title: Parting Shots
fandom: Cowboy Bebop
characters/pairings: Vicious/Gren
rating: G
warnings: just Vicious
summary: Gren prepares to leave, but not without saying goodbye.
notes: for ponderosa, for this request on fic on demand.

There were plenty of things he wouldn't miss. Mostly everything, honestly, but there were some things he'd be happier to get away from. Like the dust. It was everywhere, all the time, and the sand, and the dirt. He wanted to get back to his music. He didn't even need to have a destination in mind - just away from this battlefield, to someplace where he could play his music.

The klaxon was blaring for the transport. If he missed this one, he'd have to wait at least a week for the next one. Not like they were breaking their asses to get them out of there; there was still plenty of work to be done, after all.

He wouldn't miss the transport. But he had one last thing to do.

The only thing about this place he'd miss.

Vicious was in the weapons room, polishing his blade. He didn't look up when Gren entered. He knew it was Gren, after all, so he had no reason to look up. Gren was harmless.

Gren watched him for a moment, watched the smooth, efficient, loving motions of Vicious' hands... He grinned. Vicious could be gentle and tender. Just not with people.

"I have to go." That was a useless thing to say. Gren cleared his throat. "I still have the music box. I... won't forget you."

Vicious grinned. "Of course not."

Gren held his tongue, and did not ask what he wanted know, because he knew the answer. "Well. Take care, then..."


He stopped in his tracks.

"Come closer."

The klaxon rang again, but he did as he was told. He inched closer and closer to Vicious, but Vicious did not look up from his work, so he assumed he was not close enough yet. He stood toe to toe with Vicious, and then he bent over a bit.

Vicious grabbed him by the hair and pulled him down, biting at his lips, taking a kiss from him.

Gren bucked back only when Vicious let him go, just to keep from falling on his face.

Vicious smirked, and turned his attention back to his blade. "Have a good life."

That was a challenge if he'd ever heard one.

Gren took off running for the transport, laughing uncontrollably.

He was up to that challenge, he hoped.