title: Now
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Yukimura/Sanada, Yanagi
rating: Teen
warnings: sex
summary: Sanada follows orders, happily. Mostly.
notes: takes place while they are in college, though that's not totally essential, i guess.

They were supposed to be studying chemistry. Or, wait, no, Yukimura wasn't taking chemistry this term. What were they supposed to be studying?

Not that it mattered. All their books had been kicked off the bed, and Yukimura was straddling his lap. Yukimura's fingers were clutching his hair, pulling it off his head almost, but Sanada still didn't mind taking off his hat. Yukimura was wriggling in his lap, and one hand drifted down the back of his shirt. When Yukimura kissed him, it was a little like being bitten. Sanada had his hands clenched in Yukimura's shirt, which looked suspiciously like his shirt that had gone missing from the laundry last week.

Yukimura's wriggling was also getting... distracting... He kept grinding their groins together. Sanada wasn't opposed to this motion, but it was a stimulation that caused a reaction and led to something and he really couldn't be expected to think under these circumstances.

Also, Yukimura seemed to be experimenting with new things that he could do with his tongue, and that was just plain unfair, because Sanada had only recently learned to adapt to the old things that Yukimura could do with his tongue.

Yukimura threw his head back and groaned like Sanada had never heard him groan before. It was a sexy, enticing sound, and Sanada wanted to hear it again, so he grabbed Yukimura's ass, and pulled him a bit more forward.

"Oh, god," Yukimura groaned again, and Sanada smiled, pleased with himself. "That was good. We should do more of that. Or. Wait. You could be fucking me."

What Sanada loved about Yukimura was these inspired flashes of brilliance that left him feeling like he'd just been caught in a spotlight with the intensity of the sun. That was just a fantastic idea.

"In fact," Yukimura slapped his palms down on Sanada's shoulders. "Why aren't you fucking me?"

"One moment," Sanada said, flipping Yukimura down onto his back. Yukimura laughed, and that was encouragement, all the encouragement a man could want. He started to unbutton Yukimura's shirt, wetly kissing the skin as it was revealed.

"Just to clarify," Yukimura sighed, a bit deeper than his normal speaking voice. "When I said, you could be fucking me, I meant, you know, like now."

"Getting there," Sanada promised, pushing Yukimura's shirt out of the way so he could start on Yukimura's pants.

"See, what I'm trying to say is, foreplay? Not really essential." Yukimura wrapped his fingers up in the long hair from the top of Sanada's head.

Sanada looked up at Yukimura a bit huffy. "Just a minute."

"A minute?" Yukimura sighed. "Really. I think you should be fucking me."

Sanada scowled, and opened Yukimura's jeans with his teeth. "This would be a lot easier if you would just shut up for a minute."

"Excuse me?" Yukimura leaned up on his elbows. "What did you just say? Did you tell me to shut up?"

Sanada froze. He didn't. He couldn't have. Only he did. And Yukimura noticed. Damn it.

"If you want something done right," Yukimura rolled his eyes with a smile.

And then Sanada was on his back. He would have objected, but Yukimura had his mouth occupied. And he had Sanada's pants off, though Sanada felt that he had made great progress with Yukimura's pants, and that accomplishment wasn't being recognized here.

He didn't really have a lot of time to think about that, though. Yukimura had lube right next to the bed, and he was making use of it. All of his much touted speed, grace, and strength came into play, and Sanada had to admit it, once again.

Yukimura Seiichi was the best.

Sanada slipped into the seat next to Yanagi. "Renji. I need to look at your homework."

Anticipating the request, Yanagi had already slipped his notebook over in Sanada's direction. "I thought you were going to work on your chemistry last night."

There was more curiosity than reproach in his tone, so Sanada didn't mind replying. "I did. Yukimura came over to help."

"I don't think that sort of chemistry is going to be on the test," Yanagi sadly informed Sanada.

"Renji. Shut up."

"Genichirou. You shouldn't tell people to shut up. It isn't nice."

Sanada shifted in his seat. "You don't know the half of it."

But Yanagi noted, mentally, that Sanada said that with one of his rare smiles.