title: one great big happy...
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji, tenipuri family
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: just a day in the life of the tenipuri family...
notes: for gottis_chan, for this request on fic on demand. er. not sure I got the 'sweetness' though...

Fuji sat in seiza position, carefully arranging the flowers. In the kitchen, Shuuko was making dinner, though... well, actually, that sounded more like those children were making a disturbance again. Sure enough, the familiar squeak of Kaoru-chan's tricycle wheels went by, followed quickly by Ryoma-kun and Momoko-chan's feet, which were quickly followed by Shuuko's screams.

Honestly, such an ungraceful child. And Fuji had raised her so well...

Of course, Shuuko was a bit stressed. Saduharu had been home late every night this week, and he was due to be home late tonight as well. He was working on a big project from work with another company, where his friend, Renji, worked, coincidentally. That, of course, didn't explain why he was coming home drunk, smelling of unfamiliar cologne, but Shuuko had set aside her concerns about that in favor of wheedling a weekend at the hot springs.

That should be nice.

Carefully, Fuji picked up a branch, and placed it, oh so perfectly, in the center of the arrangement, leaning it delicately at a 20º angle.

There was a loud crash, and more yelling. Fuji sighed.

The branch had sunk to a 30º angle.

"I'm home!" Tezuka called out, and was answered with more crashing, more yelling, and then Ryoma-kun and Momoko-chan barreled their grandfather down as they tried to escape their mother's wrath. As if that wasn't bad enough, that unladylike Shuuko trampled all over her father to chase them. Kaoru-chan crawled by Fuji's parlor, sucking on his pacifier happily.

Fuji smiled, and gently worked to fix the branch.

Tezuka shuffled into the parlor, looking frazzled. "Good evening, love."

Fuji looked over at Tezuka, smiling enigmatically. "Good evening, husband. How was work?"

"No complaints," Tezuka said, as always. He leaned down, and kissed Fuji, letting the kiss linger, reaching out, and putting his hands over Fuji's. "Your work is lovely, as always."

Fuji beamed. "Dinner seems to be delayed."

"So I gathered," Tezuka sighed. "Let's order sushi. I'll get changed."

Fuji stepped back from the floral arrangement, pleased because Tezuka was pleased. "Sounds good. The children will be happy. And Saduharu won't be in any position to complain."

"No, I would think not," Tezuka winked at Fuji, and retired to their bedroom to change.

Fuji stood up to call Kawamura sushi. Really.

They had such a perfect household.

i tried to avoid gender terms for fuji, as i'm firmly of the belief that fuji in tenipuri family is a crossdresser, and shuuko was adopted. ^_~