title: Love Less
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji, Eiji/Oishi(ish), Seigaku, Atobe, Hyotei
rating: Teen
warnings: mentions of sex
summary: Tezuka and Fuji go a bit further, and lose something obvious.
notes: a loveless/prince of tennis... fusion? crossover? mneh, whatever, it's tennis catboys!! (ie, tennis boys in the loveless universe... which means they are catboys, yes, but they lose their ears and tails when they have sex. ^_~ that's really you need to know of loveless, tho you should watch it anyway, cuz it's PRETTY. *nodsnodsnods*) also, quite obviously, they are in high school in the series. c'mon. tezuka is 14?! not likely!!! and, ha, more notes... *sweatdrop* i'm 79% sure that they lose their tails as well as their ears in loveless... sure doesn't look like soubi has a tail... *paws soubi* *coughs* but if i'm wrong, well, they lose their tails here. *nodsnods*

Fuji's tail swished back and forth, as restless as he was. He tapped his pen on the edge of the book he wasn't reading, and he watched Tezuka. He was infuriatingly engrossed in his homework, of all things, typing out a paper on his laptop.

Tossing his pen away, Fuji grinned. He could put a stop to this.

Inching forward on the bed until he was just behind Tezuka, he grinned. He knew precisely why Tezuka liked to sit on the floor next to the bed to work, so this was just as much his fault as it was Fuji's.

He ran his finger over the edge of Tezuka's pretty brown cat ears, smirking as they immediately stood straight up.

"Fuji," Tezuka warned sternly.

Fuji leaned forward to rub his cheek against Tezuka's. "Mm? Aren't you done with that paper yet, 'Mitsu?"

Tezuka stiffened. "We can't."

"Can't what?" He played with the pretty cat ears. Tezuka was really so beautiful.

"You know," Tezuka said, and even if he sounded stern, Fuji knew he was just barely clinging to his control.

Fuji wanted to toss Tezuka's control out the window. "Know what? 'Mitsu. I'm bored." He ran his fingernails down Tezuka's back, as hard as he could, stopping to scratch at that perfect place just above Tezuka's tail.

"Ahh," Tezuka moaned softly, but he still took the time to set the laptop aside neatly. He turned, probably to free his tail from under the bed. He caught Fuji's hand in his. "We can't."

"Why not?" Fuji pouted, swishing his tail around cutely.

"Because..." Tezuka exhaled through clenched teeth. "One thing... always leads to another."

Fuji grinned. "Yeah? I love that!"

Tezuka scowled, and tried to shift away. "We... we can't, Syuusuke. It... it will be bad."

Fuji slid off the bed, and put his arms around Tezuka's neck, crawling into his lap. "You know I love it when you call me by my name..."

"F-Fuji!" Tezuka tried to object, but somehow, his arms came around Fuji's waist.

"No!" Fuji glared and pouted at the same time. His tail swished back and forth angrily. "Call me by my name! Please? It's just the two of us... 'Mitsu... We won't... we won't do anything irrevocable..."

Tezuka blushed, and looked away. "Sometimes... I think I want to... Syuusuke..."

Fuji groaned, and attacked Tezuka's neck, pulling his shirt out from his pants and slipping his hand down to rub that place above his tail. "If you say things like that... you can't say we can't... 'Mitsu..."

Tezuka was clawing at Fuji's clothes, too, and somehow, Fuji ended up on his back. He laughed, because this always happened, and it just got better and better... "Syuusuke... we... this... it's too fast..." But even as he said the words, he got Fuji's shirt open, and latched onto Fuji's nipple.

Fuji grabbed Tezuka's cat ears roughly, just the way that Tezuka liked, and he wriggled under Tezuka. "Not fast enough if you ask me, 'Mitsu."

They looked into each other's eyes for a moment. They'd had discussions... so many discussions... about whether oral sex qualified, or if lesbians could lose their ears together. They weren't going to discuss anything now, even though they had decided... so many times... that they wouldn't do anything permanent until after graduation. They would get an apartment together, maybe even go to America together.

