title: Passion Subverted
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Yukimura/Sanada, Yanagi, Rikkai Dai
rating: G/Teen
warnings: mentions of sexual situations, angst
summary: Something changed between Sanada and Yukimura.
notes: for crunchy salad, for this request on fic on demand.

"You don't have to leave," he says, pulling the sheet up to his chest.

The other young man says nothing, just keeps getting dressed.

He chuckles lightly, running his hand through his hair. He hates it when things get out of his control. "C'mon. If you run away, you'll make me think that this was a mistake."

The other young man pauses for a second, then grabs his bag. He doesn't say anything as he's leaving.

He watches the door, and waits, but he's alone, no matter how long he waits.

It had been going on for a week now. Yukimura's smiles were particularly sharp for Sanada, he was finding fault with everything that Sanada did, and he was finding a million small, meaningless chores for Sanada to do.

Sanada, for his part, was completely ignoring Yukimura, and avoiding looking at him, even when Yukimura was talking to him.

It was driving Yukimura mad.

Sanada wasn't any happier about redoing the match order fifteen times because Yukimura thought his penmanship was unprofessional.

The team, however, was ready to mutiny.

Niou and Yagyuu came up to him together. Niou asked him, "What the fuck is up with those two?", and Yagyuu sighed. Jackal pulled him aside in between classes, and told him to deal with them. Marui stood hid behind him while Yukimura and Sanada were 'discussing' training menus.

Kirihara came up to him and asked why the captain and vice captain were fighting again, just exactly as if he was a child, worried that his parents would split up.

Yanagi would love to sit them both down, individually, and then together, and explain to them why they were being stupid, but the lines of their friendships were complex, and intricate. He could do nothing but watch.

Obviously, Yanagi knew what had happened, and that it was a mistake, just not the kind of mistake they thought it was. Still, there was no polite way to tell a friend that hadn't been ready for sex, and they should just take a step back.

Yukimura refused to eat lunch with Sanada, and he refused to let any of his friends eat lunch with Sanada, either. Every day, now, then, Sanada ate alone in the classroom while Yukimura flirted with everyone and everything he could, hoping the rumors would come back to Sanada's ears. Sanada scolded Yukimura for talking to 'fans' during practice, and ended up running seventy laps.

Yanagi found Kirihara crying in the bathroom, although Kirihara tried to deny it.

Three days later, Yukimura collapsed on the tennis court. Sanada was the last person to get there, because he was the furthest away; Yukimura had sent him to the D courts to train the freshmen. Yukimura couldn't feel his legs, and he was panicking. Sanada pushed his way through, but Yukimura just looked at him, as if blaming him for not being there to catch him as he fell.

Sanada stayed rooted to the spot, even after the ambulance came, and left.

Yanagi stayed behind, and put his hand on Sanada's shoulder, but Sanada shrugged him away.

There was nothing he could do.

*cries* *wanted sanada to catch yukimura and carry him to the nurse's office*