title: Nocturne
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji
rating: G
warnings: kissing
summary: Tezuka has a dream.
notes: inspired by blue, and her inui on out of bounds. dedicated to my darling Bryan. *hugs Bryan*
also, once again, i am choosing to believe that the show takes place while they are in high school, tho it's not overly important.

He remembers feeling light and airy, like he can't quite think clearly, but that he doesn't want to, either. He pressed his lips to the person's under him, and he felt Fuji's lips open, felt his tongue reach out to him. He remembers the feel of Fuji's hand on his back, holding him in place. Fuji had taken his glasses off of his face, grinning at him. His vision wasn't blurred so close. He remembered seeing Fuji's eyes perfectly.

He had pushed his hand up Fuji's shirt. His shirttails had been untucked. Fuji had put his hand in his hair, he remembered feeling Fuji's fingers as he combed his hair. Somewhere, he felt the sluggish sense of potential, that they could be doing more, but every time he touched his lips to Fuji's, he just wanted to kiss Fuji again.

The feeling of Fuji's body against his was still so tangible, he felt like his skin was hot from the contact. His nose brushed against Fuji's nose, and Fuji laughed softly, and curled his fingers into a fist in his hair. He kissed the corner of Fuji's mouth, and he kissed Fuji's chin, and he tasted Fuji deeply, lingering in it, capturing Fuji's tongue in his mouth.

He remembered the sunshine on them. It was his bed, but it didn't look like his bedroom; it was bigger and it was messier, and his sheets were different, too. Fuji put both his arms around his waist, and he touched Fuji's forehead. He could remember the feeling of Fuji's skin quite clearly.

Fuji had nibbled on his ear, licking his neck under there slowly. He remembered the heat perfectly, so it makes his skin crawl. He doesn't remember feeling hot or cold; just happy, so happy.

He told Fuji that he loved him. He didn't think about it before he said it, but once the words were out, he recognized them as the truest thing he had ever said, so he said it again, and again, and again.

He remembers feeling like this will never end, and that it should never end, and that it can never end.

He practically fell onto the bench. He let his head fall back, closing his eyes, letting the sweat pour off of him. The match was one of the longest he had ever played, because his opponent was fighting for his life. He couldn't hold back, though, because he was the Vice Captain, and he had to uphold the vision Captain Yamato had for the team.

"You didn't need to go all out like that," Fuji sighed. He held out a water bottle for Tezuka. "Don't worry, Inui was nowhere near this." Fuji winked. "Your position on the regulars was already secure, you know."

"Aa," Tezuka replied, taking the bottle with a nod. He drank, letting the water pour into his mouth and over his face. "But, to do less, it would be disrespectful."

Fuji sat down next to Tezuka. "And of course, our Vice Captain is never disrespectful. But you make it difficult for the rest of us to live up to your example."

This wasn't true, since Tezuka was still sure that Fuji could beat him, if he really tried. It was a source of annoyance to him that he never got to see Fuji's true strength. Also, Tezuka didn't know anyone on the team who deserved to be a regular who wasn't aiming for Nationals, so the higher the expectations, the better. To respond to that comment would be playing Fuji's game. "I had a dream about you last night."

"Oh?" Fuji sounded genuinely surprised, but he was smiling again quickly. "Was it a good dream?"

Tezuka took a moment to remember. "Aa."

Fuji beamed. "How nice; I'm glad." Sighing, he stood up. "Well, I should warm up. Although, it shouldn't be too hard; you sweat unnecessarily, Tezuka-kun."

With his next win, Fuji would secure his spot on the regulars. Tezuka looked him in the eye. "Just don't get careless; anything can happen out there."

Fuji blinked, and then smiled. He tapped Tezuka on the nose. "Anything... That's true, but that's a hopeful thing, isn't it, Vice Captain? That means that good dreams can come true, too."

Tezuka watched as Fuji left, laughing softly. He knew he was blushing, but it didn't matter so much, since it was Fuji who saw it.

He could lose a point or two to Fuji, because their game would never end, should never end, could never end.