They weren't thinking about any decisions now, though. They didn't think anything of it, because every touch, every taste, just naturally led to the next touch, the next sensation. Even when Tezuka went scrounging for lotion, he wasn't thinking of anything except that they needed lotion.

They crawled into bed to fall asleep in each other's arms.

It was nice to be in bed, curled up with the person you adored, and watch him wake up. Tezuka was so... well, it was hard to think of him as 'adorable,' but it was certainly apt. His face was all scrunched up, and his nose wriggled cutely. But when it was time for him to wake up, he just blinked a few times, and then looked at Fuji, and smiled.

Tezuka's smile was the thing Fuji treasured most in the world.

Fuji kissed Tezuka quickly, while he was still shaking off sleep. Tezuka grinned, and rubbed his hand over Fuji's back... and then he saw Fuji's lack of cat ears.

"Fuji!" He bucked back and sat up, clearly panicked.

Fuji sighed softly. He sat up, too, dragging the sheet with him to totally expose Tezuka. He smirked. "What?"

"We..." Tezuka pointed at Fuji's lack of ears, and then his hands flew up to his own head, to feel his own lack of ears. "We lost our ears."

"No, we didn't," Fuji smiled. He pointed at the ground. "They're right there, with our tails. I want to keep yours!" He leaned over to swipe Tezuka's fluffy brown tail up. "Isn't it weird?" He laughed, and ticked Tezuka's nose with the tip of his now separated tail. "It's kinda... morbid. But this is definitely mine."

Tezuka was getting paler and paler by the second. "Fuji! You're missing the point!"

"'Mit~su," Fuji pouted. "We're alone. And you took my tail. Should you really be calling me Fuji?"

Tezuka broke out into a cold sweat. "Everyone... Everyone will know. People talk, S-Syuusuke. Think of what happened to Akino-chan when she showed up without her ears! And... Syuusuke, our parents..."

Fuji pushed his lower lip out a fraction more, and ran his hand over the fur of Tezuka's tail sullenly. "'Mitsu, do you regret being with me?"

Slowly, Tezuka's shoulders slumped, and the tension bled from his body. "No."

Smiling gently, Fuji inched closer to Tezuka. "It's ok, then, right?"

Tezuka bit his lip and looked away. "...Yes."

Fuji kissed Tezuka, and rubbed their noses together. "And I can keep your ears and tail? Will you want mine?"

Tezuka blushed, and looked away. And saw the clock. He jumped up, and started to grab his stuff together. Fuji grinned, and leaned back, pleased that Tezuka did indeed put his ears and tail in his bag.

"Mm, Syuusuke? We... may have a problem." Tezuka held up his pants to look at Syuusuke through the tail hole.

Fuji laughed, covering his mouth with his hand.

Never before had Fuji walked down the halls of Seigaku holding his head up higher, his shoulders thrown back, with that bounce in his step that some feared. He smiled at every person who gasped, and winked at all the people who started to whisper furiously as he passed them by. He was particularly pleased that Eiji was already in his seat when he got to their classroom, because this would be much more fun with an accomplice.

He sat down as loudly as he could and smiled brightly at Eiji, who was stretched out over his desk. Eiji greeted him with a deflated version of the cutest sound he made, and Fuji rested his cheek on his hand.

His best friend was so cute, but not overly observant.

A girl walking in dropped her books, and nearly shrieked, and that got Eiji to lift his head. He turned to ask Fuji what was up, and then he was fully awake, his cat ears flat against the back of his head, and his tail fluffed up to three times its normal size.

"Fuji! Someone stole your ears!!"

He very nearly laughed out loud. "Well, I wouldn't say they were stolen, exactly. More like I gave them away."

"Wah!" Eiji crawled up onto his seat and stared at Fuji. "Butbutbut!"

