title: Nurse Fantasy
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tachibana/Fuji, Tachibana/Tezuka
rating: G/Teen
warnings: sexy nurse fantasy
summary: Tachibana encounters Tezuka in the hospital.
notes: for Ponderosa's request on fic on demand. *sweatdrop* only, i'm really glad someone else already answered that request, because this really isn't a response at all. meep. the only way i could get Tezuka and Tachibana "together" was through Fuji, and Fuji remained firmly between them, meep. equally inspired by the first pic seen here by the magnificently talented yuki_mono. purr. also, i suppose this gets a "timeline? what timeline?" label, although the anime has gotten to be such crack, i don't suppose it matters too much... but this would happen somewhere between tezzie coming back from germany and the ranking matches.

He shifted on the hospital bed, glad for small blessings, like the fact that he got a private room with a double bed, because they had no other room for him. The sun was setting, and the view was pleasant, at least, here on the second floor, with trees outside the window. He really didn't like the idea of having one more surgery for his leg, but he had no choice. After all, he had a team depending on him.

He didn't know how long he had spent staring out the window, but it was probably longer than he thought.

There was a soft knock on the door, and then it opened to admit a nurse's cart, and then the nurse.

Tachibana broke out into a cold sweat.

Seigaku's Fuji smirked, and swung his hips as he pushed the cart closer to Tachibana's bed, making sure to close the door soundly behind him. "Tachibana-san, it's time for your medicine. Will you be a good boy and take your medicine?"

He couldn't speak. His tongue was glued to the roof of his mouth. Fuji was wearing a pale lavender nurse's dress, open halfway down his perfect chest. The skirt ended just at the bottom of the curve of Fuji's ass. His thigh-high lavender stockings had purple garters holding them up that just begged to be touched to be followed up under the skirt...

Fuji pulled out a thermometer. "Now, Tachibana-san, be a good boy, or you'll get no candy." He crawled up onto the bed, straddling Tachibana, which caused his skirt to hitch up precious inches... He reached out, and put his hand on Tachibana's chest, pushing aside the layers of hospital gown to touch his skin. "You feel hot. Are you hot, Tachibana-san?"

His eyes widened, but he couldn't speak. His jaw was slack, so Fuji leaned forward and slipped in the thermometer, sliding in and out seductively before seating it under Tachibana's tongue. He pushed Tachibana's jaw shut, and smirked. "Now behave, and keep that in place until I tell you to take it out, mm?" Fuji stretched out, holding his arms above his head, and the skirt rose another quarter inch, revealing the barest hint of what might be Fuji's underwear.

Tachibana was breathing hard, through his nose, so he was more aware of it. Fuji was smirking at him, his hand still above his head, and damn it! He wanted to touch him, run his hands up those silky stockings, and under that sinful skirt, but his arms were made of lead, and all he could do was stare as Fuji tantalized him.

"Ok, that's long enough," Fuji declared, pulled the thermometer out roughly. "Ooh, Tachibana-san, you're hot." He run his hand over Tachibana's chest, baring it, letting his fingers linger over Tachibana's nipples, over the short hairs that formed a line from his bellybutton down... "You need medicine, Tachibana-san." He leaned over, stretching his body out in front of Tachibana, who couldn't tear his eyes away from where the skirt was riding up his leg, all the way to his hip, and the bare skin there, under the lacy garter belt that was just barely peeking out... Fuji sat down in his lap, grinning. He held two purple pills out in front of him. "You'll be a good boy, won't you, and take your medicine? I know you are a good boy, Tachibana-san... Show me how good you are..."

He put the pills on the tip of his tongue, and leaned forward, his eyes slipping closed, getting closer, and closer, and Tachibana's heart was pounding, and he finally managed to lift his hands to Fuji's waist, and he was almost there, so Tachibana parted his lips, and Fuji...

Tezuka stopped, and leaned against the wall, closing his eyes. It was nearly ten now, much later than it was supposed to be. He would not admit, even to himself, that he was lost, but perhaps he had gone to the wrong bank of elevators. Regardless, he wasn't familiar with these hallways.

It was unlikely that his parents would be concerned about him; he wasn't entirely sure they knew he had this appointment for an MRI today. Oishi had practically begged to come with, but he had managed to just not mention the time and date of it. He was tired of this, tired of all the tests, and the doctors, and most of all, and far outweighing any other nuisance, he was tired of being fussed over and treated like he was made of glass. He was most definitely not fragile, and he would prove it.


