title: not so innocent
fandom: Princess Princess
characters/pairings: Yuujirou/Tooru, Mikoto, Arisada, Natashou
rating: Teen/Mature
warnings: drinking, kissing, mutual masturbation
summary: Tooru returns after seeing his family, and shares something with Yuujirou.
notes: oh, shoot me for the title. someday, i'll use capital letters again in titles. someday. not today, but... takes place post-anime, and in anime continuity. ^_~

Yuujirou would not admit to pacing, and he didn't have to worry about being caught, because Mikoto came over to see if Tooru was back yet about a half hour before Tooru returned. He watched Tooru and Mikoto talk, feeling tense for stupid reasons. Tooru seemed... more relaxed than ever, actually. Mikoto's girlfriend was worried about what would happen with Tooru's parents, too, so he had held off calling her (miraculously) until he had spoken to Tooru.

Yuujirou just watched them, smiling tightly. Tooru assured them quickly that his uncle had accepted his decision, and they had shared a rather nice family weekend, so there was nothing more to worry about.

Mikoto was quick to pat Tooru on the back and make his apologies. It was going to be hard for him to squeeze in his four hours of phone time in at that hour, after all.

Tooru and Yuujirou together watched him leave with some amusement.

But then, they were alone.

"Are you tired, Yuujirou?" Tooru asked, his brow wrinkled (beautifully) in concern.

Yuujirou forced himself to smile. "No, just feeling..." he trailed off, and waved his hand around vaguely, hoping to put Tooru off the question.

Tooru grinned wickedly. "Did you miss me while I was gone, Yuuuuujirou?"

Yuujirou rolled his eyes, but he couldn't help grinning, too. Tooru was just infectious, perhaps... "Oh, yes, I cried myself to sleep last night and then I cried myself awake and then I cried for the hell of it. Can't you tell the carpet is all soggy?"

Tooru laughed, and started to root through his bag. "Well, good. I was hoping you weren't going to be tired. My uncle gave me something... good..." He pulled out a fairly large bottle of sake from his bag, and winked. "We could wait to share it with Mikoto, but..."

"He's got his girlfriend," Yuujirou quickly dismissed, licking his lips. "He's happy enough."

Tooru laughed, and set the bottle down on Yuujirou's desk. "That's just what I was thinking. Let me get changed, and then we'll drink this down. Though, maybe it's a little sad for two guys alone to be drinking..."

"I can put on my petticoat, if that will make you feel better," Yuujirou said shrewdly.

Tooru laughed. "Right, right, and when you spilled sake on it, I'm sure no one would notice. One second."

Yuujirou turned his back, and then subtly adjusted the small mirror on his desk. He watched Tooru take off his shirt, and he closed his eyes to keep himself from watching Tooru take off his pants.

"Ok!" Tooru went over to where they kept their few cups. "Let's drink this before we're caught."

Yuujirou knew this was a bad idea. He mostly figured Tooru needed this because, great weekend or not, he'd been stressed out the whole time. He knew they'd probably end up regretting it tomorrow.

He knew he couldn't fully trust himself.

He didn't care. Tooru was smiling, and pouring out large cups of sake, which he had probably never had more than a few sips of in the past. Well, neither had he. But he raised his cup, tapped Tooru's, said 'Kanpai,' and he swallowed it down with all his reservations.

They turned on some music, because in the P-Room, no one would be bothered by the noise, anyway. It was funny how fast a bottle of sake went when it was drunk in big cupfuls at a time. Somehow, they ended up on Tooru's bed (well, Tooru had retreated there, and Yuujirou was emboldened enough to follow), and they spilled sake on Tooru's sheets.

Tooru curled up on his side (and looked unbearably cute) and twirled a lock of Yuujirou's hair around his finger. To keep from combusting with embarrassment, Yuujirou tapped Tooru on the nose. "So, be honest, are you all one big happy family now? How was Sayaka?"

Tooru nipped at Yuujirou's finger, and giggled. "Wellllll. She was really clingy. But she kept calling me 'oniichan', excessively. And repeatedly. So I guess she's trying, too."