"Look," Fuji stood up, and turned his back to Eiji, picking up the bottom of his jacket. "I had to sew up my pants this morning. What a nuisance!" He shook his bottom a bit, to emphasize the lack of tail. He was almost missing his tail, but then he remembered that Tezuka had it. He plopped back into his seat. "I'm going to have to buy all new underwear," he sighed, feigning annoyance.

Eiji reached out tentatively, totally unaware that everyone was watching him with rapt attention. He put his hand in Fuji's hair, where the ears used to be. "They're just... gone. There's barely even a scar!"

"I know!" Fuji grinned. "Isn't it neat?"

Eiji didn't look like he thought it was neat, but their teacher was coming in, so he held his tongue, though he was still pouting at Fuji. The bell was just ringing when a girl threw open the door in the back of class, and ran over to a small clutch of other girls. Eiji frowned, and poked Fuji in the side. "Mrow, isn't that Mina-chan, from Class-1? I wonder what's gotten into her?"

Fuji sat up quite straight, and beamed.

The teacher was trying to talk to the girls sternly, but they were too busy whispering. Mina said something rather dramatically, and then Luna-chan gasped, crying out, "No, not Tezuka, too!"

Suddenly all eyes, all, even their teacher's, were on Fuji.

He had never been more proud.

Suzu-chan burst into tears, and ran out of the room, quickly followed by four other girls. Their teacher flopped down into his chair, and tossed his grade book aside, giving up.

If Fuji still had a tail, it would have been standing straight up.

Tezuka stared straight ahead, and glared powerfully, almost daring anyone to try to catch his eye. Today had been more than a little stressful. He had managed to both sneak back into and then out of his house again without running into his parents or grandfather. His mother almost caught him leaving, but he called out something about a class council meeting, and hurried off.

His classmates had been... flustered upon seeing him, and even his teachers seemed nervous. His math teacher, who was always the worst for appearing, well, afraid of him, was positively terrified of him now. Someone in class commented less softly than they had intended to that Tezuka could definitely pass for at least 22 now.

People were such a nuisance.

He avoided everyplace for lunch, and went to Ryuzaki-sensei's office. He had some paperwork that he had to give her, and some other small chores for the tennis club to do. It was better than being gawked at, at least.

He knocked twice on Ryuzaki-sensei's door, and waited for her to bark out a welcome. He strode purposefully to her desk, and got straight to business. It took him a moment to realize that Ryuzaki-sensei wasn't following along with his plan for their next match.

"Tezuka," she cleared her throat, just... staring at him. "What happened to your ears?"

His hand flew up to his ears, as if he was checking to see that they were still there. "They're fine. Now. About the order."

She gulped.

Eiji flopped down on the bench in front of the lockers. "Man, I think Tezuka set a record for issuing laps today! It was crazy! I'm really glad I'm not Momo."

Fuji smirked. "Well, they were being disruptive."

Eiji giggled. "But you had to run laps, too, for being late. You shoulda had Tezuka sew up your track pants whenever he did his."

Sighing, Fuji winked at Eiji. "I didn't think of it. This is a bit of a nuisance."

"You're going to have to buy pants in the adult section now," Eiji declared, making a face. "Ick!"

Fuji shrugged. "Well, happens to everyone eventually, right?"

"No way!" Eiji sat up straight, and his tail swished back and forth with annoyance. "I'm never losing my ears and tail! Nope!!" Eiji pulled his tail forward, and clung to it. "No one's taking them from me. I'm not going without them."

Fuji winked at him. "You might consider it an even trade."

"Absolutely not," Eiji pouted, petting his tail, his ears flat. "These are mine, and no one can have them."

Fuji smiled at Eiji, and turned to Oishi, who was looking absolutely horrified, his ears sticking straight up. He laughed, and finished changing. When they were leaving, Oishi was still rooted to the spot, looking aghast. Fuji patted him on the back, and went out to find Tezuka, but was disappointed to learn that Tezuka had already left for the day.

Punctuality wasn't exactly a strong suit of his, but he wasn't generally tardy, either. Still, being over an hour early for a match was not something that he normally did, but he knew that Tezuka was always the first person at any match, and he wanted some time alone with his captain.

