title: not so much coming as...
fandom: Hikaru no Go
characters/pairings: Hikaru/Akira, their families, Akari, Waya/Isumi
rating: G
warnings: humor
summary: Hikaru and Akira decide to tell everyone...
notes: um. for. uh. this request on fic on demand, from... lizzypaul. yeah.

They talked about it so much, they finally did it just so they wouldn't have to talk about it anymore. They couldn't really decide how to do it, but they decided they should do it on the same night.

Akira sat before his father, his feet folded under his bottom, his hands in his lap, his eyes down. He had no idea, precisely, what he said because his heart was pounding too hard for him to hear anything. He waited for his father to say something, but there was just horrific quiet. He cautiously raised his eyes, certain that his father was furious.

Instead, he was biting his lip to keep from laughing out loud.

Before he stormed out of the house, his father did ask if Akira really thought it was a secret.

Hikaru's parents weren't quite that bad, but his mother was confused. She patted him on the hand and teared up, making sure that Hikaru knew it wasn't legal yet for them to get married.

They still had to come out to their friends.

Akari refused to believe them, and demanded to see pictures, or watch them "do it." Then Akira avoided spontaneous combustion while Hikaru yelled at the hysterically laughing girl. They ran into Ashiwara in front of the Go Institute, but he just complained that they were bragging, and then tried to pump Hikaru for information on Saeki. Before the matches for the day started, they sat down with Waya and Isumi in the break room. They looked at each other before Hikaru dove in. They weren't very good at this, apparently.

Hikaru started slowly, but that only opened him up to Waya's teasing, so Akira waved him to quiet down, and he stated it simply.

"Hikaru and I are involved. Romantically."

Waya looked at Isumi, and then they both shrugged.

"We knew that," Waya replied flatly.

"What the hell!?!" Hikaru jumped to his feet. "Is there anyone on this planet that doesn't know that Akira and I are screwing each other?!"

"Hikaru!" Akira hissed.

Waya fell off his chair laughing.

Isumi his head face and sighed. "Well, not anymore, Shindou."

Akira almost lost to a 2-dan that day.

Walking home together, Waya and Isumi agreed.

They weren't ready to come out yet. And they definitely weren't asking Shindou for advice.