title: one week
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Duo/Trowa, Wu Fei, Quatre, Zechs, Relena, suggestive Duo/Heero
rating: Teen
warnings: sex and fighting
summary: Duo and Trowa aren't quite made in heaven...
notes: for round 2 in the stages of love challenge, Trouble in Paradise.

first fight

He used to joke that he and Trowa were suited to each other because he'd never shot Trowa. He never said anything about thinking about it, though. Still, he couldn't remember them actually fighting before, not in any sense.

"Here." Wu Fei pressed the ice pack to his lip. He flinched, and lifted his hands, but they were still wrapped up in bandages. Fucking Trowa.

"I'm a mess," Duo remarked brightly.

"Bet he's as least as bad," Wu Fei sighed. "Duo... what the hell happened?"

"Damned if I know," Duo replied coolly. He pulled away from the ice pack. "You know, one minute, it's about one thing, and then it's about something else, and then someone throws a punch..." He shrugged. Who the fuck knew? Someone like Trowa, he just kept everything bottled up. And he led with his fists, sometimes.

It's only surprising that this is the first time they've clashed, really.

"Well," Wu Fei sat down next to him, and stifled a yawn. "What are you going to do?"

Duo grinned crookedly at him. "Can I crash here tonight?"

Wu Fei just shook his head. "Fine. But you should consider this more seriously. This isn't a sign of a healthy relationship, Duo."

"Yeah, yeah," Duo dismissed. "You go onto bed, Fei. I know you have work tomorrow. I'm fine. Really."

"You can stay here as long as you need, you know," he reminded, walking back to his bedroom.

"Yeah..." Duo sighed, looking down at the kitchen table. Fuck, Trowa had a good right hook...

"I'm fine, you know," Trowa said blankly. It didn't stop Quatre for a second. He kept fussing over Trowa's bruises.

"I can't believe he did this to you!" Quatre huffed.

"I did the same to him," Trowa mildly returned. That clearly wasn't what Quatre wanted to hear.

Quatre bit his lip, wringing his hands. "Why? Why did this happen? Why would you fight like this with someone you love? Most people have lover's quarrels, Trowa, not... this."

Quatre looked so plaintive and concerned. Trowa had enough fight in him to want to slap Quatre, but his hands were still messed up. He was perfectly well aware that they were not 'most people.' Quatre, of course, was, so.

"What are you going to do? You're going to move out, right? You can stay here." Quatre bounced eagerly, and then coughed, blushing. "I mean. If you want. Trowa."

"I'll go back tomorrow," Trowa stated definitely.

"Trowa!" Quatre complained.

Trowa stood up, and sighed. It was only the first time they'd really fought, over anything. It got bad, but. It was just the first time.

Couples fought. It wasn't the end of anything.

make up sex

They'd broken the fucking lamp. It seemed really funny, though Trowa liked that lamp, and until they replaced it, the bedroom was going to be too dark. They broken the damned lamp. With the power of their sex. Their sex had killed the lamp.

Make up sex was good. Lamp killing good.

He ran his tongue up the center of Duo's chest, and looked into Duo's eyes with a smirk. Neither of them said anything stupid about love. They also didn't say anything about forgiveness, or apologies, or making up, or anything, except more and yes and there and harder!

Useless words were a waste of breath.

He slipped his hand between Duo's legs, gauging how long they could go before another round. There was plenty more furniture for the crashing, after all.

They could handle any amount of fighting, if they could get naked and sweaty afterward. And Duo's bruised face was just about as hot as his. Duo groaned, grinning, and rolled to his side, slipping his arm around Trowa's waist. Actually, any words at all were useless when they could grunt and groan and moan and whimper for each other.

Quatre disapproved of using sex as a shield in dealing with issues in a relationship, but Trowa was opposed to using metaphors like a psychiatrist to hyperanalyze good sex.

"I'm not paying for a new lamp," Duo teased.

Trowa grinned. "Whoever tops next, pays?"

Duo licked his lips.

God, he loved that vicious gleam in Duo's eyes.


Duo got up from the table, winking at Heero as he excused himself. Trowa watched him get up, sipping his beer slowly.

Not once did Duo look back at him.

Heero smirked. Trowa wasn't paying attention to Heero, so he didn't ostensibly notice, but he did wonder to himself why Heero was able to smirk audibly, at least, as far as Trowa could tell.

He was sick of these damned 'reunions.' They weren't some fucking high school alums or something.

"I'm surprised the two of you are still together," Heero said conversationally. Slowly, Trowa turned his gaze to Heero. Quatre was at the bar, enthusiastically trying to explain to a somewhat drunk Zechs the merits of his new economic strategy for the colonies. Wu Fei was trying to 'school' Relena in pool, and was becoming more and more frustrated at how poorly that was going. Even in his tipsy and bored state, Zechs was keeping an eye on them.

No one was paying attention to Heero and him.

He took a long sip of his beer, and he grinned. "Not jealous, are you, Heero?"

Heero raised an eyebrow. "Of what? The two of you?" He laughed. Fucker laughed. "You wouldn't know, so I'll tell you; I'm a patient and indulgent lover. I can wait until he's got this out of his system."

Trowa bit back a snarl forcefully, but he wasn't able to keep from glaring. "And what makes you think you're still in his system?"

Heero leaned forward gracefully, grinning unkindly. "Well. I might have had doubts. But from the forty shades of green you've been turning... I'd say I've got good reason to be optimistic."

Trowa gritted his teeth. It would do no good, and only harm, if he ground his teeth to dust, but it would be just as useless to try to knock that shit-eating grin off of the bastard's face.

