title: on a rainy day
fandom: Saiyuki
characters/pairings: Sanzo/Goku
rating: G
warnings: kiss
summary: Goku just wants a bit of attention.
notes: for darlingfox, for this request on fic on demand. takes place pre-series, but after Sanzo found Goku, naturally.

He was trying to be good. He really was, and he was trying to be quiet, which Sanzo should notice, because he was trying. It was raining out, though, so he couldn't play outside, and the other monks didn't want to play with him, and he couldn't go visit Hakkai and Goyjo because they were all the way across town and he hated to be wet, and.

It was raining, so he wanted to be close to Sanzo. For some reason, being close to Sanzo made him feel like he was in the sunshine.

He said that, though, and Sanzo just beat him with the fan and told him to go away.

He didn't want to, though, so he sat in the corner and tried to be good. The problem with being good, though, was that if you wanted to be good, you had to be good constantly, not just for a few minutes. You could be bad just once, and that was it, you were bad.

It wasn't fair. He was being good more than he was being bad. And no one could be as quiet as Sanzo wanted him to be, which probably meant that he wanted to be alone, but it was rainy out, and Goku liked the sunshine.

Sanzo wasn't being fair, trying to keep it all to himself.

For fifteen minutes, at least, Goku was being very good. He was sitting still, he wasn't making any unnecessary noice, and he wasn't asking any annoying questions. But, he couldn't keep it up for very long. He was already feeling like his skin was itchy all over. He'd have to do something.

Biting his lip, he stood up very, very quietly, and walked, taking only one step at a time, until he was at Sanzo's elbow. As expected, Sanzo just pretended that he wasn't there at all, so Goku could get quite close. But he didn't have long. Clearly, Sanzo was going to get annoyed. And once Sanzo got annoyed, he'd be sent away for sure.

Well, if he was going to be sent away...

He pushed Sanzo's arm out of the way, and leaned in to kiss Sanzo. He moved fast, so he was able to catch Sanzo off-guard, but then, he wasn't really sure what he was doing. Sanzo lived in the monastery, so Goku never saw people kissing at home, and Hakkai and Gojyo talked about kissing sometimes, but they refused to show him. He had seen perhaps one or two couples kissing in his life.

Was this really all there was to it?

Sanzo pushed him away and glared. But then, Sanzo licked his lips.

Maybe there was more to kissing... but Goku would have to figure out later. "Bye!" he called out, noticing too well how Sanzo's hand was on the handle of his fan, and he bolted.

He'd had enough sunshine to carry him through until he could find Hakkai and Gojyo to entertain him.