title: Lust
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Fuji/Tezuka, Tezuka's father, mother, and grandfather, Yuuta, Yumiko, all of Seigaku
rating: T
warnings: sexual situations, kinkiness, bloodplay, AU
summary: Tezuka has a secret that could destroy him... and Fuji.
notes: blaming this on Bryan, who also named this (perfectly), and who kept me going as i wrote it. apologies for any errors regarding Japanese culture or schools; did the best that google and wikipedia would let me. much luhff to xelloss, who provided me with off-the-cuff beta'ing as i posted. thankyou!!

Before their First Year

Tezuka sat in perfect seiza, the pleats of his hakama pants lined up neatly, not a single wrinkle. His back was rigidly straight, and his clothes were perfectly neat, perfectly ordered, perfectly set.

He stared straight ahead at the sliding door to his father's office. He could hear them arguing in there. Sometimes, their voices were as clear as if they were in the room with him. Sometimes, it was just sound. His face betrayed no emotion at all. His hands were folded on his thighs. A statue was no more still or perfectly arranged.

His parents argued on.

He could hear his father now. 'Abomination' and 'disgrace' were particularly clear. He blinked, but did not otherwise move.

He had but to wait.

"Eh, you're here, mm?" His grandfather knocked him on the shoulder. He turned his head to look up. His grandfather smiled, and sat down next to him, stretching his legs out. "Don't worry. Your father... he just wants what's best for you. Your mother, too." He turned to look at the door. A rather loud burst of profanity from his mother burst out of the room. His grandfather chuckled. "They just need to compromise... or fight it out." His grandfather squeezed his shoulder. "It's all right."

He said nothing, because he had nothing to say.

He just had to wait.

His grandfather started to hum, and tap his fingers on the wooden floor. It was irritating, but it was intended to be irritating, so it was easy to ignore. His parents' voices rose and fell a few more times. Things became eerily quiet for a moment, and then there was a steady hum of chatter, but he couldn't tell what was being said, or the tone. There was quiet again, and then the door slid open. His mother stood to the side of the doorway, her head down. His father was sitting at the low table, scowling. He put his palms flat on the floor, and put his forehead to the ground.

His father cleared his throat, and began to speak. "It has been decided that you will be allowed to attend high school."

"Thank you, father," he responded immediately, a cold wash of relief pouring over him.

"Don't thank me," his father huffed. "It's all your mother's doing. There are rules, son. One single slip, even the tiniest of slips, and I'm sending you to the family home on Nyuto-san. Do you understand?"

"Yes, father!" He pressed his nose to the floorboards. His father lived a life guided by control, and had taught his son the same. He would not make a single mistake.

"I do not approve of you going to a large school," his father continued. "Too much temptation. I thought I had been lenient enough when I allowed you to go take tennis lessons. You will go to Seishun Gakuen. That should be more than enough."

He bit the inside of his cheek. He had really wanted to play tennis for a school like Hyotei or Rikkai Dai, but he knew his father would never approve of Rikkai Dai. Seigaku was so small, and they didn't even qualify for the Kantou tournament this year. It was still enough. "Thank you, father."

His father grumbled. "Again, it's not my choice." He picked up his pen and went to work again, writing furiously as he did most days. "Our life is not an easy one, son. You will regret this someday; mark my words. The world you are going to enter... it is not your world, and it can never be. You will be trespassing on someone else's life, and it will make you want things you can't have. I will not be thanked for such a thing. Give your mother your thanks. Just remember. One mistake, and you will live out your days on Nyuto-san."

"Yes, father," Tezuka lifted his head, and looked to his mother. She still had her head bent down, but she was smiling. "Thank you, mother. Excuse me."

He walked up the stairs to his room silently, his head spinning.

For the first time in his life, he was going to need a school uniform. And a backpack. And school supplies.

When he was alone in his room, he allowed himself to smile.

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