title: Name Less
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: Soubi/Kio, vague Ritsuka
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Soubi draws.
notes: for bryan, for his request on fic on demand. ^_~

It was just a bit chilly, but the burn of the cigarette in his lungs was enough to keep him warm. He stretched out over the grass, and he liked the way it felt under his thin t-shirt.

He put the pencil to the paper, and drew what he saw.

The leaves were starting to fall. There was a bird on a branch, squawking. A cute grade-school boy was taking pictures with a tall, mysterious-looking guy.


Soubi sketched the boy, making his ears a bit bigger, his tail a bit more bobbed. He was cute, the way he ran around, and the bandage on his cheek.

Maybe he should intervene? Or maybe the man was the boy's brother? Didn't really seem...

His phone rang, the ringtone Kio had downloaded and programmed. Soubi smiled.


"Sou~ou~ou~chan! Where are you!? My parents will be here in a few hours, and I need you to help me clean!"

Soubi's stomach fell, but he continued to smile anyway. Kio was so... "Sorry. I'm on my way."

"Che. You never do anything. Why do I put up with you?"

"Because I'm fantastic in bed," Soubi stated calmly. Kio's pout was adorable. He didn't want to finish this sketch. The sound of Kio's voice was enough to make him want to be with Kio. Especially when Kio was pouting.

"So you say. Ha. Come home quickly, Sou-chan."

"I'm on my way, my love," Soubi replied, and he stuck his cigarette into the ground, and shoved his sketchbook into his bag. Kio made a cute gurgling noise and hung up.

Soubi wasn't looking forward to meeting Kio's parents. He was an orphan, so he didn't really know what parents were like. And Kio's parents couldn't be too thrilled that he was living with another male art student, but Kio did say they were all right with it. Soubi hadn't really had any friends growing up, or much contact with people at all. He left the orphanage to go to college, and he worked part time to cover his expenses.

Kio was everything to Soubi, so he had to make a good impression on his parents.

He walked past the cute boy being kissed by the older man, and worried about parents and impressions.