title: Lucky
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: implied Tezuka/Fuji, implied Oishi/Eiji, slight Tezuka/Eiji
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Eiji considers Tezuka's merits.
notes: because my aisoku wanted it, and i can't resist bunnies he spawns. ^_~ erm. or something that doesn't sound weird and creepy...

It was a bit earlier than Eiji normally called, especially for a Sunday, but Oishi wasn't about to complain. They went to the park, like they always did, but Eiji walked past the courts, and went to the small playground instead.

It was still early, and it was a beautiful, clear morning, so Oishi had no reason to complain.

There was something odd about the way Eiji was acting, but he wasn't going to play along with whatever game Eiji was playing. He went to the swings and sat down, idly rocking back and forth. Eiji jumped up on the balance beam in front of him, nimbly walking back and forth, his arms swinging back and forth loosely; Eiji wasn't even paying attention to what he was doing.

Oishi liked to watch Eiji move, even when he wasn't doing anything specific. He would have liked to be in the same class as Eiji, so he could watch Eiji fidget in his seat all day. It was always the little things about Eiji that seemed the most appealing to Oishi, like the way he moved his fingers as if he was plucking a guitar string while he was walking along, or the way he would sometimes hop ahead a few feet, and then just do some footwork while the person he was walking with caught up.

Eiji was a thousand ways beautiful.

"Hey, Oishi."

Eiji's voice had the usual trill to it, almost like a whine, but he was being much quieter than normal. "Yes?"

"Are you still in love with Tezuka?"

Oishi stared at Eiji. He was probably sputtering. He didn't know what he was saying, exactly, so he clamped his mouth shut. Eiji wasn't even looking at him, wasn't smiling at all. He scuffed his sneaker into the sand, and sighed. "What makes you ask me that?"

Eiji sighed, and tipped his head back, closing his eyes in the face of the sun. "I kissed him last night."

What Eiji just said... it made no sense. It couldn't.

Smiling, Eiji spun around on the beam. "Fuji wanted to go the movies, and see the new American movie. He wanted me to go with, even though he'd already gotten Tezuka to agree to go. I was there, on time, and Tezuka was already there, but... Fuji didn't show up."

A vendor was pushing his cart along the sidewalk, ready to set up for the day in the park. Oishi thought there was something strange about the tone of Eiji's voice. Naturally, though, everyone lost to Tezuka...

"Fuji called, just before the movie started, to say he couldn't come after all, but Tezuka still wanted to go in, 'cuz we'd already bought the tickets and everything. It was really weird... He bought the candy, and drinks, and he carried everything, and held the door for me. All the time, I was thinking, how bad it was because Fuji wasn't there, and Tezuka was really boring. But..." Eiji spun around on the beam again, but he clearly didn't have as much energy as usual.

Oishi dropped his hands from the chains of the swing, and stared off into space.

"During the movie, there was this really sad moment, and I was bored, so I was gonna say something to Tezuka, but... I turned to look at him, and he was all... really into it, and sort of sad looking. I never noticed before, but he has nice eyes." Eiji was smiling. It was in his voice. "So, I kissed him. I just did it. And he kinda... he didn't want to look at me. But I was thinking. He'd be a really good boyfriend. He's so... thorough. And he's really good-looking, I noticed."

Oishi started to swing himself back and forth, like he was sitting on a rocker.

Eiji jumped off the beam, and flung himself into the swing next to Oishi. "Ah, Fuji is lucky, isn't he?" Eiji poked Oishi until he turned to see him smile.

"Is he?" Oishi sighed, blushing softly. Everything did go well for Fuji...

Eiji poked Oishi in the cheek. "Hee, Oishi, your blush is pretty." He jumped up and grabbed Oishi's hand. "Let's skip practicing and go to the aquarium, ok, Oishi?" He started to trot off, expecting Oishi to catch up.

What choice did he have? He matched Eiji's pace.

Eiji stopped abruptly, laughing when Oishi ran into him. "Hey, Oishi, we're pretty lucky, too, right?"

When Eiji was smiling like that, there was no reason not to be smiling, too. "We are, Eiji. Let's go."

Some days, it was all right not to practice.