title: Lust: Keeping Cool
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Fuji/Tezuka, Tezuka's mother, father, and grandfather
rating: G
warnings: heat, Fuji
summary: Fuji wants to find a better way to cool off.
notes: a sidefic to Lust, which is a universe I can't help but want to keep playing in...

The cicadas were loud enough to make him want to scream. Tezuka's mother was in her room, napping. She had outlined many strategies to him for dealing with the heat. Tezuka males were most comfortable in the heat, since they were somewhat cold-blooded. There was no air conditioning, of course, only one fan, and no relief from the oppression of the Tokyo summer.

Sleep as much as you can in the middle of the day, Tezuka's mother had advised kindly. Try not to exert yourself. Drink plenty of water. Keep out of the sunlight.

Fuji did appreciate her advice, but if he was going to live in the Tezuka household, he would find his own ways of doing things.

Tezuka and his father took a break during what would normally be considered the lunch hours. He found Tezuka lounging on the walkway overlooking the rock garden. He smiled up at Fuji as Fuji walked over to him, stumbling a bit as he did. He virtually fell into Tezuka's lap, and ripped open his yukata. He pressed himself against Tezuka's cool body. Tezuka wrapped his arms around Fuji, further protecting him from the heat.

"'Mitsu," Fuji sighed. "I want air conditioning."

Tezuka brushed his fingers through Fuji's hair. "Syuusuke. You do know that's not really possible, right?"

"Why not?" Fuji pouted, looking crossly at Tezuka. "There are plenty of old houses with some air! I don't mean we need to cool the whole place! Just... just one of those window units. Maybe two. One for our bedroom, and one for the salle next to it. We can turn them off at night." He slipped his arms around Tezuka's waist, and pressed his lips to Tezuka's neck. "I'll have you to keep me cool then. Please? It can't cost that much, right, 'Mitsu? And you're rich, right?"

Fuji had to keep from smirking. Tezuka's brow was furrowed. He was clearly considering Fuji's proposal. Because Fuji had put thought into it, Tezuka couldn't just summarily dismiss his idea. But at the same time, tradition was deeply ingrained in the household, and in Tezuka. Since they'd never had air conditioning before, it seemed obvious that they shouldn't ever have it.

Fuji grazed his fingers up Tezuka's chest, and shifted around, letting his yukata slip off his shoulders. He looked lustfully into Tezuka's eyes. "Please? This heat is driving me insane, 'Mitsu."

Tezuka's nostrils flared, and his eyes were shot through with lines of red.

Fuji immediately pressed forward, slipping his tongue into Tezuka's mouth, cutting it on Tezuka's fang before Tezuka could retract. Tezuka sucked on Fuji's tongue for a minute, and then he pushed Fuji away. He sighed, and ran his hand through his messy hair. "It... I'll think about it. Excuse me."

Fuji watched Tezuka wander off, winding his way through the garden, toward the small copse of low trees near the fence. It was somewhat amusing. As large as this house and the grounds were, there was still a fence, and there was only so far they could all get away from each other, but Tezuka was still good about evading Fuji when he wanted to.

Fuji lay back, stretching out on the walkway. He was going to win.

Tezuka's father was busy combing through stock market data. Tezuka's grandfather was sitting in the corner, composing poetry, he said, but Tezuka suspected that he chose to do whatever he was doing in that spot so he could annoy his son. Tezuka was on the laptop, negotiating a few trades.

He found the work boring, and often wondered what purpose their life could have like this, constantly supporting an existence that only served themselves in this quiet way. He didn't understand the pleasure his father took from it, but he thought maybe it was because his father loved his mother more than Tezuka knew.

Thinking that he was working for Fuji's comfort aided greatly in his ability to be satisfied with what he did.

Because of that, though, he could not dismiss Fuji's request, no matter how difficult it seemed to him.

Therefore, when he was done with his assigned transactions, he cleared his throat subtly. "Father. I'd like to make a purchase."

His father raised his eyebrow, but did not look up, or stop writing notes in his notebook. "Oh? This must be a major purchase, since you are asking permission."

Tezuka clicked on the window with the window unit air conditioners, and he turned the laptop so his father could see it. He pressed on. "I would like to purchase two units. This heat is too much for Fuji."

Tezuka's father's pencil stopped. He looked at the screen, and made a face. "Did you think that your mother enjoyed it? We all have hardships to bear."

