title: no chance
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: Kio/Soubi
rating: G
warnings: illness
summary: Kio gets sick.
notes: for kneazles, for this request on fic on demand.

It was just a cold. It wasn't like he could miss class at such an important time for just a cold. It was embarrassing, of course, sniffling and sneezing in class. And it made it hard to concentrate and see the colors right. But he just thought about the romantic notion of starving French artists painting through consumption.

It didn't really help, but he tried.

The third day of his cold, the girls in class brought him leek soup and tea, and gloves with no fingers, and a scarf. The attention was nice, especially when he was sick. He looked around the room at lunch break...

Well, it wasn't surprising, but Soubi wasn't around. He was still in the classroom, painting. He hadn't noticed when Kio sneezed right on him, after all.

By the fifth day, he was really considering just staying at home, but their still life project was due next week, and he had a lot to do. People in class were starting to avoid him, though. He couldn't blame someone for not wanting to get the plague, but it still hurt.

Soubi, however, was oblivious. This was nice when, during lunch, he let Kio sit near him while he mixed colors in the classroom. It was less good when Soubi got up to answer a call from that Seimei right while Kio was describing his difficulty in getting a doctor's appointment. That was just Soubi, though. As was the fact that he never came back.

Kio wondered about that damned Seimei a lot...

After a week, he really didn't want to come in, but his project wasn't done, and he had to finish. And it was really hard with the spots before his eyes. And when he passed out during lunch. He had never been to the nurse's office during school, ever, in his life, but he woke up on a flat bed, looking up at the swimming image of a fluorescent light.

His stomach was rumbling.

"Are you awake?"

He blinked, and turned his head to the side. Soubi was sitting there... the afternoon sun was granting him a warm halo all around his body, and Kio's heartbeat staggered. Soubi was too beautiful to be human... "I think I'm falling in love with you," Kio replied honestly.

Wait. What? Did he just...

Soubi smiled blankly at him. "Maybe you're still dreaming. Let me get you some water." He got up, all long legs and flowing hair. Really, was he human? It was unfair. Soubi came back, and sat down on the cot, propping Kio up against him. Kio blushed, but he felt like he couldn't control his limbs. He was just a ragdoll in Soubi's arms. "Fool," Soubi affectionately whispered into his ear. "Why have you been coming to class sick?"

"You noticed?" Kio mumbled. Soubi was giving him water, and Kio touched his fingers, holding the little cup steadily as he sipped.

Soubi chuckled, his whole chest shaking. "Kio... it's all right if you take a few days off. I already talked to the professor. You've got an extension."

Kio blushed again, right down to his damned toes. "You did that for me?" he squeaked. Squeaked. Damn it.

Soubi's cool fingers brushed over his cheek. "I'll take you home, all right?"

Kio grabbed Soubi's hand. "Why? Why are you being nice to me?"

Blinking, Soubi tilted his head to the side. "You said we were friends."

"Eh? What? Oh... yeah..." That was during orientation. He got seated next to Soubi, and he said something like they'd be good friends during the next few years.

"Hamazaki said friends take care of each other," Soubi replied matter-of-factly. Like... it was some rule or order or something. Kio couldn't speak. "I got your bag. Do you need anything else?"

"You?" Kio dumbly replied.

Soubi just smiled, though. He stood up, and knelt down a bit. "Get on my back. I'll carry you."

"You can't," Kio protested, but Soubi was already pulling him onto his back. "You're all skinny and shit. I'm a man!"

"I'm stronger than I look," Soubi said quietly. And truthfully, he had no problem picking Kio up. Kio was holding onto Soubi, and Soubi was carrying him, and both of their bags. Soubi's arms were hooked under Kio's legs, and Kio's face was in Soubi's hair, pressed to Soubi's neck.

Kio's body felt hot all over.

"You'll have to direct me," Soubi stated plainly.

"No problem, Sou-chan," Kio mumbled. Soubi made a confused sound, and Kio closed his eyes, and chuckled.

If only he didn't feel so sick...