title: my favorite possession
fandom: Meine Liebe
characters/pairings: Lui/Naoji, others
rating: Teen
warnings: sex, kissing, playing with food
summary: Naoji falls prey to Ludwig's gravity.
notes: for round 2 in the stages of love challenge, Exploration of a Relationship Through The Five Senses. these all will take place either before, during, or just after the first season, but definitely before the second season, in which Many Things Happen. ^_~


He couldn't breathe at first, because he had thought that the person that stood before him must surely have been the king. Of course, that was a foolish thing to think, because the person that had stood before him was his age, and he knew the king was not so young. But everything about the young noble's appearance confirmed his thoughts. The royal mane of hair, the piercing eyes that showed the world nothing more revealing than boredom, the artfully casual comfort of his uniform...

He got tongue-tied, caught staring when the young noble spoke to him, and he was so entranced by those eyes, and the way they seemed backlit by fire when he looked directly into them, that he didn't even hear everything that had been said to him. He could only mutely agree, because what could the noble possibly say with which someone like him could argue?

Later, Ed said that seeing 'Lui' for the first time was like falling in love, until he spoke. Naoji found the comparison to be rather... uncomfortable, and the conclusion inaccurate.

The king's nephew would not want some foreigner having inappropriate thoughts about him, though Naoji knew not how to stop himself from thinking them.

When classes began, he sat behind Ludwig, and to his left, and he spent the bulk of class, idly writing in lazy katakana as he watched the sunlight dancing through Ludwig's hair.

Afterward, he stared at his notes in the library while everyone else got busy with studying, and he wondered how he would manage to not disgrace his family.



He did not cringe, because he was used to it by now. He had made friends with his fellow Strahl candidates, though... there were some in the school at large who would call out for him using his given name. It was undeniably rude, but it was the custom in this land, and this land was his home now.

Still, there were times when he felt alien in this country, and the familiar way in which the residents spoke to him made him feel even more out of place. He would turn, regardless, and smile at Ed, Camus, or Orpheus. They were his friends, and they were well mannered for the conditions of their world.

He was the one who was strange.

When Ludwig called his name, it didn't sound out of place at all. He had to repress his shiver, had to repress the urge to jump eagerly to reply to Ludwig's voice. When Ludwig said Naoji, it was, in fact, the most natural and perfect thing in the world.

Naoji called him 'Ludwig-sama,' and Ludwig didn't so much object to the honorific, which, naturally, being Ludwig, he comprehended perfectly without needing explanation. However, after some weeks had passed, and they had spent more and more time in each other's company, even to the exclusion of all others, at times, Ludwig leveled Naoji with a sharp, unflinching gaze.

"Naoji. I told you. It is acceptable for you to call me Lui."

Naoji blushed, and nodded, repeating the nickname in response to his Master's voice.


He sat on Lui's bed, shirt discarded because it had been in Lui's way. Lui's strong, supple fingers pressed into his flesh, tracking their way down Naoji's back. Naoji gasped, unable to swallow a moan.

"Sh," Lui whispered into Naoji's ear. "You don't want to wake the monitor, do you?"

Tears welled up in Naoji's eyes. "This... this is wrong..." he halfheartedly complained, but it wasn't as if he was about to stop Lui. In fact, he leaned back into the touch, eager for more.

"Who decides right and wrong in a bedroom, mm?" Lui's hand came around the front, working its way up Naoji's chest. "Does this feel wrong, Naoji?"

"But... it's... we're..." His head swam. Those fingers, Lui's breath against his ear, perhaps he could retain his sanity with just those. Lui's hair, however, tickled his shoulders and arms. He was undone.

"We're doing what is natural, according to our bodies, in the company of only ourselves. No one is injured by these actions. Stop resisting me. Give me everything, Naoji." Lui tugged on the ribbon holding Naoji's hair in place, letting it fall in a cascade over Naoji's back.