It might have been prudent to tell someone about his appointment, so he wasn't here alone. Perhaps, he might have been able to ask... But it, ultimately, was foolish for him to have come by himself. He'd had a few MRIs before, so he knew that they sometimes affected him. And because he had been made to wait so long past his appointment time, he hadn't eaten in hours.

He just needed a moment. The vertigo and nausea would pass, in just a moment. He just needed to close his eyes, and breathe slowly and deeply. In just a moment...

Something stirred him, and it took him a moment to figure out what it was, it was so faint. But it was Fuji's name... someone was saying it... No, someone was moaning it...

Alarmed, Tezuka looked around. The hallway was empty, completely empty. He was standing right next to a door, however, that was opened just a crack. The name on the door was...

Tezuka pushed the door open, and strode in without regard to his lightheadedness. The room was mostly dark, but Tachibana was clearly alone. And writhing on the bed. And moaning Fuji's name.

There was very little that Tezuka could think of that he approved of less than the captain of Fudomine having improper dreams about Fuji.

He snapped the light on, and folded his arms over his chest, clearing his throat distinctly to wake Tachibana up. It was almost like he could watch Tachibana's dream dissolving before him, and blending into reality, and Tezuka took no small degree of satisfaction from it. He waited until Tachibana had composed himself some before speaking. "Tachibana-san."

The other young man was caught between a glare and a blush as he rearranged the blankets around him. "Tezuka-san. What an unexpected surprise. What are you doing here?"

Tezuka frowned. "I had some tests done. I heard... a familiar voice, so I decided to say hello."

"How kind of you," Tachibana narrowed his eyes.

Looking directly at the legs bundled in the thin hospital blanket, Tezuka raised an eyebrow. "And how does your recovery go?"

Tachibana was not about to let himself get flustered before the rival captain, but it was difficult to preserve an air of competitive superiority while half-dressed and in bed. Still, he did an admirable job of raising his chin. "I'm 150%, but the doctors are being cautious. I should be on the courts again by the weekend."

Tezuka nodded once. "I look forward to seeing you across the net."

It was obvious that there was something about him that rankled Tachibana. The way the other captain engaged him in these trivial battles of ocular perseverance was a clear indication of insecurity. Tezuka had nothing to prove to Tachibana as far as he was concerned, so he was able to return each glare with diffidence.

Victory would be inevitable, save for the fact that, once again, his body was failing him. Everything seemed to go very bright for a moment, and the next thing he knew, he was half-crumpled on the floor, with Tachibana's arms around him.

This was impossible.

He pulled away slightly, but Tachibana was holding tight, and looking quite annoyed. "Tezuka! When was the last time you ate?"

He could explain that he couldn't eat right before his MRI, because the sense of claustrophobia would leave him feeling sick. However, that would both be admitting to a weakness, and be too much effort. He was, at the moment, having trouble focusing.

Sighing heavily, Tachibana shook his head. "Well, don't tell me you came here alone. ...Of course you came here alone. Fine." He put his arm under Tezuka's, and lifted him up just enough to seat him on the bed.

Tezuka glared powerfully at the blurry image of Tachibana, but that only seemed to amuse him, which infuriated Tezuka more.

"Don't look at me like that! You can't stand on your own feet. I have some juice here. Drink that, and then get some rest. The bed is big enough, and you're the damned fool who had to come here alone, on an empty stomach," Tachibana shook his head, and shoved a juice box in Tezuka's face.

This situation was completely intolerable, but it was better to endure than to fight, sometimes. Tezuka would have his chance later, when the room stopped spinning. He drank the juice, making sure to look as if it were a burden, and not a relief. He did not immediately lie down, but Tachibana barely had to push him to get him horizontal. He could be gracious in defeat, if absolutely necessary, although he was getting sick of that, too. He brought his feet up to the bed, and closed his eyes, still scowling despite his almost immediate relaxation.

Tachibana chuckled as he padded around the bed to crawl in the other side. Tezuka was sure that he wasn't the member of the Seigaku team that Tachibana would like to be stuck in bed with, but that was fine.

Tachibana didn't stand a chance with Fuji, not if Tezuka had anything to say about it.

