title: mis/fortune
fandom: D.Gray-man
characters/pairings: Cross/Komui, Lenalee, others
rating: Teen/Mature
warnings: sex
summary: Cross needs to return 'home,' so he might as well entertain himself while there...
notes: a sequel to that we bear. i would say that it's part of an ongoing series, but if i did, i'd jinx it and never finish, so...

He prided himself on being one of the few people who knew all the back passageways and secret doors in headquarters, though he'd let his skin be flayed off before he bragged about it. If people knew that he could get into headquarters, see Hevlaska, and get out without running into anyone, surely he'd run into problems. It was the air itself in the Black Order that bothered him; all those persistent and hard-working scientists, the Finders, even perhaps other exorcists... he was damned near allergic to their sincerity and dedication.

If one needed to stand on the front lines of a bleak and hopeless war, the last thing in the world one needed to be was surrounded by the bleak and hopeless soldiers of that war.

Curiosity, however, was a dangerous thing.

Just by happenstance, Cross overheard a Finder and a scientist talking with Jerry about the 'new Chinese guy.' The Finder thought he was scary, the scientist said he was a hard-worker, but a little scary, and Jerry thought he had a nice body.

Cross thought so, too, and after he snagged a short rack of ribs, he decided to maybe check and see how that body was doing. He'd brought that body in, after all, which had naturally never happened before. He was invested, therefore.

Sneaking around in the science department was tricky, but with Timcampy's help, he quickly verified that the body wasn't in the main library or a lab. It was easier to search the dorms, since it was daytime, and only sleeping exorcists were around.

He was beginning to wonder if it was worth it, even, to find the kid when he could just as easier get the hell out and find himself a nice, curvy whore, but in the lowest archives room, he spotted him. His short hair was curled up in the back, looking a bit alluring. His white jacket was long and lean, and he was wearing a cute white beret. He was also surrounded by books and scrolls, and he was stretching to reach a book from the top shelf.

Cross just wanted to get the hell out, but it was too much fun to tease, especially if he got a good response like the last time. He quietly strode up to stand behind the kid, and grabbed the book for him, pressing him against the shelf. His free hand snaked around the kid's waist, and he put his palm over the kid's belly, his fingers splayed out. "Need some help?" he purred into the kid's ear. His hair smelled clean and spicy, and his skin was soft and inviting...

"Wh-what the hell are you doing?!" the kid sputtered out, trying to turn, but Cross had an advantage in position and leverage. The kid's glasses slipped down his nose. He looked... upset.

Cross licked his lips. "Aren't you happy to see me?"

"I thought you never came back," the kid grumbled, still trying to free himself. "I was counting on you never returning here."

Cross just chuckled, and slipped his hand into the kid's pants. He was wearing a turtleneck under the white coat tucked in, making it a bit tricky. "You're going to break my heart. Don't tell me you became a prude since you joined up. You were so loose and sexy the last time I saw you."

The kid's cheeks turned bright red and he sputtered, turning a bit. "Asshole! Who do you think was responsible for that?"

He tried to turn and push Cross away, but that just gave Cross access to his hands. He grabbed the kid's wrists, and pinned him back, shaking the shelves. "Are you saying that I make you hot? I don't mind that."

"Idiot!" he hissed, looking around nervously. "This is a records room! What would you do if someone came in and saw?"

Cross considered that, and then winked. "I'm a General. I don't think it would affect me." The kid sputtered and turned even brighter red. He looked so cute and sexy. Cross leaned in and kissed the kid hard, forcing him to part his lips. He tasted sharp, a caffeine bite.


Komui pushed him back a bit with his knee, glaring. "I've paid my dues already. Get the hell off of me."

"Paid?" He lifted Komui's hands above his head and transferred them so he was holding both of Komui's wrists in one hand. He touched Komui's bottom lip, caressing it, watching Komui's eye flash behind the rim of his slipping glasses. "But you're not a whore. Right? Don't worry. No one's come down here in generations."

