title: Look Back
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Raven/Star, Beast Boy, Cyborg
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: unrequited crush, and a need for understanding
notes: for mookie, her request on fic on demand. also note, this is animated series continuity...

"Why do you always make it so hard?"

Raven's voice was low and rumbling, but she didn't really sound annoyed. She never really sounded annoyed when she was talking to Star.

"Hard? I do not understand. Is not the density of the material the same regardless of what I do?"

Star sounded confused, which was adorable, so adorable. Star was so adorable. Not at all the type Raven went for...

A deep sigh. "Just let me do it."

On the surface, it appeared as if Star and Rob were an item. On the surface, it appeared as if Raven was a loner. He'd thought that, at first. On the surface, it seemed like he had a chance.

"Ah, thank you, Raven! You are always such a devoted friend!"

Why weren't Star and Rob an item? It was annoying. Rob should be just as jealous, just as left out, but nothing ever got to that guy, 'cept maybe letting a bad guy go, or losing, which he never did. There was no one who knew how he felt.

Another sigh. "Give me some room, all right?"

Once he'd looked past the surface, he'd seen that Star and Raven were always together, when Raven wasn't locked in her room. He'd seen that Star always gave Raven room when she needed it, but that she was right there for Raven, even when Raven didn't know she needed it. He saw that Raven let her get close, like she would for no one else.

"Oh, I am sorry! Is this enough room?"

He pushed himself against the wall, and bit his lip to keep from sighing. He had wanted to be that person for Raven, wanted to be the one to show her that it wasn't so bad in the light, but more than that...

More than that...

He wanted someone to understand him.

"Yo, Beast Boy!"

He jumped onto the ceiling and clung there with cat claws that he now, suddenly, had.

Cyborg shook his head. "Man, you are skittish! Let's play, huh?"

He jumped back down, and sighed until he almost fell over from the exertion of it. "Man, you scared me!"

Cyborg put his hand on Beast Boy's shoulder gently, and for just a moment, there seemed to be a softness in his eyes. "C'mon, man. Let's knock off and relax, ok? Besides... I'm going to kick your ass in Super Moto Death Match!!"

"Pffbt!!" Beast Boy laughed. "You wish!!"

He didn't look back at the girls in the kitchen as he and Cyborg headed for the playstation.

He resolved to stop looking back, period.