title: Nessun Dorma
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Quatre/Zechs, Relena, Duo/Trowa
rating: G
warnings: romance
summary: A slice of the course of love for two gentleman soldiers.
notes: for une moineau, for her her request on fic on demand.

It was all because of Relena. It was strange to think that, but it was true. She was the one that decided that, since Heero was gone, she needed to just move on, and really, Quatre Winner would be an ideal mate. He had explained to her that he was gay, but she had spent enough time on the colonies to have formed the opinion that love was love, and that gender was irrelevant.

It was easier to just go alone with her than to try to fight it, so he did. It was, of course, a complete disaster.

At the same time that she was deciding about her future with Quatre, she was also deciding that if she had a brother, he might as well be a part of her life. Therefore, Zechs' plan to live alone amongst the stars was ruined. This is how he happened to be on Earth on the day of Quatre's date with Relena, and how they had managed to run into Zechs.

The date with Relena had been a disaster, but the running into Zechs had been wonderful. Quatre just had never noticed before, what with all the fighting the evil that Zechs was capable of, how really attractive Zechs was. He really was a beautiful man, and once you got past the whole 'evil' thing, he was really very interesting.

He didn't make a second date with Relena, but he traded email addresses with Zechs. They corresponded sporadically for about a year. Zechs was an avid lover of music as well, and Quatre had no one to go to the opera with, so they made a 'date.' Neither of them called it that, but Quatre had butterflies in his stomach for a week before the opening.

Turandot, Nessun Dorma. It was Quatre's favorite, and it ran through his soul like a Gundam on overburn. He never failed to weep at the end. When he turned to face Zechs, he saw tears running down the other man's cheeks.

That was when he fell in love.

They went through the shy phase. They went through a difficult phase as Zechs put away the ghost of Treize. There were times when Quatre felt drunk on the ecstasy of Zechs' presence in his life, the feeling of Zechs surrounding him as they moved together in passion...

They broke up for six months, shortly after Relena was elected UESA President. WEI was under scrutiny for an accident in the belt outside of L5, and Zechs' past was being dredged up in relation to Relena's new role. The stress got to them.

It was a cold, dark six months. Trowa and Duo came to stay with him at one point, and he found himself wallowing in regret. He wanted to be in love again. He wanted Zechs again.

They were proud men, raised to believe in themselves, and to never look back. They couldn't repair the things that they had done to each other. They had to start over.

Quatre stood back, his arms up in the air, as Relena fussed over each and every detail of his tux. He was patient. It was, after all, because of her.

The Universal Marriage Act would never have been passed without Relena's relentless pursuit of it. Same-sex marriages had been recognized in the colonies for decades, but were not technically legal until the Act passed. Relena had been the worst date of his life, but she was going to be a fine sister-in-law.

Duo watched Relena warily, half hiding behind Trowa, just in case she decided to turn her attention to Quatre's groomsmen. "Hey, Q, you sure you're ready for this? Married life isn't exactly a bed of roses." Trowa snorted softly, and Duo smiled, winking. "Well, it does have thorns, true..."

Quatre smiled at his two closest friends. He ignored Relena scowling at him. "I'm sure, Duo."

Trowa folded his arms over his chest. "At least you don't have to worry that Zechs is after your money."

Duo snickered. "Do you need us to go over the birds and the, uh, birds, Q? I mean, since your father's not here to explain it to you..."

"Do you two mind?" Relena huffed.

"Not at all, princess!" Duo grinned, and nudged Trowa. "Maybe we should just get out of your way and..."

"You two aren't going anywhere," Quatre warned. "You're not getting 'distracted' this close to the ceremony."

Trowa sighed softly. "Drat."

Relena stepped back. "Honestly. You two. Can't you behave for just one night."

"I don't like setting unpleasant precedence. Next thing you know, you'll be wanting me to behave every night, and then where would my fun go?" Duo winked at Quatre while Relena was rolling her eyes.

"Not to mention mine," Trowa murmured softly.

There was a soft knock at the door. "Quatre?"

Relena panicked. "Hey! It's bad luck...!"

Zechs sighed, but stayed on his side of the door. "That's for a bride to see the groom. There is no bride, Relena."

Quatre looked at Duo and Trowa, who each immediately took one elbow, and ushered Relena out.

"Don't worry, princess. They don't need luck. Those two are too pig-headed to fall apart for no good reason..." Duo reassured her as they left.

Zechs slipped in, smiling after them. "Are you sure you don't want to elope? Between the two of us, I think we can take Relena..."

"Uh-huh," Quatre smiled. "And once we get past her, we have 39 of my sisters to get past. Face it, we're screwed."

Zechs put his hand in Quatre's hair, cupping his chin in his other hand. "Sunshine. Remind me why I'm putting up with all this... nonsense?"

Quatre grinned, and leaned up on his toes, just reaching to kiss Zechs' bottom lip. "Because when it's done, I'm taking you out to the outermost regions of space to have my wicked way with you for three weeks."

Zechs pulled Quatre into his arms, and kissed him deeply. "It's worth it, you know. Even though it is a pain. It's worth it... because it's you."

Quatre smiled brightly. "I'd chuck it all in for you, if you wanted me to."

Zechs pulled back, and smoothed down his perfect hair. "It's all right. I don't mind. Not for you.

"I'll live in the sunshine, if I can live with you."

Quatre watched him slip away, feeling like he did before they went to the opera together that first time.

Duo readjusted his tie, undoing all of Relena's hard work, as Nessun Dorma played as the prelude music. He looked Quatre right in the eye. "Are you really sure about this, Q? Sometimes... the longer the road behind you, the harder the road ahead of you, you know?"

Quatre smiled. "Sometimes, that's true, no doubt. But sometimes, life gives you a chance to begin again. And that's the best."

Duo grinned. "Yeah. It is. Ok, then, Q... ready to start your life again?"

Quatre grinned ferally. "No time like the present. Let's do it."