Komui snorted and looked away, momentarily more disgusted by the lack of respect for the archives than for him. "I believe that! It's like no one has taken any time to learn from the past. Half of these scientists don't even know when anti-akuma weapon repair originated or what methods are particularly suited for parasitic types versus..."

He kissed Komui again, because the brat was being too fucking cute. He started to open his pants, too. Komui's skin was as soft and smooth as he remembered, but he wanted to see that dark hair down there again. Kid really was a hard worker, like he said. Cross pushed his hand down into Komui's pants, and the kid moaned into Cross' mouth.

"No one else touches you like I do," Cross whispered confidently against Komui's lips. "Even if you resent me like hell, even if you hate yourself, you love the way this feels. You're good at guarding yourself, and keeping yourself above others and out of reach, but you can't deny that you love this, every second of this, can you?"

Komui narrowed his eyes. "You're good at talking at times when you should be acting. Is that how you defeat akuma? By boring them to tears?"

"You want me to act?" Cross asked challengingly, and he let go of Komui's wrists, pushing his coat off his shoulders at once. He pulled Komui's turtleneck up and over his head, but he didn't pull it down, so it kept Komui's arms bound, at least for the moment. He put his mouth on Komui's throat, biting him and then nibbling the abused skin. His hands moved down to push Komui's pants off, so they slipped down his hips and then to the ground, with his coat. He took a step back, surveying Komui's body with satisfaction, licking his lips.

"Cross!" Komui objected, his furrowed brow just too adorable.

"Are you complaining because you're nude or because I stopped touching you?" Cross chuckled, but before Komui could snap back at him, he leaned in and kissed him.

And he slipped his fingers down Komui's spine, and in between his cheeks, to probe at his entrance. Komui's body arched, and he moaned into Cross' mouth.


"I need something... lotion, oil... to ease the passage..." Because he very much needed to fuck Komui right there against those shelves. He needed it, and so did Komui.

"It's a records room, you jackass," Komui hissed out, his cat-like eyes blaming him, most likely for his lack of preparedness.

Komui needed to have more faith. "Timcampy." The golem did a few spins, and then took off. There was a risk, of course. No one else had a golem like his. But.

He wrapped his hand around Komui's cock, and stroked him lightly, nibbling on his ear. Komui was whimpering and groaning from the attention, sounding too fucking sexy to be a scientist whose primary interest was destroying machines of war made by a devil. If he kept being so damned sexy...

Cross might have to start coming 'home' more often. Couldn't have that.

Komui wriggled out of his turtleneck, finally, and put his hands in Cross' hair, pulling a bit uncomfortably, and yet, it was still alluring. "You... use your golem to get sexual aides?" he asked with disgust.

Cross chuckled, and put his forehead against Komui's. "Are you saying you don't want me to fuck you hard right now?"

Komui's eyes widened, and he opened his mouth, but he didn't say anything, so Cross just kissed him again, sloppily. Timcampy came rolling in, and bounced against Cross' head, interrupting, but when he opened his mouth to reveal some scented oil, Cross could hardly complain.

"Wait..." Komui panted. "We can't... the records... We can't damage them..."

Cross chuckled, and poured some oil onto his fingers. "Sorry. But I can't stop myself now. If you don't want this, you'd better start screaming bloody murder. You've got me all wound up." He pressed a slick finger into Komui's body. "Now it's time for you to unwind me..."

"B-bast...ard..." Komui stuttered, clinging to Cross. His eyes closed and his head tipped back, his lips parted.

Cross poured some oil on his cock, and spread it out, and then he picked Komui up at the base of his ass and he spread Komui's legs out as far as they would go. He lined up his cock, and bit down on Komui's shoulder, causing him to cry out.

There was only so much he could take.

Komui's fingers dug into him, and he couldn't help thinking, through the fog of lust that muddied all of his thoughts, that Komui's fingers were long and slim, and his nails were sharp for a man. He hadn't noticed, looking at them, but he must have beautiful hands. They felt like beautiful hands.

