title: not all rumors are
fandom: Executive Committee
characters/pairings: Katsuragi, Tokito/Kubota
rating: G/Teen
warnings: in school sex
summary: Katsuragi gets some proof.
notes: for red, for this request on fic on demand.

"That's just a rumor, " the tall girl shook her head of fabulous hair, flipping it over her shoulder. Right into Katsuragi's face. She fumed, but these girls were acting like she wasn't even alive. Since she didn't care if they were alive or dead, she wasn't going to make a scene, but if that pretentious slut flipped her hair into Katsuragi's face one more time, she'd choke the bitch with it. "Everyone has a friend with a story about how they saw them in the janitor's closet or the stairwell or the principal's office. But it's not really true."

"No, no, my friend says she swears it happened!" the shorter girl insisted. Katsuragi snorted dismissively, and the tall bitch shifted her gigantic bag back a bit, right into Kutasuragi's ribs.

This bitch was going down...

"She even took a picture with her cell phone! I saw it! It was kind of blurry so maybe it wasn't really..."

"It wasn't," the tall bitch sniffed disdainfully. "Believe me. I've spent some... serious study time with Kubota. I would know if he was like that."

Katsuragi rolled her eyes. She knew for a fact that 'serious study time' was that bitch's euphemism for 'detention,' and that the most she would have learned about Kubota there was that he was really slow at sudoku.

The train rolled into the stop, and she hiked her bag up, getting ready to finally be rid of these superficial bitches. The tall one flipped her hair back once more while she made her own declaration of departure. Katsuragi fumed... as the girl took her first step to go, Katsuragi hooked her foot around the girl's ankle, causing her to land flat on her ugly face. She then abruptly turned and went out the door behind them.

So, that girl had the same stop as those two? That seemed suspicious...

Still, what was it about Tokito and Kubota that spawned so many rumors?! That bitch was right, everyone had a friend with a cell phone picture of them making out blurrily. Tokito was always hanging off of Kubota, and it was true, Kubota reacted to Tokito... differently... than to anyone else, but...

Sheesh, were they that good-looking? Maybe Katsuragi was immune to it, being around them so much. Being annoyed by them so much. They were strong... so maybe that explained why people were so obsessed with them. She didn't get it.

They were just brats!

After all, she had to come this far out of her way just because Tokito left his notes in the Executive Committee office, after they had spent all afternoon taunting him because he was failing history. Problem was, if he did fail, he'd have to be suspended from the Committee. And then she'd be down some serious muscle! That was out of the question! Kubota promised her they'd study all night! And they left his damned notes!


She rummaged through her bag and found the keys that Kubota had given her. That tall bitch would just die if she knew that Katsuragi had these, huh? Kubota gave them to her out of laziness, really, since he said they never answered the door, so if she needed to see them, she should just come right in anytime. Their building was sort of nicer than she expected, but the rooms were small. She found their apartment, and let herself in, immediately hearing the sounds of roughhousing. The same sorts of sounds they always made at school. They were probably playing video games...

She went in, and found them on the couch. Tokito was already naked, and he was practically ripping Kubota's shirt off. They looked flushed and sweaty, and from the bulge in Kubota's pants, she figured they were only going to get moreso.

She slammed the notebook down on their table, getting their attention, but they just stared at her blankly. Kubota's hands were even still sliding down Tokito's chest... She turned bright red, realizing...

"You get fifteen more minutes, and then you'd better study until dawn, you moronic apes!" She stormed out of there, slamming the door on Tokito's protests that they needed at least twenty minutes...

Halfway home, when she was finally able to stop blushing, and stop picturing what they were doing, and then stop blushing more, she realized that she should have taken their picture before yelling at them!