Naoji shook, and nodded, unable to speak. Lui had decided what was right based on what he wanted. What they wanted. Naoji relented, knowing that Lui's logic would be eternally inexhaustible; even the most persistent argument would crash uselessly against the rock of Lui's conviction, until only brave traces were left to cling and evaporate in the sun.

Lui was right and wrong, and reason and passion. Naoji let Lui push him down, back flat on the bed, and he concentrated on Lui's hands, on how they felt against his skin, on their solid presence.

He let his tears flow, and Lui wiped them away with his thumb. Lui's mouth was open on his shoulder, his teeth pressing into Naoji's skin.

It was right, because Lui said so.


He opened the tin of tea, and sniffed it, immediately rearing back. Lui looked up from his book, and raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. Naoji rearranged a few things. It was a good thing that he had decided to come prepared. Lui was a person of ritual. Tea in the evening before bed was essential.

It was now Naoji's pleasure to increase Lui's pleasure in the ritual.

He substituted a tea blend he had crafted himself, using Indian and Chinese teas. To these, he added just a hint of dried rosehips and hibiscus, for the perfect twist of delicately balanced aromas. He took the kettle off the fire just before it boiled, and steeped the tea for the perfect length of time, double straining the tea as he poured it out with expert deftness.

He carried Lui's teacup to him, setting it down at his elbow. As he bent down, the scent of Lui's hair, clean, masculine, and alluring, warred with the tea, colluding together to produce a scent that was nothing less than utterly breathtaking.

Lui tossed his hair over his shoulder casually, looking up at Naoji speculatively as he raised his cup to his lips.

"Perfect," he declared.

Naoji smiled slightly, and sat down heavily in the chair opposite Lui. "You must always let me prepare your tea for you." That was a bold statement.

It pleased Lui. "Always," he repeated, and took another sip, the corners of his lips turned up in approval.

Naoji felt his face getting hot, his collar suddenly tightening for no reason. He reached for his own cup, drinking it down halfway in one scalding gulp.

Always. Had he really said that?


"Open your mouth. Wider, Naoji," Lui commanded. Naoji did as he was told, of course. A cracker scraped its way onto his tongue, his mouth full of... whatever Lui wanted it to be full of at that moment. "Chew, Naoji. Slowly. Let the flavor seep into you.

"What you are eating is Europe's greatest delicacy. A paté of foie gras and black truffles." Naoji chewed slowly, really taking the time to enjoy this treat that Lui fed him. The taste was pungent and sharp, but at the same time, it was nearly impossible to describe.

"Truffles are sniffed out by female pigs who become excited by the smell of the fungus," Lui explained, putting his hand on Naoji's thigh as he leaned forward to whisper in Naoji's ear. Lui's hair brushed against Naoji's cheek, a teasing touch that promised seduction. "The smell... the taste of a truffle is best likened to sex. That's why the pigs get so excited. It's a powerful aphrodisiac.

"What do you think?" Lui's hand squeezed Naoji's thigh, slipping deeper between Naoji's legs.

He swallowed hard, trying to look away from Lui, but Lui was too close. "It would be impossible to differentiate between the effects of the truffle, and the effect of the person feeding it to me."

Lui grinned, and moved his hand up closer to Naoji's groin. "Don't bother. You aren't allowed to eat them with anyone but me, anyway."

"Is that so?" Naoji asked, but it wasn't a question. He felt like he was in a dream. Maybe it really was an aphrodisiac. He had no way to know that it wasn't. After all, it wasn't normal for him to press his lips to Lui's.

Lui parted his lips, and then pulled back. He stuck his finger in the pot of paté, and smeared it on Naoji's lips, quickly, hungrily, leaning in to nibble on Naoji's lips.

Their tongues touched sharing a small chuck of the paté, and Naoji looked into Lui's eyes from so close.

"This is... a rare delicacy?" he asked, breathless.

"The rarest," Lui assured, touching Naoji's cheek softly.

"I like it," Naoji whispered, and he kissed Lui again. It no longer mattered, right or wrong.

He was just lucky that he was allowed to taste it.