Everything felt beautiful, though. Everything sounded beautiful. He put his forehead against Komui's chest as he bounced Komui on his hips, and he listened to Komui's heart pounding through the liquid sound of his own heart that deafened him. Komui tightened around him, and wrapped his fingers in Cross' hair, and Cross bit one of Komui's nipples, and he dug his blunt fingers, most often used to destroy akuma, into Komui's milky, soft flesh.

Beautiful. So beautiful.

He could get used to...

Komui wrapped his arms around Cross' neck and let out a muffled cry, and he came all over Cross' chest. The shock of his orgasm sent shivers through Komui's body, and into Cross' body, and he couldn't hold back anymore because he no longer wanted to, no longer needed to, because what he needed was to be washed in Komui's pleasure.

He had to let Komui back down, but his limbs were rubbery and hard to control. They fumbled with each other, grunting as they both regained their feet. Cross looked down, and saw a small trickle of white leaking down Komui's thighs.

He grinned. "You're right. A records room isn't the best place to be doing something so messy."

Komui just glared at him.

He laughed, and it felt good to laugh, so he helped Komui clean up, even kneeling down to lick Komui's thigh clean. Komui was embarrassed after that, and he couldn't look Cross in the eye. He wiped Cross' chest clean with his hand, but he was too nervous to lick it clean, so he searched around for a tissue or a handkerchief, but ended up using a blank sheet of paper to wipe it off.

He turned his back to Cross to straighten out his clothes, clearing his throat. Cross flicked a lock of Komui's hair, and then leaned in to kiss the back of his neck. "I like your hair this short."

Komui snorted wearily. "You should. You cut it, you bastard."

"You haven't grown it back out again," Cross pointed out, amused.

Komui fidgeted a bit, silent, and then he started to pick up piles of books and notebooks that he'd pulled off the shelves before Cross interrupted him.

And he piled them into Cross' arms.

"What's this?" Cross asked, good-naturedly. "I don't think I needed these."

"You're going to carry them up to my desk for me. To make up for the inconvenience of your visit," he finished with unnecessary vehemence.

Cross chuckled. "You weren't that inconvenienced a moment ago. Stop being such a prude!"

Komui spun on his heel and gave Cross a dirty look. "You stop being such a pervert. You're a big, strong General. Suck it up and carry a few things to help me."

A few things, well, but he kept piling books on until they reached Cross' chin. He would have liked to have just dumped the books, but it was true that Komui probably couldn't have carried them all himself. Still, Cross was fairly sure Komui had some plan for that.

Komui started to walk toward the door, and turned to look at Cross over his shoulder. "Well? Come on."

"I could just leave these here and disappear before anyone saw me," Cross suggested cheerfully.

"I could call the Flower Kiss tavern and let Madame Charity know that the next time you come in, no matter what you say, you'd really prefer the company of one of her young men," Komui replied quickly, with equal cheer.

Cross' shoulders slumped. He started to trail after Komui, grumbling, "You really are the devil."

"Don't be silly," Komui grinned. Timcampy traitorously flew ahead, zipping around Komui in what, for a golem, appeared to be an adoring fashion. "I don't work for you. I work for the Order."

"Which makes me your superior," Cross reminded him sharply. "Which means you really shouldn't be ordering me to..."

"If you're my superior," Komui said dubiously, "then I think I'm duty bound to report your behavior. That's surely no way for a General to treat his subordinates, is it?"

"You're really too smart for your own good," Cross complained. "Has anyone ever told you that? No one likes a smarty pants."

"Having you consider me too smart is hardly a compliment," Komui sighed, bothered.

He turned the corner, and Cross stopped dead. He could hear them. Voices. The Head Supervisor. And another General. Crap. If he didn't get out of sight...

"But I'm sure it was Cross' golem! It's not like it's easy to mistake..."

Cross turned around. Artful retreat, that was the plan. He would ditch the books, and find the closest exit...

"Where the hell are you going?" Komui testily called out. Damned loudly, too. "Ge~ner~al, my desk is this way. You can't possibly be lost already. You really don't spend enough time at home."

"That's Cross!" the Head Supervisor cried out. Cross closed his eyes. The damnedest luck. Though.

Pretty good fuck in the records room, so.