He turned the laptop back around. "It isn't that expensive. I've earned this much with some of my choices of investments. I think... if it is not difficult for us, there is no reason not to."

"Do you?" his father replied dryly. "It seems you have already made up your mind. And have you thought through carefully how you would acquire and install it? And what it will cost to run?" His tone of voice clearly implied that he thought it would be impossible for Tezuka to have thought it through correctly and still wish to go through with the purchase.

Tezuka lifted his chin. "I have." He wasn't being arrogant. He could order it online, and have it delivered. They weighed about twenty-seven kilograms, and he'd read up on the installation. It wasn't easy, but he was up to the challenge. And, though they would use more electricity than they were currently using, they were energy efficient, and they weren't going to increase their usage to a level that would be difficult to afford.

His father narrowed his eyes. "Do as you will, then. I don't know why you wished to involve me."

It wasn't permission, but it was an acceptance, and that was good enough. Tezuka didn't actually feel the need to get permission, but he did think that it would be better if he father didn't object.

His grandfather chuckled to himself, but Tezuka ignored that. He quickly went to the site and ordered two units before his father decided to become unpleasant.

Fuji sat happily on the porch, watching Tezuka carry in the giant box with the new air conditioning unit. He even got to go out with Tezuka the day before to make sure they had everything they needed to install the unit. Tezuka's father was still in his office, working away as if nothing unusual was happening, but Tezuka's grandfather was helping him.

Fuji offered to help, but he was also fanning himself at the same time, so Tezuka just told him to be patient.

"I don't understand. This is incomprehensible."

Fuji turned and smiled at his mother-in-law. "No, 'Mitsu explained it all to me. It shouldn't take long."

She went to the sliding door to her husband's office, flung it open, and put her hands on her hips. "Why does he get air conditioning? I asked you years ago, and you said it was impossible!"

Tezuka father shifted a bit in position, but otherwise did not let his discomfort be obvious. "Ask your son about that. This is his doing."

"This is completely maddening!" she exclaimed loudly.

"Don't worry, okaasama," Fuji assured her helpfully. "You can use the air conditioned rooms during the day whenever you like."

She rather viciously glared at her husband, and then she stomped off. Tezuka's father bent his head further down, until his nose was almost pressed to the paper he was working on. Fuji calmly fanned himself, closing his eyes, and listening to the distant sounds of Tezuka and his grandfather at work, smiling serenely.

It was three weeks later that the bell at the gate rang again, this time to admit a group from a home theater company, ready to install a new high definition plasma television for the family. Tezuka's grandfather admitted them, though he was a bit befuddled. Fuji, however, was ready to show them right where they needed to set it all up, and instructed them on where to install the small satellite dish.

Tezuka's mother came out of the air conditioning to find out what the noise was, and just stared at horror. Tezuka and his father had opened the door to the office to likewise investigate the source of all the noise. Tezuka's mother wheeled around, and stuck her finger in her son's face.

"This is ridiculous! I can understand that you're young and in love, but you are spoiling him! This money you're spending needs to last you both through to the end of your lives, and you can't always count on having a steady income with our way of life!" Tezuka recoiled from his mother's ire, but he looked completely confused.

"Mother... I didn't order this!" He looked at the room of workers, moving like bees in the hive. His expression seemed to suggest that he was utterly floored as to how they could call this efficient crew of home theater donators off their work.

Behind him, Tezuka's father coughed discreetly, and blushed slightly. "Well. Fuji-kun had a good point; it might increase our family's ability to bond to have such a thing. Plus, we can get international stations. I've always wanted to see an American baseball game," he finished wistfully.

"Kuniharu!" Tezuka's mother exclaimed, exasperated. "Now, you, too? Don't tell me I'm being usurped by a teenaged boy!"

"Don't be silly, Ayana," Tezuka's father admonished. "It was just... a good idea."

Aggravated, she threw her hands up and went back to the air conditioning, muttering to herself about revolutions and little brats who couldn't even cook.

Tezuka came up behind Fuji, and put his hand on Fuji's waist. "Syuusuke," he whispered. "You actually convinced my father to do this?"

Beaming, Fuji rocked back and forth on his feet. "Next, I think I'm going to get a gaming system. Maybe an Xbox. Think I should talk to your grandfather about it?" he teased, looking up at Tezuka mischievously.

Tezuka just shook his head. "I think I'm not afraid of you enough."

"Aw, 'Mitsu," Fuji sympathized, patting Tezuka's cheek. "There's no way you could be."