title: No Stars Falling
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji, Taka, Seigaku
rating: G
warnings: unrequited love
summary: Taka wishes.
notes: none

I wish...

"That's enough!" Tezuka called out. "First years, clear the court. Everyone else, cool down."

"Good practice, everyone!" Oishi added, grinning. Tezuka had already turned his back. Their captain won't cool down with everyone else. Eiji ran up ahead of Fuji, to partner with Oishi. Everyone else had paired off, so Taka smiled at Fuji, but Fuji was looking past him, to where Tezuka and Ryuzaki-sensei were talking.

I wish I...

Taka and Fuji stretched out, while bantering back and forth with the others. Tezuka walked by, his brow furrowed. Fuji watched him as he went, smiling. He smiled differently when it was Tezuka he was looking at; Taka wished he hadn't noticed that. Tezuka sighed, and looked off at where the first years were wrapping up the nets. "If you have time to chatter, you must be done. Don't dawdle."

Eiji complained, and Oishi made some conciliatory sounds, but Taka could only see the way that Fuji's eyes were watching Tezuka.

I wish I could make you see me...

They were walking back to the clubhouse when Fuji remembered that he had forgotten something. Taka half-turned, as if to follow him, but then Momoshiro was right behind him. Fuji didn't go to the courts, or where they had been working out. He went straight for Tezuka.

Taka was fairly sure he knew what Fuji had forgotten.

I wish I could be the person you want to be with...

Taka took his time getting dressed, even though, after a while, it was hard to find a way to stretch it out. Momoshiro and Kaidou got into an argument, and he helped Oishi separate them. That ate up a few minutes.

Tezuka and Fuji entered the clubhouse together, after all the freshmen had already scuttled in. Fuji was laughing, and though Tezuka didn't look anything as extreme as amused, his expression wasn't as hard as always.

Taka fussed with his collar and sleeves, and got to watch Fuji undress.

I wish I could make you happy like he does...

Tezuka had to stay behind to write up club notes, and Oishi was waiting for him with some student council matters afterward. Fuji waved goodbye to them somewhat reluctantly, Taka thought.

Fuji walked with Taka back the restaurant, even though it was out of his way. They talked about meaningless things. Taka watched Fuji, but Fuji could have been walking alone for the number of times he glanced at Taka. When they got to the restaurant, Taka asked Fuji to come inside and have some wasabi sushi on the house.

Fuji gave Taka an odd look, and a crooked grin.

"Are you sure? You don't have to, you know. I don't want you to... get in trouble."

Taka blushed, and waved his hands dismissively. "No, no, it's all right! Dad thinks it's good for me to practice."

Fuji shrugged, and followed Taka inside.

I wish I could be good enough for you...

Fuji left with a small wave. His father was already shouting at him to get going with this or that. Taka was watching where Fuji had gone.

"Ow!" he turned, his father's somewhat playful swat had brought him back. "Sorry, dad!"

"Get your head out of the clouds, Taka! There's work to be done!"

"Yes!" Taka got busy, and soon, he forgot about everything in the rush of the business.

I wish that I could follow you... always.