title: Lubb Dubb
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Piper/someone
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Piper contemplates a heart beat.
notes: for blinkytreefrog, for her request on fic on demand. the fiftieth request, woot!
thanks to Carmen for providing much-needed question answering. ^_~

He didn't know what quiet was, not when he was a child. He tried to understand, because he wanted to know why his father wanted to fix him, wanted to know what was wrong with him, but he just didn't have the frame of reference.

The first sound he heard was his heartbeat. He didn't know what it was, and it terrified him. He thought perhaps that something was wrong with his head. Perhaps the surgery had gone all wrong, and he was going to die...

For a long time, there was only pain, and the sound of his heartbeat. Eventually, he started to hear, sounds unfolding before him like a flower afraid to reveal the secrets within its petals. It made his parents so happy to have him "normal." Every sound, every thing about sound... They all underscored the same point, over and over again. He was broken, but he was fixed now, so it was ok.

He'd forgotten about the sound of a heartbeat, how it could be terrifying. He'd forgotten that he could be considered broken if he wasn't "normal." This was far, far more terrifying; again, he felt like his life might be over, but this time, he'd have to keep on living. But this time...

He pressed his lips against his lover's chest, feeling the reverberations of those dreadful, wonderful beats in his skin, and he closed his eyes. His body felt weak and numb, and there was a small ache in his ass.

This time, he might well be considered broken forever. It was a risk. It had been a risk when he'd had his surgery, too.

This risk was scarier, perhaps, but he could hardly help taking it.

He may be a deaf man who could hear, but he wouldn't be a gay may who pretended to be straight.