title: Off the Court
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Taka, Tezuka/Fuji, Seigaku
rating: G
warnings: kissing with moaning
summary: Taka thinks it might be his time to make a play.
notes: inspired by this beautiful dj, which has taken over my brain with its pretty. also, let's pretend that seigaku is a high school. ^_~
dedicated to Peta, cuz she's always so generous about sharing. *snugs*

The pleasant smell of strong cleanser was practically burning his nostrils, but he liked it like this - strong. The stronger the better, really, as far as he was concerned. One had to be clean at the start of each new day. It was something that he never really had to learn; it was just part of life. When the door opened for the first customer, everything had to be spotless. It was the best way to face life, as well.

"Takashi!" His father surprised him with his bark, causing him to spill his bucket a little. "What are you doing!? You scrubbed those tables an hour ago! You'll ruin the finish, boy!"

Taka blushed, and bowed to his father. "Ah, sorry, sorry, dad! I got caught up in it..." He really didn't know what he would do if he didn't have the restaurant to work at every day. All the manual labor was good for his muscles; he reveled in it. Plus, he was going to make his father proud some day.

His father thwacked him lightly with a newspaper. "Taka, you idiot, you're done for the day! Head up and take your bath before the water gets cold."

"Ah, yes, yes, sorry, dad." Taka bowed and smiled brightly. His dad was gruff, but there was affection in his barks.

His dad caught him as he was walking by. "Are you sure your wrist is all right?" There was concern in his expression.

Taka was thrown, but he was grinning brightly soon. "It's fine, it's fine!" He flexed his fingers, as if that was proof. "I'm fine, dad. Good as new, even better, probably."

"Idiot," his dad muttered, smiling at him. He whacked Taka gently across the back of his head. "Take care of yourself, boy. You'll need those hands to use the knife for a lot longer than you will need them to use a racquet."

"It's fine, don't worry!" Taka smiled brightly, embarrassed, and he slipped upstairs.

He sat in the bath, and considered his hand. It was all better now; he didn't have the slightest twinge of pain. He was glad it was better. He didn't want to be a burden to his team, or his friends, or to his father. But...

For the past week, Fuji had been watching over him, somewhat. Not a great deal, not so much so that anyone else would notice, but there were little things. It was in his tone of voice, really. Taka had spent the past two years and some watching Fuji rather avidly. He didn't understand his friend perfectly, but he knew enough. He knew that Fuji would probably prefer the attention of their captain to the attention of someone like him, but...

The eyes that Fuji had shown him when he had hurt his wrist were not eyes he had ever seen before. And Tezuka's gaze was always to the horizon.


He made a fist with his hand, and grinned. Nothing ventured, after all.

He buttoned his jacket nervously, his fingers feeling too thick and clumsy to manage the buttons. He tried to fix up his hair some, but firstly, his hair resisted things like fixing up, and secondly, Momoshiro came into the bathroom, and started to make a lot of noise. He went back out to the lockers, and gathered his things.

Fuji's bag was still in his locker. He had volunteered to serve to some of the second years, so Taka wasn't surprised that he was still here. But Arai was back, and mostly dressed already, and Fuji was nowhere to be seen.

"Wah, O~i~shiiiiiiiii!!" Eiji whined, looking utterly despondent. "Let's go, let's go! I wanna get to the bookstore before they are all out!" He bounced from foot to foot, which was rather cute, really.

Taka stood back, and waited for Oishi to finish talking with Eiji. When Eiji was this energetic, it was best to leave him to Fuji or Oishi.

"Eiji, I'm sorry, but Tezuka needs me to do the club notes," Oishi patiently replied. He looked rather pleased that he had this job to do.

Eiji rolled his eyes. "Oishi, you let Tezuka walk all over you! You should have told him you had plans!"

"Eiji!" Oishi furrowed his brow. "Tezuka had important student council business to attend to! I couldn't tell him that a shopping trip was more important!"