"Miss me?" Duo bounced back, but once again, he was looking only at Heero, and that bastard's smile turned pleasant and genial just like that.

Trowa got up and grabbed Duo's arm. "We're leaving."

"What?" Duo pulled back, scowling. "C'mon. We hardly ever see Heero! Why are we suddenly leaving?"

"Yeah, don't be such a spoilsport," Heero chided, grinning. "I'll give Duo a ride home, if you want to go."

"Yeah, see..." But Trowa wasn't listening. He dragged Duo out of the sports bar, despite Duo's protests. He pulled Duo all the way around the back, where the parking lot was, but Duo was pulling away harder and harder, so he pushed Duo up against the wall.

"You drive me crazy," Trowa growled, and he kissed Duo hard, swallowing down his protests, his anger, his fight... he swallowed down Duo's passion, pushing his leg between Duo's, and grinding their hips together. At some point, Duo's body melted; Trowa's ferocity burned away his resistance, and inflamed his desire.

He hated that Heero's damned smirk was the reason for this.

break up

Trowa turned the cd case over and over in his hands. Duo was just wandering around in circles, muttering to himself. There were open boxes strewn about, with things haphazardly thrown into them. Trowa couldn't look at Duo, though. He was too far away, and he was getting further away by the second.

"You don't have to go." He wasn't speaking loudly enough to be heard, and he'd already said that, a million times. "I can go, for one thing."

Duo sighed loudly. "We've been through this. It's fine. I don't want you camping out in Quatre's guesthouse. You might get used to it," he teased, but there was no energy in his voice. He sounded more broken than funny.

"Don't much like the idea of you crashing on Chang's futon," he grumbled.

"This isn't working, Tro," Duo pleaded. "Come on. Every fucking person in the world can see it. Can't you?"

Resentment swelled up in his chest. Everyone? "So, Heero's everyone now?"

"I'm sick of explaining everything I do," Duo wearily said, his voice a warning.

Trowa nodded. Well. This was every conversation they'd had for the last month. So, he really couldn't blame Duo for wanting to leave. But, the one good thing about a break up was that he actually could be irrational and selfish and blame Duo for everything, because he sure as hell wasn't thinking about ending things.

He stood up and tossed the cd into a box, pretty much the same way Duo was. "I don't want to watch you do this anymore. Just... leave your keys, or something."

Duo nodded heavily, his braid bouncing up and down.

Fuck. This hurt too much.

"One last thing, though." Duo turned, but before he could say anything, Trowa had him pressed up against the wall, their bodies as close as they could be, their mouths joined, he kissed him desperately, needy, aching. He nibbled on Duo's bottom lip as he pulled away. He looked into Duo's eyes. He didn't like the uncertainty and sorrow he saw there.

He turned away, and grabbed his jacket and keys. "Pretty sure you're the only one I've ever loved."

He slammed the door shut. Maybe he'd go get drunk and get into a fight. That was the stereotypical thing to do, right?

Can't disappoint.


"You could have warned me," Trowa said under his breath.

"Warned you about what?" Quatre asked cheerfully. He followed Trowa's line of sight. "Oh, come on. It's a war reunion reception. You knew he would be here."

"He looks good. He's with Heero?" Trowa sipped his martini, trying to affect an unconcerned attitude.

Quatre snorted. "Suave. Heero's getting married. Some girl he met patrolling the Thin Line. I heard she was a former pirate who turned evidence and now works with the Preventers. Duo's single. Maybe he's considering the priesthood. I don't know. You'd have to ask him."

Trowa took a longer sip of his drink. "He probably doesn't want to see me."

"Right. I'm sure that's why he keeps looking up here apprehensively. He probably thinks we're together. Go down and talk to him already, you coward." When Trowa didn't move, Quatre nudged him with his elbow. "Look. Even I can see how much you two need each other. Don't be a moron. Get over there."

He took away Trowa's empty glass, and gave Trowa a fresh drink, and a shove down the stairs to the rest of the party.

That's what friends were for, or something.

He felt like he was walking through a fog. Duo looked up and saw him coming, and looked scared. Trowa took a long sip, and waded through the crowd. He was afraid that Duo would be gone before he got there, but he looked rooted to the spot.

For a moment, neither of them spoke, and then Duo smiled, and they both had to bite back laughs. Trowa hesitantly reached up to brush back Duo's bangs. They were getting long. He used to cut them...

"How are you? You... you look good."

"You've always looked good." Duo smiled, and really looked Trowa over. "Though, you've lost weight... God, I hate small talk. Want to go to the garden and fuck?" He looked up at Trowa, panicked, and covered his mouth with his glass. "Oh, that was supposed to sound like a joke... not an..."

"Invitation?" Trowa asked, his heart pounding. Duo still had this effect on him. "You seeing anyone? ...Want to be seeing anyone?"

Duo shrugged, grinning. "I'm seeing who I want to be seeing." Unblinkingly, his eyes didn't leave Trowa's.

Trowa's stomach flipped. "Yeah. Well. Uh." He looked around, nervous. "I hate parties. Want to... well. Go someplace and fuck?"

Duo laughed, and put his hand on Trowa's wrist. "You seeing anyone? Like Quatre?"

"No." He wished he could be flippant and funny, but...

"Ok. Well. Ok. So." His lips quirked into a little grin. "Fuck, ten seconds into the conversation, and we're getting back on the same old roller coaster?"

"Pretty sure I can keep my hands inside the vehicle at all times. Or. Well, you know what I mean." He blushed. Damn it.

Duo laughed, and blushed as well. "I always do, yeah."