title: Moments
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Heero/Duo
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Just moments.
notes: for merith, for mother's day. *cuddles* ^_^

Heero had just grabbed him, and pulled him aside, away from where the Sweepers were working, but not far. He kissed Duo roughly, like he didn't really know what he was doing. Duo didn't know what he was doing either. He looked Duo in the eye for a second after it was over, but Duo couldn't read his expression.

Duo watched Heero take off about ten minutes later.

He found it about three months after 'the incident.' It fell out of his fuse box. It was just a scrap of metal, but something had been scratched into it. Duo didn't recognize the marking. He had a hard time looking it up. It was an old language; it meant 'thanks.' Heero could have said it in person. He could have written it on paper. He could have used words that Duo would understand.

Duo chose to believe that he was being thanked for the kiss.

His whole body was aching. He felt sick and his head was spinning. And Heero was leaving. The things he was saying made no sense. Why would Heero use his name as a cover? Duo wasn't exactly a tax-paying citizen, but he was a wanted criminal, too. Maybe it would make more sense if Heero hadn't just kissed him again. Maybe not.

Duo sat there in the hospital bed, and pondered, while biting his lip, reliving the kiss.

He was tired of watching Heero's back, but it wasn't like he would turn away. He didn't care about Relena, but he couldn't say that to Heero. The guys all thought Heero was in love with her. Maybe he was. Duo didn't understand Heero, so he well might be. That didn't explain why Heero kept kissing him, though. This time, too, he had put his hands on Duo's body. Heero was... confusing.

Duo was getting a headache thinking about it.

He had never lain abed in the middle of the day before. There were a lot of things he had never done before today. He didn't really understand how they got here, but it was Heero, and he didn't expect to understand Heero. After that whole Mariemaia thing, Duo never expected to see Heero again at all. When he had shown up at the yard that morning, Duo had just... gone along with it. He felt weird now. His backside felt odd, tingly. His body felt odd. Good, but odd. Heero looked different when he was sleeping, too. He looked... pretty. He no longer cared about understanding it. It was what it was.

Duo pushed Heero's hair out of his face, and smiled.