title: no toys
fandom: Trinity Blood
characters/pairings: Cain/Abel, Lilith, Seth
rating: Teen
warnings: molestation, abuse
summary: Abel and Cain, and their life before.
notes: for keylah, for this request on fic on demand. my knowledge of the boys is solely from the anime, so probably a little deficient, and therefore this is entirely anime continuity.

Abel didn't have any toys. That was what Cain told him. He was sure that Lilith had given him the cloth doll, but Cain said it was his. When he tried to argue the point, that he clearly remembered Lilith giving him the doll, Cain just looked at him sadly, and said, "Don't you want me to have nice things? Abel, you're selfish."

He didn't want to be selfish. He just wanted a toy. Seth had toys. Cain had lots of toys. He just wanted one.

Fat, hot tears started to spill down his cheeks. It was embarrassing for a guy to cry, Cain had told him. But then Cain said it was all right because Abel was really a girl. Since Abel was a girl, Cain continued, someday, Cain would make Abel his wife.

That was scary.

He heard Lilith talking loudly. She sounded upset. Abel inched around the corner... he wanted to protect Lilith, but if something bad was around, he needed to be careful, too.

There wasn't anything bad, though. There was just Cain. He was sitting, cheerfully ripping apart the doll Lilith had made for Abel to give to Cain.

"-take away everything from him? Are you so jealous of anyone else who can be close to him?"

"Jealous?" Cain tipped his head to the side. "Close? Who can be closer to him than me? We're twins."

"Cain, you can't keep taking advantage of him!" Lilith complained.

"Can't I?" he asked, pulling the head off the doll and flicking it away. "I think you're the jealous one. You know that he is mine, so you want to play with him and make him think he can be without me... Trust me, he'll never be without me. And no one will ever come between us." He smiled up at Lilith beatifically.

Abel scurried away, scared. He was confused, because he thought he was Cain's only twin. Who could they have been arguing about? Whoever it was, though...

That person was screwed if Cain was going to keep him forever.

He could never get dressed alone. He couldn't even bathe alone. He could definitely never bathe alone, because every time, every single time, Cain would come in to share the bath. Cain made it sound so generous, too, because Cain would share his bath toys. But Abel knew why, though. As soon as Cain distracted Abel with a toy, he'd reach down into the water and touch Abel's privates.

"You're so cute and small, Abel!" Cain would declare.

Abel's face would turn bright red. He didn't think he was that much smaller than Cain, but he didn't want to look at Cain too much, either. But then Cain would grab his hand and make him touch, anyway.

"Why don't you love me, Abel?" Cain would ask in a plaintive voice.

Then, Abel would have to stroke Cain while Cain kissed him and sometimes, he'd stroke Abel, too. It was so dirty and wrong, and it was probably against the rules and everything. Cain didn't care, though. He would then dry Abel's hair and brush it out, and he'd look at Abel from the mirror, and grin.

"You're naughty, Abel," Cain would whisper, and laugh.

Abel's shoulders would slump, and his throat would tighten. He wanted to say, But you're even worse! He never managed it, though.

He pressed his face to Lilith's stomach. He was crouched before her, clinging to her waist like a child. He felt so stupid and childish, but he could still hear Seth's words, He's even worse than Cain because he goes along with everything Cain does! He knew she had every right to be angry. He thought Lilith would be angry with him, too. Cain had just turned and shrugged, and sighed, taking all the blame while snidely insinuating it was all Abel's fault.

Lilith might hate him!

"Abel. Oh, Abel. It's all right, darling," she cooed.

It wasn't all right, though. Seth could have been hurt, or worse. Just saying it was an accident wasn't good enough, when it was probably just as Cain had planned it.

"You know. You should... probably try to avoid Cain for a while," she said cautiously.

His whole body stilled, and he was afraid to breathe. "What? How... how can I do that?"

"Oh, Abel... you have Seth and I. I know she was mad, but we both love you. Just... don't be alone with him. Stay with us for a while. I don't think it's healthy, the way he fixates on you." She ran her fingers through his hair, her nails scratching his skin gently. It felt so good. Like a real mother...

"He doesn't fixate on me," Abel said, really confused. He felt more relaxed, though. He liked being held by Lilith. "Anyway, I can't help it. He doesn't like it when I do things on my own."

"You don't have to listen to him," she said, sounding exasperated.

Abel bit his lip. She was right, and Seth was probably right. Cain should be punished, anyway. But.

The skin on the back of his neck started to crawl. He turned his head, and saw Cain in the doorway, staring at them with narrowed eyes. His heart started to pound.

"Abel. Come away from there." Cain held out his hand, his expression cool.

Automatically, Abel stood up. Lilith protested, taking his hand, and Cain narrowed his eyes. Abel quickly shrugged Lilith off, and went to Cain. Cain quickly grabbed his hand and dragged him off.

"Lilith..." Abel tried to complain. He didn't even say goodbye.

"We have to wash your hair," Cain said irritably. "It's dirty. That woman had her hands all over it."

"You shouldn't talk about Lilith that way!" he said automatically.

He hadn't been thinking, though. The hand that came crashing across his face should have been expected, but it completely took him by surprise, winding him. He looked up at Cain from behind his hand, which had come up to shield his face too late.

Cain was just glaring at him.

Abel's bottom lip trembled. His face was starting to hurt really badly. He wanted to run back to Lilith to have her take care of it.

Suddenly, Cain started to smile. "Oh, Abel. Look what you've done. You know, if you loved me, none of these things would ever happen. I'd be perfectly happy, if only you loved me. I can't understand why you won't, when I love you so much."

Abel couldn't speak. Cain took his hand and started to lead him away, and he had to dutifully follow behind. He wanted to tell Cain that he didn't believe him for a second, but.

He trailed after Cain, and even squeezed his hand. Even when he knew it was a lie, he couldn't help feeling guilty, couldn't help wanting to make it up to Cain.

He really did love his brother, after all.