title: Loyalty
fandom: Demon Ororon
characters/pairings: Charles Crodel
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Charles Crodel prepares to retrieve Ororon.
notes: for misura, for this request on fic on demand.

They found him.

He ran the comb through his long hair. He'd been dreading these words, ever since the King went missing. Not that they'd been living in peace, necessarily. But he was a Counselor of Military Operations. Battle was not something he feared.

Loyalty was.

He brushed the lint and dust off of the white fur lining his coat. It was so hard to keep things clean down here, and thus, sparkling cleanliness, harking back to more angelic times and places, was a signal of power, and strength.

He had sworn an oath. He had elected to take this office. He could choose to take the throne, but while politically he could see the advantages, it would be equivalent to painting a target on his back.

He slipped into the coat, and adjusted it, so it was perfect. He picked up his fur hat, and smoothed his hand over it, so that all the fur was neatly arranged. He put it on carefully, making sure his hair was not mussed up.

Keeping track of who was allied with whom, who was making alliances, who was angling for more power, who was a friend, who was an enemy...

There was a knock at the door. "Counselor, we're ready."

"All right." He sighed.

He felt residual loyalty to his King. After all, he would run away if he could, too.