Yuujirou smiled easily. "That's good."

Tooru started to laugh, though, and he put his arm around Yuujirou's waist. "But, you know... she's not done causing me trouble. She's been telling my uncle and aunt all about my boyfriend, like insanely. I think she's in love with you now, too. We're the most perfect couple in the world, in case you didn't know."

Yuujirou actually did know that, but... he blushed, and ducked his head down. "I'm sorry about that!"

"Don't be," Tooru said easily. Too easily... Yuujirou looked up, and looked into Tooru's eyes. "It's funny. I always tried so hard to be the ideal son, and brother... to be perfect, because if I wasn't, they'd send me away. That's what I thought. Wouldn't any parent be heartbroken if they knew their son had a boyfriend? But they just laughed it off, and said they just wanted me to be happy. That's weird... right?"

What was the right answer? Yuujirou sure as hell didn't know. "Well. It doesn't matter, right? You like girls. Even if I am the perfect boyfriend... you had a girlfriend back in your old school, right?"

"Sure," Tooru shrugged. "I had a lot of them. I had a boyfriend, too." Tooru laughed at Yuujirou's expression, but really, Yuujirou thought the world had just come to crushing and deafening stop. "I never said no to anyone. For any reason. If I liked the person... even if I didn't. If someone asked me out, I always said yes. I always said yes to everything."

"E-everything?" Yuujirou echoed, incredulous.

Tooru swacked him on the bottom. "Well, no one asked me to do that, but..."

"You had a boyfriend?" Yuujirou interrupted.

Tooru blushed, and giggled. "Well, I don't know if he'd really be a boyfriend. I had lunch with him on the roof a few times. We..."

"Did you kiss him? Or... or something else? Who was he?" Yuujirou asked, forgetting himself in the haze of shock and intoxication. He pushed Tooru down into the mattress and stared into his eyes.

Tooru just kept giggling. Which, damn it, made him look even cuter... "You sound upset. Don't tell me someone who wears girls' clothes is uptight about stuff like this. It. He. He was a third year. He was pretty reclusive, but all the girls had crushes on him. He was an artist. I only had lunch with him a few times, so..."

"Did you kiss him? M-make out with him, or... or..." Yuujirou asked, swallowing hard.

"Have you ever kissed a boy, Yuu-chan?" Tooru asked, batting his eyelashes. Yuujirou turned red, and shook his head. Of course, he had kissed Tooru before, but... that seemed like it didn't count. Yuujirou sure didn't want that to be the only time they ever... Tooru half closed his eyes, and purred, "Do you want to?"

Yes, he did, so much, and not just with any boy, but the boy underneath him, the most beautiful boy he'd ever met, the most beautiful person he'd ever met...

And they were kissing. He was kissing Tooru, so hard, he was really just biting at Tooru's lips, he was so damned needy. And he was on top of Tooru. And he was grinding his hips into Tooru's. And it was all really dangerous, but Tooru's fingers were knotted in his hair, and he was pulling Yuujirou closer.

He wanted to say something. To apologize. To confess his love. To find out what the hell Tooru was thinking. But instead of talking, he slipped his hand into Tooru's shorts. He actually had his hand on Tooru's cock, and Tooru was groaning and arching his back and begging for more, so Yuujirou started to stroke, and Tooru's hands went inside his pants and then his whole body was on fire, and he couldn't believe it, like this was some wet dream, some amazing wet dream, and he was going to wake up moaning Tooru's name, and then Tooru would hear him, and Tooru would know, but he wasn't waking up, and he was moaning Tooru's name, and he was going to come, and they were going to make a huge mess of Tooru's bed, and he didn't care much, not at all, because all he wanted in the world was to see Tooru's face as he came, hear Tooru's voice as his body went taut and he spilled his semen on Yuujirou's hand, and Yuujirou would lick it up, he knew he would, because he was already regretting not using his mouth to bring Tooru off, and he wanted to feel what it was like to be inside of Tooru, and to have Tooru inside of him, but he couldn't even think about that right now, because he was so close, and put his teeth on Tooru's neck, and he squeezed Tooru's cock, and Tooru moaned, and dug his fingers into Yuujirou's shoulders, and he came, and fuck, he was gorgeous, so beautiful, so unbearably beautiful... He gasped, and he bit Tooru's bottom lip.

