had brought back here? Masa lifted Kai's chin, and kissed him, like Kai had never been kissed before.

Masa held Kai in his arms, and apologized, but for what, Kai couldn't imagine. Kai crawled all over Masa's thick, muscular body, and kissed every place he had ever fantasized about, at least three times.

Kai told Masa he loved him, and that was the first time he had ever said that to a lover, but not the first time he had said it to Masa.

They both knew that Kai's father would be furious. They couldn't even fathom what he would do. So they clung to each other all the tighter, and made use of every second they had.