title: locked hearts
fandom: Fujimi Symphony Orchestra
characters/pairings: Tonoin/Morimura, Kawashima
rating: Mature
warnings: sex, vague references to rape
summary: Tonoin and Morimura get locked together and work out a few things.
notes: for cinder12, for this request on fic on demand. i've been eyeing this a while, but i apologize in advance, because it's been a while since i've seen the ova.

"How you feel is how you feel," she had said, and then she took his hand.

He didn't really believe she was coming on to him. He just didn't care. He felt so numb, and torn apart. He just didn't care. So, he followed her into the storage closet, holding her hand like it was a lifeline. She kissed his cheek, and pushed him down onto a stool. He didn't care. He didn't feel anything.

"There's been a misunderstanding," she whispered, and she sounded apologetic. "I'm sure... I'm sure of it. I just want it to be cleared up. Yuuki..."

She stepped back, into the shadow. He heard the door close. He heard the lock click.

The light went on.

He blinked. It wasn't so much surprise that he felt. He was past it. He felt like he was past it all. Maybe he was dying. Or already dead.

Tonoin came over to him, reached out to him, touched his cheek...

His skin burned.

He flinched.

"I didn't mean to hurt you."

Who cared about intentions? Did it even matter? He was caught in a web. Sticky filaments were surrounding him. Choking him. The spider had him.

"I love you, Yuuki. I love you so much... it makes me crazy. If... If you want me to leave, I'll... I'll go, first thing. Say only one word, and I'm gone."

Promises, promises, just words laced with poison. And Tonoin's hand moved down, touched his neck, pushed open his collar... Was it going to happen again? His skin still burned, he felt...

"Say something, Yuuki, please... please, even just. Tell me you hate me. Anything. Please. Please. I can't stand... that dead look in your eyes! Please! Yuuki!"

He looked up into Tonoin's eyes. This was a man... who loved him? This was a man... who could hurt him. Again. This was a man. Who looked desperate, insane. His heart fluttered.

His skin still burned.

Tonoin grabbed Morimura's hair, and pulled him close, so their noses almost touched. "Please, Yuuki..."

"Then kiss me," Morimura murmured.

"Wh-what?" Tonoin stuttered, blinking confusedly.

Morimura looked away. "D-don't make me repeat it..." he sighed.

He was on the floor. It hurt... the back of his head hurt. His back hurt. Tonoin was on top of him. His leg was between Morimura's. Tonoin's cock was already hard. Morimura whimpered.

"Am I hurting you?" Tonoin asked, but he didn't stop kissing Morimura, not for a second.

Morimura lifted his hands to push Tonoin away, but he ended up just clinging to Tonoin's shirt.

"I love you," Tonoin swore, and he moved down, pushing Morimura's clothes aside. His lips were scorching on Morimura's skin. Morimura thought about Tonoin's hard cock inside of him. He hoped it didn't hurt this time.

But he was done fighting this. He wanted to feel.

"Show me," Morimura begged, his voice scratching and weak. "Make me feel."

If Tonoin could make him feel loved, if he could make him feel desired... desirable. Now. It would be like pulling him out of the grave. Was it wrong? This man was his rapist. But that didn't make sense. Nothing made sense. The way he felt made sense. It was what he felt.

How you feel is how you feel.

His clothes were gone. He was crying, but also moaning softly. Tonoin's mouth was on his cock. Tonoin was naked, too. His body was beautiful. It was too bright. His heart was pounding.

He was feeling. So much.

He remembered the first boy he'd thought was cute. He was in the fifth grade. It was a boy named Taki. He had light hair, and really pink lips. He used to spend time after school, sitting shut up in his room, staring at porn, trying to make himself straight.

Tonoin kissed his cheeks. "Yuuki. Yuuki, don't cry. I won't hurt you again. I promise. I love you." He kissed Morimura's lips, kissed his eyes.

Turned over. He touched Morimura's ass, positioning himself, positioning Morimura. "Like this. Ok? Like this. I can see you. You can... you can touch me if you want. I'll make you feel good. I promise, love. Like this..."

Good. Feel good.

"I want to feel good," Morimura murmured, and he pushed down.

Tonoin was a good-looking man. He couldn't deny it; he noticed it right away. That hair. Those eyes. Always watching him. Was it just because of his violin? What had he done to earn this passion?

He groaned, and pushed down, and Tonoin raised his hips to meet him, and it didn't hurt. It didn't hurt, it felt good, Tonoin was right, and Morimura spread his hands over Tonoin's chest, touched his nipples, touched his skin, touched his neck and pushed down, and rocked himself on Tonoin's cock, and fuck, he was gay, he knew it, he'd known it for a long time, and he'd never loved Kawashima, she was just perfect, so perfect that he knew he'd never get her, and he didn't understand why Tonoin was in love with him, it didn't make sense, he was so perfect, even more perfect than Kawashima could ever be, so there was no way that he should have even noticed someone like Morimura...

He rocked his hips, and he cried, and he clung to Tonoin's hair, and he rocked harder, and he felt, he felt good...

He felt free.

He screamed.

He had fallen on Tonoin. Tonoin was holding him. Caressing him. He was still crying. He was being affectionate. Kind. Tonoin was still inside of him.

"I'm gay," he murmured softly.

Tonoin chuckled. "Thank god."

He closed his eyes tightly. He nestled up closely to Tonoin, burying his face against Tonoin's neck. "I... might not hate you," he murmured softly.

There was a pause, and then Tonoin's arms came around him so tightly, he thought he might have trouble breathing.

"That's the sweetest music I've ever heard," he breathed.

Morimura sighed. Mr. Perfect could be cheesy. Well.

Maybe it was all right if he wasn't perfect.

i feel like i should have a warning or maybe an apology... meep.