title: New Pet
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Duo/Heero, Wu Fei, Trowa
rating: G
warnings: demony cuteness
summary: Heero decides to relent...
notes: and heero thought pookie was bad... for my darlingest of darling kitties, sami of the beautiful art and even more sparkling personality!!!! *snugs!!!* ^_^ style used as a homage to her saminess. ^_~

Duo was actually bouncing along beside Heero more than he was walking. Heero smiled indulgently at him, but then Duo took Heero's hand and started to nibble on his fingers. Heero repressed the desire to wince, because Demon Lords did not wince at the nips of vampires, although... he wasn't sure why not, because vampires had sharp teeth. At least Duo did. No other vampire would live after taking nips.

"You're really going to get me one?" Duo asked excitedly.

Heero nodded, and patted Duo on the head gently, causing Duo to beam. "I am. I said that I would. I'm not opposed to pets, anyway."

Duo skipped for a few steps. "I've always wanted one!" he confessed. "They're cute! Those big fuzzy tails. They way they snarl and snap their jaws. The way they whimper when you smack their noses because they've been bad..." Duo trailed off dreamily.

Heero kept smiling, but he was honestly a little concerned... that didn't sound normal, did it? But it certainly didn't matter. As long as Duo was happy... and cleaned up after it...

They got to the pound, and a leather-bound guard greeted them, although he yelped when he saw Heero, and his voice took on an annoying squeak. Demon Lords didn't often ascend to the mortal realm, but then, few of them were involved with cute vampires, so.

Their loss.

The guard took them to the veterinarian and keeper of the keys, a fussy man dressed in all white Chinese garb, his long hair pulled back tightly enough to suffice for a do-it-yourself face lift. He peered up at them from behind his glasses as the guard announced them, but he didn't stop scribbling in his scrolls for a few minutes. In a clipped and slightly disapproving tone, he informed them that he would be with them in just a moment.

Heero would have been more annoyed, but Duo was still bouncing and clinging to him, and taking occasional nips, so his mood could only flag so far. Finally, the man stood up, and adjusted his glasses. "My name is Chang. Please follow me, and I'll show you the specimens we currently have available for adoption. I trust you are fully aware of the requirements one of our beasts will make of your time and resources?" His tone clearly suggested that he was sure that they were not aware at all, and Heero was ready with an equally snarky, though terser, reply, but Duo piped in.

"We most certainly are, thank you! Do you have any brown ones? Brown ones are the cutest!"

Chang was clearly not as impressed with Duo's cuteness as Heero was, and this made Heero seriously question Chang's organic nature, as anything living tended to love Duo, even while he was draining them of their blood. It was an odd sort of charm.

With a roll of his eyes, though, Chang took them into the building deeper, into the area with the cages. The place certainly smelled of kept animals, although, despite the cavernous appearance of the building, the beasts were kept in a brightly lit area, their massive cages of gleaming stainless steel displaying not a single stain or flaw.

They first looked at a small one with a foxish tail, and rather pointed ears, and then a round one, with a stripe down his back. There was a reddish one with a white splotch on her tummy, and an older one, with long, silky fur. Some came when Duo whistled and smelled his hand, and some barked, and one started to beg nearly immediately, tucking his tail down low and rubbing his maw against Duo's outstretched hand. Though Duo definitely was enjoying meeting all of them, it was clear to Heero that none of them were quite right.

Then, they came to the last cage.

The beast inside was tall, taller than Heero. His body was long and lean and well formed, like a dancer or an acrobat. One of his eyes was obscured by his mane, but his other eye was brilliant green.

Heero had a bad feeling...

The beast was licking his paws, and when Duo whistled, he looked up disdainfully, and turned his back. His fur ran down his spine, a silky line of brown that matched his mane, and merged in with his tail, which was fluffy with a white tip. He was giving his paws a great deal of attention, meticulously making them perfect.

Heero was about to ask about whatever else they had, but Duo jumped in before he could. "He's gorgeous... he doesn't look like any werewolf I've ever met."

That was definitely true, and more obviously so as the hair on the beast's spine and tail puffed out indignation at the word werewolf. Chang adjusted the collar of his jacket. "Well... yes, this specimen is a bit special."

The beast's pointy ears flattened, and he gave Chang a dirty look. Duo bounced on the pads of his feet. "He's so refined-looking. What's his name?"

"Trowa," Chang replied shortly. He gave Trowa a look, and Trowa exposed one fang, and then went back to tending his paws.

"He's not really a werewolf at all, is he?" Heero grumbled, narrowing his eyes.

"Er, no, not specifically," Chang conceded. "He's more of a, well, the nomenclature isn't exact, but I'd say... a catperson."

"Catperson?" Heero echoed, taking a step back. Demon Lord or not, a cat the size of a person couldn't be any good for anyone...

"Kitty!" Duo beamed, and stuck his arm into the cage, which Trowa completely ignored. He continued with his grooming, flicking his tail back and forth slowly as he lifted his leg to lick clean... there... while they watched.

Chang sighed. "They share many of the same characteristics as the werewolves. Obviously, though, they're just more..."

"Cattish?" Heero interjected, growling a bit.

Chang nodded sheepishly at him.

"I want the kitty!" Duo declared, much to Heero's unsurprised dismay.

"Well, while they are essentially the same as werewolves, I should inform you that the care is a little bit difference, and can, for some people, be very challenging," Chang cautioned.

"Duo... think of the upholstery..." Heero begged.

"I'll take great care of him, promise! Please, please, can I have the kitty?" Duo implored, turning to face Heero, his hands clasped together, his face glowing...

The damned cat, seeing Duo's back, became interested, and started to stalk, his eyes fixed on where Heero presumed Duo's braid ended.

"Duo..." Heero started, but he didn't get very far.

"Please!" Duo begged. "I'll be so good! Promise!" He moved closer to Heero, undoubtedly so Heero could better see his cute, pleading expression.

Heero sighed.

Trowa crouched down, his tail swishing dangerously, his eyes on Duo's prize.

Heero shut his eyes tightly. The things he did for love... the other Demon Lords would laugh him out of Hell forever! He'd have Duo, sure, but also this cat...

He would have to ask Chang how long catpeople lived while he made the arrangements. And hope for the best for the upholstery.