He hadn't talked to Tezuka at all since the other night. In school, Tezuka was always busy, or hidden away somewhere in the class council office, or in Ryuzaki-sensei's office. He'd have tracked Tezuka down in the tennis club office, but he didn't like the way that Ryuzaki-sensei glared at him, like it was all his fault.

They had both lost their ears that night.

Apparently, Hyotei was the type to be early to a match. Or at least, their captain wanted to be early to this one, and he had dragged most of the regulars of his team along with him. A few of them were grumbling, but for the most part, they seemed to blindly follow Atobe. He had the large golem-like boy hold up a mirror so he could check his ears and tail for maximally effective fluffiness. Smirking, Atobe kissed his fingers, and touched the glass.

"I'm absolutely perfect."

One of them, with a cap turned backwards and pushed over his ear, glared at Atobe. "Why, exactly, did we have to get here so early? Crap, Atobe, you act like you are getting ready for a date!"

"But of course, Shishido-kun," Atobe smirked. "Once I have Tezuka as my dance partner on the court, do you think he'll be able to resist me?"

Shishido rolled his eyes, and Fuji's hackles rose. He would have stepped out in front of Hyotei, just to make his presence known, but just then, the one with glasses who had the redhead crawling over him started to laugh.

"Not so sure about that, Cap'n," he smirked, pointing. "That's your Tezuka, right? Looks like he already has a dance partner. ...Unless that's his older brother..."

"Eh?" Atobe glared at his teammates, and then looked off in the direction of Tezuka. Fuji beamed. Tezuka looked about forty times more beautiful without his ears. He was just so... mature, and manly.

Practically bouncing, Fuji ran over to catch up to Tezuka, catching the one with glasses laughing loudly. He caught Tezuka's arm, and smiled.

Tezuka looked around nervously.

Fuji swallowed his nervousness, and barreled right ahead. "Tezuka! Good, I wanted to give you this." He pulled out a bottle from his bag. "It's for preserving tails and ears after they've fallen off. See, you soak them, stump side down, in this solution for a few hours, and it sort of... seals off the edge, and keeps them from decomposing. You should still have time..."

"Fuji!" Tezuka coughed. "I don't need that."

"You.... don't?" Fuji's heart fell. He tried to force a smile, but it just wasn't coming.

Tezuka's eyes looked pained, and he took Fuji by the arms, and pulled him aside, out of the way of the casual observer. He cleared his throat, and flushed. "I... I already preserved them. My grandfather gave me a box. He had stored my grandmother's ears and tail in it, until she died. He had them burned with her body. So..."

Fuji felt weak in the knees, so naturally, he needed to throw his arms around Tezuka's neck, for support. He tried to speak, and say something off-hand, but he had something stuck in his throat.

Tezuka wrapped his arms around Fuji, lifting him slightly. "I'm sorry I haven't called you... My parents... were a bit upset when they first saw me... but... They have accepted it, now. They want you to come for dinner sometime this week."

It was easy to laugh now. Fuji pulled away so he could look Tezuka in the eye. "My parents want to have you over for dinner, too."

Tezuka flushed. "You don't... regret..."

Fuji kissed Tezuka, hard enough to answer any and all questions he might have.

"Oh for... You have no more appendages to lose!" Ryuzaki-sensei sighed. "Get off each other and let's get going."

Fuji giggled, but didn't immediately let go of Tezuka, who was staring stonily straight ahead, as if there was nothing at all odd about his behavior.

Oishi looked like he might die of jealously, or perhaps something else, because Eiji was hanging off of him as he laughed.

Fuji let go of Tezuka and smiled cheerfully at Ryuzaki-sensei, picking up his bag. They were about to head off to the appointed meeting place, when Atobe stormed past them, leaving a mostly bemused Hyotei in his wake.

Tezuka furrowed his brow. "What's his problem?"

Grinning, Fuji slipped his hand in Tezuka's. "Oh, I expect he's just... very immature."