"Cross! I can't believe my eyes. Are you. Are you working?" Cloud Nine covered her mouth, looking too damned amused for Cross' liking. That wasn't the impression he wanted a woman to have of him.

However, before he could open his mouth, Komui interjected sarcastically, "I'm not really sure how you can call this work. He's going the wrong way. Probably trying to hide."

"Oy," Cross complained genially. "I'm carrying the damned books for you, right?"

"You're... for..." The Head Supervisor looked from Cross to Komui. "My boy, how did you get the man to carry books for you?"

Komui's eyes widened, and he blushed. Cross had to grin. Clearly, it had just occurred to the kid what he was saying. He stepped up closer to him, and winked. "I did bring him in. I had to check and make sure he wasn't making a fool of me. But the kid is so hardworking, he's even got me lugging these things around."

Komui's face turned red. "What? That's not..."

"Ah, I see, I see," the Head Supervisor nodded. "I should have known. Since his presence here is because of the General, after all..."

"Because of... him!?" Komui sputtered. "That's not...!"

"He must really be something, though, so motivate that lazy General," Cloud Nine said to the Head Supervisor. Cross tried to object, but she went on. "If he's that impressive, you'll have to keep an eye on that kid."

"Because of..." Komui echoed, looking perturbed.

Cross kicked Komui lightly on the shin. "I can't say I'm displeased with the way he's turned out. He's... a real performer."

There was a small chorus of 'oohs' from their audience, but Komui was just starting to look really ticked off. He opened his mouth to speak, but then a small figure in black came wheeling around the corner.

"Niiiiiii-chan! Where have you been? I've been looking for you!" she said, clearly blaming her brother for not being around when she wanted him. She jumped up, and Komui opened his arms and spun her around.


She had long, black pigtails, just like her brother's hair, but longer than Komui's hair, even when he had first come to Cross. He smiled adoringly at her, and it was obvious that he was no longer paying any attention to anyone else around. "Lenalee-chan, you're so full of energy today! Did you finish all of your practices already?" He set her down, and patted her on the head.

She put her hands behind her back and looked embarrassed. "Welllllll. I nearly finished, and then I got hungry, and Jerry said he'd make us both a special dessert, so you gotta come with me, right?" She beamed up at him.

Really, it was all too cute. Cross dumped the books, and slapped on his biggest grin. She was a cute girl, after all, even if she was too young still, and he was always popular with the cute girls. "You must be Lenalee-chan," Cross smoothly purred. He reached out to pat her head...

A vice-like grip caught his wrist just in time. The kid was good. He had a nice grip. And a murderous glint in his eyes. Cross grinned, and opened his mouth to speak, but...

"If you so much as touch a hair on my precious little sister's head, you perverted old freak, I will cut off your balls and feed them to you," he said in a dark, threatening voice.

"Oy," Cross cheerfully complained, trying to pull his hand away, but unfortunately, Komui just twisted his grip to grind the bones of his wrist together. It actually hurt... "She's much too young for me to..."

"Give me an excuse, General. Because I would love to show you my skills." He twisted Cross wrist more, and Cross staggered to his knees. Actually, that hurt a good deal...

There was murmuring from the peanut gallery, but the cute little girl was the only one to step forward. "Nii~san. I told you already! Jerry is making us a special dessert! Come on!"

He let go of Cross' wrist immediately, and smiled brightly at his sister. "Yes, yes, go on ahead and I'll be right there. I just need to take some things back to my desk."

"O~kay!" Lenalee brightly and hopped off.

Cloud Nine and then Head Supervisor had their heads together. "To his knees!" Nine said, looking gleefully at Komui.

The Head Supervisor nodded compulsively. "It may be possible for me to retire someday after all."

Komui just rolled his eyes. "Come on. I have better things to do. And so do you, I'd imagine, General, seeing as it's been so long since you've been home." Komui leaned down and hefted up the mighty stack of books, and started off, grumbling, "Because of him, they notice me..."

Cross just shook his head. Now, he was going to have to report and maybe even endure a mission. Next time, he'd skip the trip to the records room.

Most likely.