This was only going to get ugly, or lead to Eiji storming out, so Taka slipped in quietly. "Ah, excuse me, Eiji, sorry to interrupt, but... Do you know where Fuji is?"

"Nya?" Eiji blinked. "Fuji? He said he wanted to go for a short run."

Taka stared at him. "Fuji? Running?"

Eiji started to giggle. "Makes you wonder what he's really doing, hm?" He winked at Taka.

Taka chuckled nervously, thanked him, and left.

He wandered around the school grounds a bit. Fuji didn't like to run, even under the best circumstances, so he had a hard time believing Fuji was running on his own. He really wanted to talk to Fuji today. But it couldn't be helped. Still, maybe he'd run into Fuji if he...

He was walking quietly, and they were clearly involved in what they were doing. Lost in each other... Tezuka had Fuji backed up against the brick wall, almost hidden in a small niche just behind the tennis courts. There was no reason for anyone to be walking down here at this time, because no sports clubs used this courtyard. Fuji was still in his regular's jersey, and Tezuka was in his school uniform. Tezuka's hand was on Fuji's face, holding him in place. Fuji's face was turned up for Tezuka, and he was completely caught by Tezuka's touch.

Fuji laughed, a deep chuckle. "Mm, Captain, I think you are being a bit naughty, don't you? You told Oishi you had student council business... Does that make me student council business? I don't think I like that... And... Anyone could walk by here, couldn't they? What if we were seen?"

It was clear that Fuji didn't really care if they were seen, and Tezuka only had eyes for Fuji. From where he was standing, he couldn't see or hear Tezuka, but his posture... Taka wasn't used to seeing Tezuka look like this off the court.

Whatever Tezuka said in reply, Fuji obviously enjoyed it. "Is that so, Captain? That's exciting, isn't it?" He chuckled more, and leaned up to capture Tezuka's lips again, and again. He licked under Tezuka's ear, humming contentedly. "Are you excited, Captain?"

Tezuka put both hands on Fuji's face, and rained kisses on him, on his cheeks, on his lips, on his neck, on his nose, on his eyes. He was speaking softly, which was obvious to Taka only because of the way Fuji was reacting. Fuji grabbed onto the jacket over Tezuka back, and threw his head back, moaning softly.

"Don't say things like that, 'Mitsu. When you say things like that... I want things. And then you leave me."

Taka turned around, and hung his head. This was private, and it was wrong of him to watch. What had he been thinking? Such a clumsy fool...

Still, he couldn't help but be happy for Fuji, just a little. He would never have guessed that Tezuka could be passionate about anything but tennis, but if he was as passionate about Fuji as he was about winning, then Fuji would have everything he deserved.

That was all Taka wanted, really. So this was better.

He didn't remember the walk home much. It was all a blur. He almost walked past the restaurant, he was so dazed. He tried to laugh at himself, but he didn't really feel like it. The restaurant already had a fairly nice crowd, which was good.

Hard work was exactly what he wanted right now.

He smiled at their patrons, and ran upstairs to change. He went to the back, first, to clean up, and make sure everything was stocked, and that the rice was being washed properly. He set in on the dishes; it would be important that the dishes were ready when the real crowd came in later.

"Takashi!" He nearly jumped at his father's bark, and he had to scramble to catch the platter in his wet hand.

"Ah, sorry, dad, what is it?" He smiled brightly to cover his clumsiness.

"Everything ok? Did you lose today? But you didn't have a match, did you?" His dad wiped his hands on his apron, and then put them on Taka's shoulders.

Taka blushed brightly. "Oh, no, not a match, dad, it's... it's nothing."

His father looked him in the eye, and then patted his shoulders roughly. "Chin up, Takashi! Tomorrow is another day! Now, look after your work, and get out there! We have a lot of customers, and I need you!"

"Ok, dad!" Taka went back to his work with renewed vigor.

It was better this way, after all.