title: Lost Vows
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Duo/Trowa
rating: G/Teen
warnings: sex
summary: Trowa confesses his sins (AU)
notes: for Caroline, for her birthday, yay! i realize you prefer Heero/Duo, m'dear, but i felt like i've written a lot of that lately, and Trowa's been staring at me. *hides from him*

He stayed in the shadows, nothing more than another patch of darkness mottled amongst the light. In the courtyard of the church, dozens of small, ruddy children ran around, laughing, singing, screaming, and playing. In the center, spinning a small pixie girl with bright red pigtails, was the biggest child of them all, Father Maxwell, his long rope of brown hair spinning out behind him.

Trowa chewed on his dirty, bloody thumbnail, and watched the young priest in training, among the orphans as he always had been. His skin was pink from being scrubbed clean, his hair shone in the sunlight, and there seemed nothing brighter or bigger in the world than his smile. He was a chimera, because he was far less innocent than Trowa, even, but he had these sparkling moments of peace and rest.

He was loath to disturb him.

A small, stocky nun came out to collect the children for their afternoon lessons. They grumbled and whined and bargained for more time, but the nun had already heard everything they had to say, and anyway, their advocate could do nothing but sigh and say, "All good things end," and sit down to wave goodbye to them.

He sat on the stone bench, his chin in the palm of his hand, and he watched the little sprites trundle back to class.

"You're a bad influence on them," Trowa spoke, each word soft, but distinct.

Duo didn't turn to look at him, but he smiled. "Whatever could you mean? I'm an angel, you know."

And angel of death, possibly. A fallen angel, almost certainly. Trowa stepped a bit out of the shadows. "I'm in need of a favor, again."

Duo smirked, looking cute with his chin in his hand, his eyes on Trowa, the cross around his neck catching the sunshine. "Will wonders never cease. Let's get you inside before someone sees you."

They had done this before, enough times that they didn't have to speak about it. Duo started a bath, and a fire, and Trowa stripped down. Duo burned his clothes as Trowa scrubbed off the blood and dirt from his body.

"You need any weapons?" Duo asked casually, as if it was generally a part of a priest's duties.

Trowa sifted the water with his hands. "No. I'm still well-stocked."

"Getting back on the road quickly?" Duo asked.

"Not right away," he answered.

"Need a place to stay tonight?"

"Never turn down a warm bed," he replied archly. Duo looked over his shoulder at him and smirked. Trowa leaned back in the bath, grinning.

"Didn't say I was offering you that," Duo joked.

"You'd turn me out to the cold?" Trowa asked, affecting a subtle pout.

Duo chuckled. "I think you know your way around. I have to go for afternoon prayers. Stay hidden."

Trowa saluted, and watched Duo saunter off.

He stayed in the water until it was cold, and he let himself air dry on the side of the tub, staring at the stones on the floor, and the way the light retreated as it got later. He didn't bother to dress because Duo's clothes would be far too small for him, so he lounged on Duo's bed, nude, and picked at the loose ends of Duo's quilt.

It was dark when Duo came back. He hadn't lit any lamps, not because he wanted to remain hidden, but because he never thought about it.

Duo wasn't looking at him. Trowa grinned, and rolled over to his back. "Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It's been six months since my last confession."

"Six months," Duo snorted nervously. "Doesn't seem like it's been so long."

Trowa smirked, and put his hand on his belly. "I've killed ten men, four women, two children. And a cow."

"That's not a sin," Duo said tiredly, still not looking at Trowa.

"Really?" Trowa furrowed his brow. "I could have sworn I read something about killing being wrong in that book you've got."

Duo sighed. "You can't commit a sin unless you know you are doing wrong. You don't see killing as wrong, do you?"

"No," Trowa replied thoughtfully. "I don't."


Trowa smiled slightly. "I defiled a priest six months ago. Three times, if I remember correctly."

"An archdeacon, technically. And it was four times if you count behind the fountain," Duo muttered softly.

Trowa rolled over. "I told Heero about it."

Duo shrugged. "Is that a sin? So far you haven't told me about anything you repent of."

Trowa watched Duo's rigid back, the way his body seemed to quiver. He got to his feet, skin on cold stone, and he walked over to Duo, wrapping his arms around Duo's waist, putting his lips to the skin under Duo's ear. "I am alive. Still."

Duo turned around, and put his arms around Trowa. "For that, you are forgiven."

This passion between them... he could no longer remember when it had started. He undid the cassock that confined Duo's chest, pushed aside layers of cloth, finally, desperately reaching Duo's skin. He had seen Duo in battle, and he had seen Duo competing in sports, fiercely pursuing the win. But in bed, sometimes, Duo could be submissive, as if he could absolve himself if he was passive, if it was something that was happening to him, rather than something he participated in. Trowa didn't care. Duo's body was beautiful, his moans and cries were like music, and the way his eyes looked afterward were enough.

He unraveled Duo's hair from its braid, and sifted his fingers through the tresses. He raised Duo's hair to his lips and blessed it with his kiss. "Give me penance, Father."

Duo closed his eyes, and covered his face with his arm. "I can't absolve you until I absolve myself."

"Then get dirty with me, Father," Trowa whispered into Duo's mouth. "Come with me. We're only human, after all. We were born flawed."

Duo let his arms fall around Trowa, and hung onto him loosely. "We were born to die. What happens to us in between..."

Trowa covered Duo's mouth with his own. He could tolerate his own bleak outlook, most of the time. He wanted Duo to be brighter, like the sunset the twilight forever chased.

Neither of them slept in Duo's bed that night, and when dawn came, Duo sighed, and slipped out of Trowa's arms, dressing himself tiredly for morning services. Trowa watched him from under then covers. Duo leaned over to kiss Trowa's forehead. "I'll bring you clothes in an hour or so. Rest. You need your strength to fight those Oz bastards."

And when Duo smiled and winked like that, even though Trowa could see how tired he was, it seemed possible that they might one day live in peace.

and once again, i write an angst-ridden b-day fic. *sweatdrop* sorry!!