title: Memorable
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Tim/Connor
rating: Teen
warnings: first time
summary: Some things take practice...
notes: for mizzmarvel, for her request on fic on demand. squee.

There were days when Tim Drake would have sworn on a giant stack of every holy book known to man that he was, in fact, a meta. He was even willing, at time, to give Bruce a blood sample and have it tested. One never knew. But it just didn't seem statistically possible that anyone could be quite as unlucky as he was. It just wasn't possible.

This night was supposed to be special. It was supposed to be memorable, in the sense of making his insides squishy years later when he looked back. It was not supposed to be memorable, in the sense of sending a cold chill down his spine every time he thought of it.

The fact that it was Connor only made it a million times worse. Connor was quiet, serious, intense, and most of all, not clumsy. Connor wasn't quite as graceful as Dick, but he did have a natural sense of balance and a body awareness that prevented such things as, oh, say, tripping while trying to unhook his soon-to-be lover's quill, then grabbing a hold of the only thing he could, which just happened to be an arrow, that then slashed all the way down aforementioned soon-to-be lover's side, ripping his costume open and giving him a fairly deep cut. Nope, definitely not the sort of thing Connor would do.

But Connor had a good sense of humor, underneath his serious demeanor, and after some quick first aide was applied, he was willing to keep trying. After all, as he said, Tim had already gotten him naked, and they had all night...

It was Tim's idea to go to the abandoned warehouse. It was the logical place, since they had to be in Gotham, but they clearly couldn't go back to Tim's place. There was even a small apartment that had been set up years ago for surveillance. A small loft with a tiny cot, with a birds eye view of the Gotham skyline. What could be more romantic?

He had felt the cot moving as they got... started. That was normal, though, wasn't it? Hell, the earth was supposed to move. Tim wasn't sure he had the mechanics of earth moving down, but he was ready to learn.

Loft apartment. Tiny cot. These are things that should have clicked in his head, except the head he was using to think really only had one thought, and it was still trying to figure that out...

So the cot tipped over the edge of the loft. This wouldn't be such a big deal, really. If the loft was in a normal apartment. No, this was a loft built into an abandoned warehouse.

Still, if they had just noticed the cot was tipping over the edge, it might still have been fine. But no. They were just getting to the part where the whole tab A into slot B thing was working out. So they didn't notice until the damned cot fell off the damned loft entirely. Connor, not being a miraculously cursed meta, managed to get a grip on the loft before falling.

Tim managed to get a grip on Connor.

They were naked. Erect, if flagging fast. Their cot took exactly 5 seconds before it managed to hit the ground (some instincts just kicked in, no mater what.)

He wanted to believe that it being memorable was good, but it was hard considering their little accident earlier with the lube was possibly going to be incidentally responsible for his death.


He tried to look up at Connor without slipping down any further.

"I think this was going very well, up until the part where we fell. Just so you know."

"Connor..." Tim concentrated on keeping his voice even and at a normal volume. "I'm going to have to try to climb up you without slipping off to my doom. Please don't make me laugh."

Connor's body shivered with humor. "Ok, but don't make me laugh, either. I don't want you falling to your doom before I'm done with you."

Tim shivered, but he controlled that reaction, because he was trained by the Bat, and damn, he really didn't need to be thinking of that right now. Somehow, he did manage to climb up Connor, though Connor taking a quick swipe of his cock as he passed over his face didn't help. And he managed to pull Connor up. And they did mange to finish, although he got several splinters after they slid off the blanket and onto the bare boards of the loft. They even managed to make a date for a second time.

He was going to need to study, and prepare. The second time... god willing... would not be 'memorable.'