title: Make the Man
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: Ritsu-sensei/Soubi, Seimei/Soubi, Ritsuka/Soubi
rating: G
warnings: threat of molestation
summary: Soubi gets dressed.
notes: none

"Here," Sensei tossed a button-down shirt at Soubi. It was large, and it still smelled like Sensei.

Soubi pushed it away, and looked up at Sensei, his ears flattening. "Sensei?"

Sensei frowned at him. "That shirt you are wearing is threadbare. Put that on."

"This is yours," Soubi said quietly, unmoving. He averted his eyes demurely.

"The collar is wearing out. I can't wear it anymore. It's good enough for you. Put it on, hurry. You have work to do, Soubi-kun." Sensei narrowed his eyes and watched Soubi carefully. "You are supposed to follow orders, Soubi-kun. You know this. If you don't follow orders... you are nothing, aren't you?"

"Yes, Sensei," he lowered his head, and pulled off his shirt, his cheeks burning from the way that Sensei was watching him. He pulled Sensei's shirt over his head, nearly gagging from the overwhelming scent of Sensei. He got up to go to his table, but as he passed Sensei, Sensei grabbed his tail. Soubi's body went rigid.

"It would be easier to get you pants if you didn't have this, mm?" Sensei grinned, raising his chin.

Soubi's head went down, so his eyes were completely hidden. "It's my Sacrifice's," he replied quietly and slipped away from Sensei, ignoring his chuckles.

Soubi waited in the dressing room, nervous. He'd never been to a store himself. Seimei said his clothes were disgusting, and they had to shop, but none of the things Soubi picked were suitable, apparently. Everything here was so expensive. Surely, he didn't need anything that nice?

Seimei threw open the curtain to Soubi's dressing room, headless of who might be looking. He sneered at Soubi's shabby briefs. "I don't think you need to wear underwear. And here, try these on."

"Ah?" Soubi looked at the jeans. They were long, flared out at the ankle, and they had a really low waist. "Seimei? Aren't these women's jeans?"

Seimei kicked Soubi's clothes off the ottoman in the dressing room, and plopped down, folding his arms over his chest, and looking Soubi over critically. "The only benefit to having you around is that you aren't bad to look at. You need to show off your body more. Be a little more stylish. I get seen with you, and judged on how you appear, you know."

Soubi looked at the jeans. Seimei was judged by how he appeared. He pulled them on. They were a bit tight in the groin, and so low, they were almost indecent. He really wouldn't be able to wear underwear with these...

"Perfect," Seimei smiled.

Soubi beamed. "Thank you, Master."

"Soubi," Ritsuka clung to Soubi's arm. "This store is weird!"

"Eh?" Soubi stopped searching for his size in baby t's, and looked at Ritsuka. Ritsuka's tail was wrapped around his leg, and his ears were flat.

He was so cute.

But he was also scared. "Is it? Seimei used to take me here all the time."

"Seimei did?" Ritsuka stared at Soubi, disbelieving. "But Soubi! This place is full of..." He bit his lip, and leaned up as far as he could, so he could whisper, "Perverts!"

Soubi looked around, doubtful. This place was perverted? Well, the one guy was looking at Ritsuka a bit oddly. Soubi glared at him, and he shoved his head back into the display of leather chaps.

"Soubi! I don't want to be here anymore!" Ritsuka tugged on his arm.

"But," Soubi let himself be dragged away, frowning at the baby t's. "I still need some new shirts."

"I'll take you to a normal store! Now come on!" Ritsuka pulled Soubi out of the store. As they got further away, Ritsuka started to slow down.

Soubi caught up, and took Ritsuka's hand, smiling as he looked straight ahead, but from the corner of his eye, he could see Ritsuka's blush.

He loved Ritsuka's blush.

Ritsuka took him to a discount department store. Soubi frowned as he looked at all the aisles of clothes, divided roughly into men's, women's, and children's. He looked down at Ritsuka. "What should I buy?"

"Buy what you want," Ritsuka responded huffily, pulling his hand away.

Soubi frowned. "How do I know what I want?"

Ritsuka stared at Soubi. "How did you know what to buy before?"

Soubi shrugged. "Seimei told me. Show off your body. Your main asset is that you are good to look at. No underwear."

Ritsuka's eyes went wide. Soubi quickly reviewed everything he had said, and it was all accurate. "Soubi..." Ritsuka took a step back, and stared at Soubi's waist. "You aren't wearing underwear?"

Soubi looked down at his waist, too. These jeans were really low and tight. Underwear would be really uncomfortable. "No."

Shaking his head quickly, Ritsuka dragged Soubi to the men's section. "You need shirts, right? Here. T-shirts on sale. What color do you need?"

Soubi picked up a t-shirt. "But, Ritsuka, these are all... boxy and soft. Won't they be really loose?"

"You don't like that?" Ritsuka looked up at him.

"Do you?"

"Soubi! Think for yourself!" Ritsuka glared, stomping his foot. His tail was all puffed up.

Too cute... "Maybe I should try one on." He grabbed a small, because it was the shortest. Ritsuka followed him to the dressing room, which was really, really cute, especially when he blushed like crazy when Soubi pulled off his shirt. He slipped the t-shirt on. It was a bit small, but it was stretchy and... comfortable.

Ritsuka was frowning. "That's not the right size. One second..."

He was gone before Soubi could say anything. He came back with a medium and a large. Soubi raised an eyebrow. "Large?"

Ritsuka pouted, and looked away. "Well! You're freakishly tall!"

Smiling, Soubi pulled on the large. It was... loose. It was comfortable, like something to sleep in, maybe. It was long, going down to his hips.

Ritsuka smiled. "That looks good!"

"It does?" Soubi frowned. He looked in the narrow mirror. "Maybe I should try the medium."

The medium was no less comfortable, or loose, but it wasn't quite as baggy. It felt good across his shoulder.

Soubi furrowed his brow. "This is all right?"

"Soubi!" Ritsuka narrowed his eyes. "It's your shirt! How does it feel?"

"It... fits." Soubi stared at himself in the mirror. Funny how even just a t-shirt could make him look different... "It's too long, though, isn't it?"

Ritsuka shrugged, blushing. "That's up to you, isn't it?"

Soubi stared at the mirror. He didn't know. Seimei told him to show off his body. Sensei said he was supposed to follow orders. Ritsuka told him to think for himself. "I like it," he said cautiously, waiting for Ritsuka's response.

Beaming, Ritsuka tugged on Soubi's arm. "Great! Let's get you some more and get going! You promised to buy me some books if I went shopping with you, don't forget."

Feeling a bit light-headed, Soubi slipped off the t-shit, and pulled on his own shirt. "Yes, yes, right behind you."

Ritsuka was too cute. Soubi wanted, every day, more and more, to spend all of his time with Ritsuka.