And it wasn't a dream. They blinked, and smiled at each other nervously. And when Yuujirou licked his fingers clear, Tooru's mouth made a little 'o,' and it was so cute, Yuujirou had to kiss him again.

They were still a bit buzzed, and Tooru's bed and their clothes were a mess, and they had to get rid of the bottle unobtrusively tomorrow, and they had to clean up without making anyone suspicious (and since they were princesses, and the guys in the dorm were always offering to do their laundry, that meant getting up really early to get it all started), and they had to go to school in the morning and sit next to each other in class without making it seem like anything was odd.

But they didn't say anything about that. They shifted around in the messy sheets, and they shucked off their clothes, and they blushed, and they kissed, and someone muttered something like "I love you," and someone else said something like "I know."

And they overslept, of course.

The next afternoon, they were late for Princess duty because they had to report to the student council office. They had been released from detention to do their duty, but they still had face censure from President Arisada (which was much worse, anyway). He questioned them with narrowed eyes and a too knowing smile, but they just bowed their heads and apologized. Falling asleep in class wasn't the worst crime, after all. They had to rush to get into their Princess outfits, then, and Mikoto was practically smoking out the ears, because he had been the only Princess on time for duty.

It was tiring, and they still had the bottle to deal with, and the laundry, which they'd have to do in the morning, but they smiled like queens, all the same.

At least, until Natashou-senpai came tearing down the hallway. "Ahhhhhhhhh, Princess Tooru!! Princess Tooru! Thisisadisaster! What are you dong?! The neck corset doesn't go with this outfit! Ahh, you're ruining the whole effect! My beautiful vision! This was supposed to be an afternoon's daydream! The lace and stockings should have elicited a feeling of youth and vigor! The neck corset is far too risqué! Gahhhhh!"

Tooru quickly ducked within the throng of admirers, risking being cuddled by his fan club rather than have Natashou-senpai rip off the neck corset and reveal everything. Well. One thing, at least, and it would be enough. The other schoolboys didn't disappoint. They quickly formed a wall around Tooru, protecting him from Natashou-senpai, long enough for the other home ec guys to drag him off.

"I think your neck... er, thing... is really pretty, Princess Tooru," one second year boldly said, starting a whole chorus of praise and admiration from everyone.

And someone had his hand dangerously close to Tooru's ass. He was about to turn around and belt whoever it was, but then Yuujirou grabbed his arm, and pulled him out of the fray. "Excuse us, boys. We need to fix Princess Tooru's hair, and then we'll be right back, and since Princess Mikoto has had to do so much alone already, we'll take over and cheer on the rest of the clubs on our own." Yuujirou knew just how to smile to pacify the crowd (though he did take note of the jackass who touched Tooru's ass, and he would give his name to the Princess' most ardent defenders tomorrow), so he was able to pull Tooru away, and even Mikoto didn't object.

Once they were alone in the bathroom, Yuujirou wasn't quite sure what to say. Tooru was still smiling confidently, but then... Tooru was a pretty confident guy, all things considered. He wasn't quite sure what was going on between them, and he wasn't at all used to not being sure.

"That was close," he said, grinning, and he reached up to fuss with Tooru's wig, more just to be touching Tooru than for anything else.

Tooru reached out, and put his hands on Yuujirou's waist. "It's all your fault, you know. All the marks I left on your body were in places that are hidden."

Yuujirou blushed uncontrollably, smiling to cover how foolish and graceless he felt. He reached around and undid the fasteners on the neck corset, and he kissed the mark he had left last night. "I'm sorry."

"You're not," Tooru teased, "not a bit."

"No, I'm not," Yuujirou agreed, and he pulled Tooru into his arm, and kissed him hard.