title: never in dreams
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji
rating: Teen
warnings: mentions of sex
summary: Fuji's dreams don't come true
notes: yay for evil summary... for the darling evaporate, for her birthday. *snugs!* as always, the boys are in high school during the series... *clings to my illusions*

Fuji Syuusuke was a champion daydreamer. It wasn't that he was flighty or that he had his head in the clouds. He would sit in class, and he would always be able to answer any questions asked, but he didn't need to pay attention to do so. He was careful with all of his assignments and tests to score just well enough to be at the top of his class without being moved up a class.

It just suited him better. He was doing well at the pace he had chosen for himself.

It left a great deal of time in the day, however, with nothing much to occupy his thoughts save the various trails his imagination would follow. When he was in middle school, he used to think about normal things for a boy his age; the girl two seats ahead of him, his teacher's head falling off, the game he was playing at home, the sounds of the crowd's applause as he won Wimbledon, the shows he was watching, being carried off by spirits, outsmarting a kitsune, and the like.

It didn't take long in high school for his daydreams to start focusing on one thing. Or rather, one person.

At first, he wasn't quite sure why he had become so fixated on Tezuka. The other boy was so serious all the time. It wasn't cute at all. Though... he could be cute, when he was flustered, so Fuji tried his best to fluster him all the time. But even still...

Maybe it was because Tezuka seemed just a little bit out of reach.

Because it was impossible to imagine just... licking the back of Tezuka's neck, or tickling him under his ear, or just taking his glasses and kissing him. Not that he had ever done those things with anyone else, either, but it seemed more interesting if it was Tezuka. Still, Tezuka was always aloof, and he was always looking forward, and always thinking of tennis. Of Nationals, and of winning.

Really, he was boring, wasn't he?

But in Fuji's daydreams, Tezuka could turn all that passion for tennis toward him, and Fuji could feel that passion between his legs. As pleasant as those dreams were, they were really best left at home, for the bath, or right before bed, or when he first woke up. It could be embarrassing if he daydreamed like that in class.

So, he started to fantasize about growing up with, and living with, Tezuka.

He dreamed sappy dreams of them going to college together, sitting on Seigaku's roof to select a college. Ridiculous fantasies where Tezuka would want to room with him, and after a few awkward months, he would confess to Fuji. They would take turns cooking, and they would laugh together about Fuji's minimal, and sometimes poisonous, abilities in the kitchen. Tezuka would learn to make Cajun and Hispanic dishes for him, and he would feed him with chopsticks, and then lean in and kiss his lips. Of course, he'd blush and look away afterward, but that would be when Tezuka would be the cutest.

He dreamed of Tezuka becoming a doctor, and working long hours. When he got off a double shift, he'd come home and collapse on the futon. Fuji would be working freelance as a photographer, and he'd always be available to give Tezuka long, sensual massages until Tezuka fell asleep. He'd take pictures of Tezuka's sleeping face, but he wouldn't show them to anyone, except maybe his sister. If she brought him cake. And they would sit and have tea in the afternoon and admire Tezuka's beauty. But he would never, ever show her the pictures of Tezuka naked. Those were completely private.

He dreamed of fighting with Tezuka, long, heated battles where he would throw things at the wall. He would run out of the house, and Tezuka would stay behind and wait for him. He would cheat on Tezuka, getting as sweaty and as dirty as he could, rubbing himself against the men he fucked, so he would smell like them. He'd come home, holding his head up, and making a big show of not paying attention to Tezuka's agony. He'd make Tezuka beg for forgiveness, and when Tezuka was crying, he'd cry, too, maybe, and apologize, maybe.

He dreamed of sleeping with Tezuka in the afternoon. Tezuka was probably retired from the pro tennis world. He was married, but he was bored with his life. He would come over to Fuji's studio, and they'd make love on Fuji's wide bed. Afterward, Tezuka would be tender and affectionate, but he'd always get up to leave. Fuji would smile and tease Tezuka about his wife, covering up how much he wished Tezuka would stay. When Tezuka kissed him, it was always a potential last kiss, so Fuji would hold onto his hair, which had grown out a bit, and was truly wild, and he would give Tezuka the best kiss he could.

He dreamed of growing old with Tezuka in a house on the beach. Sometimes, Yumiko would bring her kids to stay for a week or more, and sometimes, Yuuta would come with his wife and kids, and it was always fun. Fuji's nieces and nephews would grow older, and they'd have kids of their own. Eventually, one or the other of them would get sick, but it wouldn't matter which. The deathbed of one would be the death knell of the other. He would hold Tezuka's hand, right up to the end, and smile for him.

He'd so extensively and thoroughly dreamed out what he thought was every possible permutation of their romantic involvement, he felt even less inclined to act on his feelings. The thing was, Tezuka had to be straight. No one that uptight could possibly even be questioning, so that left Fuji with being Tezuka's lover on the side at best, and that didn't appeal to him much.

He never daydreamed about Tezuka pulling him aside after practice, and taking him behind the clubhouse. He could never have daydreamed about how stormy Tezuka's eyes could be, because he had never known, until the moment that Tezuka pushed him against the brick wall, and demanded to know about the girl who had confessed to Fuji. Fuji was completely confused. This wasn't one of his permutations. His body was hot, and not from the practice. Tezuka pushed closer, and dug his fingers into Fuji's arms. Fuji grinned, because that's what he did, and he tried to laugh it off. No Tezuka from his dream nor the Tezuka he thought he knew would growl like that, and press his lips to Fuji's. Fuji's heart pounded uncomfortably, because it was nothing like his dreams. His knees didn't get watery in his dreams, and he didn't grab onto Tezuka's shirt to hold himself up. Breathless and panting afterward, he was left speechless when Tezuka begged him not to go out with anyone else.

This was a new Tezuka.

Fuji liked him better than any other Tezuka.

He laughed, and called Tezuka a fool, and told him, "Ask me out properly, then, and I won't."

Tezuka looked him in the eye, completely serious, and said, "Please, be with me."

Fuji felt the air being sucked out of his chest, and he had to grab Tezuka's collar to pull him down for another one of those amazing, brutal kisses.

He wasn't quite certain about where he stood with Tezuka and he didn't know what their future would hold, but it didn't matter, he decided the next day in class. He could dream up better dreams, based on what he had learned of Tezuka. And Tezuka could work hard at taking his breath away again. And if they didn't get the happily ever after, at least they'd have the memory of when they could dream that they would.