Mornings were best spent sleeping. This was something the school board simply wouldn't understand, and Fuji accepted it. Days off, he made sure to sleep in extra late, to make up for it. Bad enough that he had to get up early for school, but getting up before sunrise was an abomination.

He would make sure that Tezuka knew what lengths he went to for his captain as soon as he could.

Problem was, he had no idea where Tezuka was. His phone was turned off, and he wasn't at home. Fuji had slipped in the backdoor, waving to Tezuka's grandfather in the garden as he did. But Tezuka's bedroom was empty. A quick look through his things elicited a day planner, on which a small, indistinct note was made for the night before led Fuji to believe that Tezuka might be at the hospital.

This was definitely a nuisance. Tezuka would have to make it up to him later.

He went to the Imagining department, and the cute girl at the reception desk did remember Tezuka. She even remembered that he went left down the hall instead of right, but he hadn't heard her call out to him. Fuji had never once had reason to be seriously worried about Tezuka in the past; even at the worst moments, it seemed patently clear that Tezuka would overcome whatever obstacles were put in front of him. His captain's willpower and spirit were stunning, after all.

So this tiny rumble in his belly felt very wrong. He went left down the hall, and came to the bank of elevators that appeared to be just like the other bank of elevators, except they were on the other side of the hall. There really wasn't much point to trying to retrace Tezuka's footsteps, because the girl was just about to go off-shift, and she said that Tezuka had left at the beginning of her shift, but he had time before school, anyway.

He went down a hallway, and a familiar name on a door gave him pause. He knocked very quietly, and pushed the door open.

The sight that greeted him was not something he couldn't ever have hoped to expect. Tezuka was curled up on the bed, still wearing his normal clothes and glasses, his face all scrunched up in that cute sleeping face Tezuka made when he was deep in dreams.

Tachibana was blanketing Tezuka, with one arm around his waist, and one leg thrown over him, and he appeared to be sucking on Tezuka's ear.

He closed the door loudly, and strolled over to the bed, smiling. Tachibana blinked awake first, appearing to not be certain of his surroundings.

"Tachibana-san," Fuji greeted cheerfully. "What are you doing to my captain?" He tilted his head to the side, and smiled a bit wider.

Tachibana looked from Fuji, down to Tezuka, and then bucked back in horror, nearly falling off the bed.

The force brought Tezuka awake, and he was equally surprised by his surroundings, but he focused on Fuji right away. "Fuji?" He started to sit up, but he seemed to not quite have his balance. Fuji stepped forward and offered his hand. "What...?"

Fuji shook his head in wonder, smiling with a great deal more affection now. "I think you got lost, Tezuka. But it's nearly time for school, so."

Tezuka nodded, and stood up, wiping his ear with annoyed confusion. He turned, and saw Tachibana huddled on the other side of the bed, and he bowed his head shortly. "Tachibana-san. Thank you for your kindness last night."

Tachibana swallowed hard. "An-anytime."

Fuji gave Tachibana a look that caused him to reconsider his words, and then he put his arm around Tezuka's waist. "If you keep acting up like this, Tezuka, I'm not going to let you out of my sight again." He smiled sweetly at Tachibana as he led Tezuka away from him. When they were alone in the hallway again, Fuji rubbed Tezuka's back, sighing softly. "Why didn't you tell me you had a hospital appointment? I would have come with you."

Tezuka looked him in the eye in that way that he did, and then he looked away. "I will, next time."

Fuji smiled. That was more than he could normally hope for from Tezuka. "Well, I brought your uniform with me, and your bag, so you can change in the bathroom, if you like. And we're skipping homeroom. You need a decent breakfast."

He got a look for that, but Tezuka wasn't arguing with him, so it was fine.

As they left the hospital, the sun was shining far too brightly. Fuji shielded his eyes. He liked to watch Tezuka, the way he kept his back so straight, and the way he walked with such purpose, all the time. Fuji sighed happily. "Hey, Tezuka, over breakfast, I want to talk to you about the ranking blocks, ok?"

Tezuka turned to look at him. "It's already been decided."

"I know," Fuji shrugged. "But we can talk about it anyway, right?"

Tezuka looked away. "What's there to discuss?"

Fuji chuckled softly. "Well, maybe nothing... but still." He would have liked to have been able to take Tezuka's hand in his own as they walked down the street. "I think it's interesting, that's all."