title: perfect
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: Soubi/Seimei
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: What makes a team work
notes: for 900_0001, for this request on fic on demand. again. ha.

Soubi hated to wear his hair down. Ever since he had started to live on his own, he had gotten used to wearing his hair up. It was more convenient, and it highlighted his face better. Kio liked his hair back, and out of the way. He would complain loudly about what a nuisance it was when it was down.

Seimei liked his hair down. He liked to pet Soubi's hair, and run his finger though it. Soubi liked to be petted by his master, so he wore his hair down for Seimei.

Soubi hated to be out of contact with his master, for any time at all. He wanted Seimei to live with him, but Seimei had a little brother, and he wouldn't leave Ritsuka. Soubi was jealous of this Ritsuka, sometimes, but he would never say anything to Seimei.

Seimei liked to tease Soubi by turning off his cell phone and ignoring his messages, sometimes for days on end. When he finally let Soubi see him, he would run his hands through Soubi's hair, and smile at him. Soubi would be docile, but he would often be bratty enough to earn some punishment from Seimei.

Soubi liked pain, but Seimei never understood it. Soubi hated Sensei, but he liked the pain, the punishment. In a fight, Soubi would keep his defense down in the beginning, so the other team could get in a small hit. He wouldn't do it, because it would hurt Seimei, too, but Seimei liked to play with his prey a bit before destroying them.

Seimei hated it when Soubi wasn't thinking about him. He ripped up an entire sketchbook, because there were pictures of Kio and Soubi's other classmates in there. He wanted Soubi to think only of him, always of him. Seimei let Soubi draw him, but he wouldn't take off his clothes. He told Soubi to take off his clothes, and he touched Soubi's skin, and kissed under his belly button. He took out a marker, and wrote 'Seimei's property' on Soubi's chest. Soubi loved that, so Seimei didn't do it very often.

Soubi hated Seimei's ears with a passion. He wanted Seimei to give them to him. Seimei just laughed, and told Soubi to be patient. Soubi would tug on and bite Seimei's ears. To Soubi, they were a condemnation, a visible sign of the weakness of their bond. Seimei dismissed that idea, because, after all, they were still the strongest team. Still, Soubi objected to his ears, but Soubi never said anything anymore, because when he did, Seimei would just pull on his hair, and ask him about where his ears were.

In a fight, there was never a second's hesitation between them. Soubi was the perfect reflection of Seimei's will, and Seimei could often be cruel. He liked to win, so Soubi provided for him the best wins possible. In a fight, it was as if there was only one of them.

They were perfect.